Which model of iPhone 12 is the most fragrant?
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10 month 13 Japan , Apple Released support 5G technology iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 mini, Yes 5G Support for , Symbolize iPhone Step into a new realm . meanwhile , We invited contract photographers from our community @secretdada To the latest iPhone12 The series has been measured , And shared a group about iPhone 12 Evaluation of series mobile phones , From the point of view of photography ‘iPhone Which mobile phone model is the most “ sweet ”’.

iPhone12 Which model of mobile phone series is the most “ sweet ”?

iPhone12 Which model of mobile phone series is the most “ sweet ”?

Image & Text | A contract photographer @secretdada

Evolution and regression

iPhone 12 mini and iPhone 12Pro Max Pre order opened last week , In this particular year , After a thousand calls iPhone 12 All four members of the group finally appeared . After I used it for a week , Yes 12 The family has a further understanding of .

First of all, there is no doubt that the signal is obviously getting better ,5G The speed and experience of super fast ; Second, as Apple's most powerful imaging system flagship phone ever ,iPhone 12 Pro Max It's true that the effect of photographing has evolved once again ; More incredible 4K Dolby's vision HDR Video shooting effect , It's a big step forward for mobile video capture …… When it comes to this , A friend who listens to me will interrupt :“ I'll buy , Can't I buy it yet ? Tell me about it , Which one is better ?”

choose iPhone 12 Pro Max Is the ultimate pursuer of image

One 、 Larger wide-angle end sensors

stay iPhone 12 Pro Max On ,Pro Class of camera system is considered to have been incisively and vividly played .iPhone 12 Pro Max The wide-angle camera is equipped with a larger sensor , This area has increased 47% The light sensor makes the lens more sensitive to light , At the same time, due to the increase of single pixel area , It also makes the image better in dark light 、 Less noise , Photos have more detail and color .

iPhone12 Which model of mobile phone series is the most “ sweet ”?

iPhone12 Which model of mobile phone series is the most “ sweet ”?

iPhone12 Which model of mobile phone series is the most “ sweet ”?

The above photos are all used iPhone 12 Pro Max Wide angle in the hotel lobby using live light shot , What's amazing is that when these photos are enlarged to a larger size , The detail and luster of the railings are perfectly preserved , Let people really feel the evolution of Apple imaging system .

Two 、 It's more suitable for portrait photography

iPhone12 Pro Max Changjiao 2 Times to 2.5 times , In numerical terms , Not much improvement , There is even a big gap with the Android camp .

I believe that this choice is inevitable for apple , But not for , The focus of different mobile phones 、 The understanding of photography is very different . From the change in focal length of this lens , In fact, we can see the evolution of Apple's understanding of photography .

Previous triphoto systems were more focused on wide-angle ends , The longest is just one 52mm Standard lens on the left and right . In everyday use , Although wide angle can take the scenery in front of you , But it also takes the clutter and the disorder away , This is the problem that wide-angle photography beginners are hard to start with . And the standard lens is very close to the focal length of the human eye , So the perspective is a little plain and ordinary , It is also relatively difficult to control .

This time iPhone12 Pro Max The star 2.5 Long focus , Equivalent to the equivalent focal length 65mm. This focal length is in the traditional standard lens 50mm And portrait shots 85mm Between , It is easier for users to control the shooting of good people and still life .

With this medium and long focus, you can easily do the subtraction of photography , Give yourself more different perspectives , Block out more interference . So it can be said that this is the result of careful consideration by Apple imaging Engineers , No excessive pursuit of ultra long focal length , It's a win-win situation between image quality and focal length .

65mm Focal segment , You can take portraits , You can take still life . What's amazing is that I found , This piece 65mm In focus 、 The calculations are fast , It can quickly capture portrait mode , The main body is quite clear, but also can carry on the accurate virtual simulation .

iPhone12 Which model of mobile phone series is the most “ sweet ”?

iPhone12 Which model of mobile phone series is the most “ sweet ”?

iPhone12 Which model of mobile phone series is the most “ sweet ”?

Apple is taking advantage of its own algorithm to constantly challenge the virtual ability of the camera . The first model is relatively stable , Can be very good performance of the virtual state . The second model is touching about the details of the leather clothes and bags in focus , The matting is accurate , And the balustrade also shows a certain gradual and virtual . In the third picture, passers-by is captured in sports , The imaging results are beyond imagination .

3、 ... and 、 More eye-catching super wide angle system

from iPhone11 Series of super wide angle lenses begin , Apple's super wide angle is the most widely focused mobile phone lens on the market , On the wide-angle side, it's an inch wide and a point strong , So Apple's super wide angle has always been interested in shooting scenery 、 For the friends of architecture and Internet red clock in, they are the favorite .

iPhone 12 The series of ultra wide angle lens has been improved again compared with the previous generation , On the one hand, the distortion correction is carried out for the pictures at the ultra wide angle end , When shooting the building, the quality and distortion of the edges have been significantly improved . On the other hand, the super wide angle of the new machine finally has the ability to shoot night scenes , Thus, the applicability of this super wide angle lens is greatly enhanced , And the possibilities of creation are more diverse .

iPhone12 Which model of mobile phone series is the most “ sweet ”?

Super wide angle can create a completely different shooting angle , And the evolution of the new system allows this advantage to be displayed under various conditions Of most incisive .

Four 、 More stable anti shake performance

iPhone 12 Pro Max Innovative use of “ Sensor displacement type optical image anti shake ” function , In today's era of camera five axis anti shake , Finally, there are mobile phone manufacturers actively follow up , The direct benefit of this innovation is that both the video and the photos will be more stable .

In terms of taking photos , Anti shake brings a better night scene shooting experience , Using super anti shake hardware and A14 The powerful computing power of bionics , You can basically forget the concept of a safe shutter in traditional photography , At night and in the dark , hold 3 It's easy to take sharp and clear pictures in seconds . Video , A lot of walking pictures have been taken with it these days , As expected, Apple's video system is as strong as ever ,iPhone 12 Pro Max It's a step further , It seems that the status of stabilizers is in danger .

iPhone12 Which model of mobile phone series is the most “ sweet ”?

iPhone12 Which model of mobile phone series is the most “ sweet ”?

iPhone12 Which model of mobile phone series is the most “ sweet ”?

Night scene shooting is the key point to reflect the hardware ability and software image culture of mobile phone photography , Apple has given a satisfying answer on a new generation of machines . The first two photos benefit from good anti shake ability and HDR3 The power of , The lighting and color of all kinds of light sources in the night scene are very good . The third photo uses live mode , Based on good anti shake ability , Later, the live photos were changed to long exposure .

5、 ... and 、 A more sophisticated lidar scanner

iPhone12 Pro max The equipped lidar scanner is another highlight , In the past, professional photographers always sneer at the virtual photos produced by mobile computing , Because there will always be a lot of shoddy and stiff .

On the one hand, the lidar scanner can easily use augmented reality class app, On the other hand, it greatly improves the virtual simulation ability of mobile phone , I believe it will continue at this rate of development , The virtual image of this optical highland will be slowly eroded by the mobile phone photography system .

iPhone12 Which model of mobile phone series is the most “ sweet ”?

iPhone12 Which model of mobile phone series is the most “ sweet ”?

Thanks to the new lidar scanner , After a few days, I feel iPhone The virtual computing ability of the virtual computing platform has been greatly improved . The foreground and background of Figure 1 are completely calculated accurately , The focus always falls on the subject . The hair in Figure 2 、 The finger and the eyeglass lens details all demonstrate the power of the lidar scanner . Now you can take similar humanistic photos with telephoto lens .

choose iPhone 12 mini Is a fan of refined life

Said so much iPhone12 Pro Max Good. , In fact, the same period of listing iPhone 12 mini Also attracted the eyes of many friends . They say it's cute 、 Small and delicate , The key is not a bit of performance shrinkage . Small and compact, various parameters do not discount mini Suitable for the pursuit of portable and performance comprehensive ability of friends , Don't look at the pictures , We're going to get to the scene , You can love this machine when you hold it in your hand . It's really very handy , It's back to the beautiful and compact beauty of mobile phones .

I thought people who like photography must choose iPhone 11 Pro Max, But when I met iPhone The photographer Eric When brother Zhang Yu , It's not necessarily the case . He took out the mini, It's kind of like I can't put it down , According to him, he picked up for the first time that day mini When , I'm totally impressed by the machine I've mastered . At the beginning, we were afraid of the problem of endurance , After a few days of using , Compared to such a slender body , There's nothing wrong with it . After a round of hands-on life use and shooting experience ,Eric It's confirmed that this is one of my favorite iPhone.

Eric Take official photos of Apple many times , The choice of senior photographers should also be of great significance . Here's what he uses iPhone 12 mini Photos taken on the streets of Shanghai , Let's compare .

iPhone12 Which model of mobile phone series is the most “ sweet ”?

This photo was taken in wide-angle portrait mode , Even in the dark , The main details are also very good , What surprised him was that these three lanterns were so similar , The machine was not mistaken , But it naturally presents a gradual change of depth of field from far to near .

iPhone12 Which model of mobile phone series is the most “ sweet ”?

This is a photo from a big light ratio environment , The details of the dark part of the building are clear , And the blue sky and white clouds in the gap can be completely restored . Benefit from intelligence HDR3 Recognizable scene , It really makes the picture more natural . This scene must have been shot with a SLR , To achieve this effect, we need to intervene in the later stage .

iPhone12 Which model of mobile phone series is the most “ sweet ”?

Eric And quietly told me that he chose mini An important reason for , One hand operation of small machines is convenient and hidden , There's no big machine that can't be mastered by hand , There are some special advantages for photographers in city shooting . Like this picture , Precisely because mini, So you can easily get this creative picture .

choose 12 Any one of the family will be a good choice

Through these days of simple starting , The overall feeling of the new generation is iPhone 12 Several machines give consumers enough choice , From image quality to size , And then to a little bit of a gap , Everyone has one that suits them .

On the one hand, apple is still that Apple , Constant self innovation and evolution . On the other hand, as a loyal user of apple, I'm glad to see , Apple will return and pay homage to apple , Those excellent designs and ideas of the year , Today, it still has many fans .

Relatively speaking , I love photography 、 For people who use imaging at high frequency , More full focus coverage 、 Bigger screen and longer range , More suitable for the need for good image quality 、 Good screen you , therefore Pro It should be the most appropriate ; And if it's just a normal user , What I love most is Apple's system and stability , The frequency of taking photos and short videos is not so common , Then maybe iPhone 12 and mini It's enough to satisfy you .

Regardless of brand and grade , In fact, the best phone is the one with relatives to communicate with you , The best camera is the one closest to you . And as consumers, we're happy to see this kind of evolution and return !