What details should be paid attention to in mobile website ranking optimization?
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 What details should be paid attention to in mobile website ranking optimization ?

Mobile terminal and PC Different websites , The optimization of mobile website is better than PC More details , It's very difficult , Because the mobile terminal has been limited by many factors when building the website , So for the mobile phone ranking optimization process need to pay attention to what details ?

One 、 Do the site and P Move C Mobile adaptation of end site

With the emergence of responsive website construction , Many websites can be adapted to different browsers on different terminals , This also means that the optimization of mobile site is equivalent to the optimization of Baidu mobile terminal , So make sure PC Mobile adaptation between the site and the mobile site , Ensure that users can jump to the page smoothly when browsing the website , Make sure the site switches freely , Safe operation .

Two 、 Do a good job in website link structure

The construction of some mobile websites is affected by the size of the screen , As a result, there is not much content that can be displayed by mobile website , So be sure to do the link structure of the website , Try to keep it simple 、 Clear 、 rationality , In this way, it can attract more search engine crawling . meanwhile , For mobile site navigation links should be more clear and concise, and highlight the main theme , Only in this way can users find valuable information , Enhance user experience .

3、 ... and 、 do TDK Optimize

Because the content displayed on the mobile phone is far less than PC End , So in the mobile terminal website optimization, we should pay more attention to its accuracy and simplicity , about TDK We need extra attention, too , The number of words in the title should be limited to 17 Within Chinese characters , If it is too long, it will affect the display of the content and the collection of the website , So for the mobile terminal website must do a good title 、 describe 、 Keyword optimization .

in summary , The above is the summary of the mobile phone website and PC The difference between end site optimization , meanwhile , Mobile website optimization should also be considered from the perspective of users , Bring more traffic conversion to the website , I believe that all of you have more knowledge about mobile website optimization , Help the website more popular and get good ranking .
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