Dry goods: e-commerce website SEO function skills, how much do you know?
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 dried food : E-commerce website SEO Functional skills of , How much do you know ?

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Build a marketing website , And then through search engine optimization (SEO) Attract foreign customers to visit the website , And finally turn it into an order , This has become an important marketing method for many export enterprises , However , For some sellers who are just starting their own stand alone ,SEO To put it simply , In fact, it is a profound technical work , It gives people a sense of bewilderment that they can't see or feel clearly , The most common problems are as follows :

First of all ,SEO What kind of work needs to be done , What kind of talents are needed ?

second , How to view SEO The effect of ?

Third , Website keyword deployment and how to plan ?

So , From Zhou 5 Out to sea Simon Yan The guests made the following sharing :

SEO Four basic tasks and highly efficient technicians

It is said that :“ A good workman does his work well , You must sharpen your tools first ”, Want to do a better website in depth SEO Optimize , among , The four most basic tasks should not be unknown .

First of all ,SEO Function improvement and page optimization

SEO Function improvement and page optimization in the process of website construction is one of the most basic and common function production , It covers a wide range , It includes meta label 、 Website structure 、 Specify mobile page 、 Structured data 、robots Set up 、 link title attribute 、301 Jump settings, etc . It's about “ Duplicate page uniqueness ” This point ,Simon Yan To illustrate with examples :“ For example, when adding products , Some websites will have a product added many times , As a result, many pages with the same content will appear , If these pages are not processed in time ,Google The weight of these pages will be reduced accordingly , Therefore, it is necessary to specify the uniqueness of the website page .”

Besides , For page optimization , Typesetting optimization 、 Content optimization 、 Loading speed optimization and so on ,Google The weight of the page will be considered , For example, the length of stay of visitors , Page views and page loading speed , Will be used as an indicator to improve the ranking ……

second , Keyword deployment

When it comes to keyword deployment ,Simon Yan Express , The most important thing is to plan the hierarchy of the catalog , in short , Is to plan the classification of the website and product classification , Even more specifically, the total plan is divided into several levels , And in the selection of keywords should also have the appropriate choice .

Third ,SEO Data analysis

On the one hand, it mainly depends on the number of hits on the website through tools 、 The amount of keyword display 、 Keyword ranking 、 Competitor analysis 、 Out of the chain health status of the query to carry out a detailed analysis .

Fourth , Internal and external chain strategy

The internal and external chain strategy refers to the promotion of the weight of the website page through the internal chain planning , As well as the planning of some resources outside the station .

It is worth mentioning that , about SEO On the requirements of website staffing ,Simon Yan In particular, the following four points are emphasized :

One 、 On website SEO On the perfection of function , Staff with certain skills are needed , And to the website code must have certain cognition , Can also be on the website SEO Function improvement or outsourcing , Using mature systems, etc .

Two 、 On the deployment of keywords , The requirement of talents is to know something about products and industries , To have a certain ability of copywriting ,Simon Yan A special emphasis on , Must have excellent English ability is the most important premise . He suggested that :“ This work should be done by the enterprise's own internal personnel , Not only in terms of efficiency , Even the quality will be improved .”

3、 ... and 、 stay SEO Data analysis , The requirement of talents is to have a certain ability of data analysis , Operating a Google It's best to have technical personnel in the background and have relevant experience in the industry , Of course , Even if there is no need to force .

Four 、 In the internal and external chain strategy of talent requirements , Especially for the external chain of resources to find ,Simon Yan Express , Must have certain English communication and negotiation ability , This is because we want to get more high-quality external chain resources , Then negotiation skills are one of the indispensable factors .

Website SEO Effect view , The problem of choosing the right tools is solved

Make a good website SEO After the four basic functions , How to check the effect and what kind of channel to view has become a problem that many small and medium-sized sellers are troubled by , So ,Simon Yan Express , Website SEO The effects can be viewed in various ways , With Google For example, the Administrator Tool , First of all to enter Google After administrator stationmaster tool , There will be a message to remind , There will be a total number of hits in the search analysis column , This means that how many visitors will enter the site through natural search clicks .

 dried food : E-commerce website SEO Functional skills of , How much do you know ?

secondly , Click the arrow in the search analysis column , You can enter the search analysis page , You can clearly see the number of clicks 、 Number of shows 、 Click through rate and keyword ranking .

 dried food : E-commerce website SEO Functional skills of , How much do you know ?

According to the Simon Yan Introduce , The number of hits refers to , Keyword users how many times visitors click through keywords to enter it ; The number of shows refers to , The key words are Google How many times has it been shown ; Ranking refers to the keywords in Google The specific ranking inside , It should be noted that , For some cases where the average ranking is not an integer , He said :“ This is because Google In different areas , There are different servers , And the ranking results of different servers will be different , The ranking on the website refers to the average ranking , So there will be a decimal point .”

This is through Google The administrator tool to view the website SEO effect ,Google There are also many very rich functions in the administrator tool , It's very useful in website analysis .Simon Yan Think , If you want to do SEO The first and most important thing is to register a Google Administrator tools , So how to bind with your website after successful registration ?

First , stay “ Add attribute ” On the page , To fill in the specific enterprise website , It should be noted that , If you fill in the front of the website with https Of , Be sure to fill it out completely , If there is a mistake , Will cause the statistical data to produce the great deviation puzzle , If there is a mobile phone station , Then a separate mobile phone station needs to be set up separately .

 dried food : E-commerce website SEO Functional skills of , How much do you know ?

After typing the URL , Click Add , There are two ways to bind to your website , One is “ Recommended method ”, The other is “ Alternative methods ”.Simon Yan Express ,“ Recommended method ” It is more convenient to operate .

 dried food : E-commerce website SEO Functional skills of , How much do you know ?

Of course , For some websites that can't upload pages separately , You need to use “ Alternative methods ” To operate .

 dried food : E-commerce website SEO Functional skills of , How much do you know ?

Website keyword deployment , Proper control of characters is the key

According to the above mentioned website keyword deployment content ,Simon Yan The conclusion is as follows :

First of all ,Title Description Need to include keywords .

second , Control the quantity and length .

Third , Put the key words forward as much as possible .

Fourth ,Description If it's a complete sentence , It can make the machine recognize .

The fifth , Use structured data to increase the number of hits .

The sixth , It's better to include the brand in the title .

The seventh , Let more keywords have the opportunity to show .

that , For title 、 Description and control of the number of words in English label symbols , How to control ?

First of all ,Title The number of words should be limited to 66 Characters .

second ,Description Control in 240 Characters .

Third , English label symbol is a character , The Chinese punctuation marks are two characters .

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