Aestheticism, 27 year old first love
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 Aestheticism ,27 My first love at 12

 Aestheticism ,27 My first love at 12

 Aestheticism ,27 My first love at 12

 Aestheticism ,27 My first love at 12

Now the world , until 27 There are very few girls who haven't been in love yet ,27 There are fewer boys who haven't been in love yet , And the chances of such a boy and a girl meeting are slim , But we met together !

We are all 27 year , He's five months younger than me .

It's a sweet journey , From start to end ,48 Every day of the day is beautiful , Even if we've only seen 5 Secondary plane .

The week before I met my boyfriend , I had a kitten , I found it on the roof . Just a few weeks old , Poor weight . During the week , Kitten's company , With the deepening of my feelings , It helped me to transform my long-standing view of pet ownership , On the contrary, I deeply love it , Used to its company , Accepted this sudden relationship with it .

But a week later , When I take it up the roof to play , It jumped down the stairs . I'm scared , Run into the pet hospital with it , But I know it probably left on the spot , So coming to the pet hospital is just for my peace of mind .

When the kitten left in a hurry in my life , I didn't understand , It's to help me transform my emotions 、 Help me open my heart 、 The angel that allows me to experience and accept a new relationship . It makes me understand , Accepting a new relationship is not that scary and troublesome , But unexpected happiness and beauty .

So when I buried the kitten with gratitude , I find that I finally dare to accept new relationships in my life .

Because I have been planning to shave my head to break the dust , But there's only one thing that bothers me . I haven't been in love yet !

I didn't dare to accept 、 I dare not pursue such a relationship , I'm afraid I can't handle everything that comes with a relationship . But the cat helped me to open my heart knot , So I'm no longer afraid to accept a new relationship 、 No longer afraid to love someone 、 No longer afraid that I won't take care of others , Can't give love to others . Now my belief is that I can give love , Can give me unconditional love .

Results the next day , My best friend and cousin criticized my wechat to her husband's cousin , He also gave me a picture of his cousin . I'm speechless , It's coming too fast ! God, you won't let me breathe .

When he added my friend , With yesterday's courage , I chose to accept . But the real reason for me to accept him is because of my dream a few months ago . I saw his face in my dream , And in my dream, I knew that I was close to him . So when you wake up , I knew he was my future boyfriend .

But why , I can't see my long future with him ? It seems that it is destined to , It was a sweet , But a brief relationship . Maybe on the way of my spiritual growth , I really just need to experience such a short relationship .

When I accepted the relationship , I think God is speeding up the experience of my relationship . We just used wechat to chat and say hello , It's just a matter of daily life . How long does it take for a man and a woman to talk like this before they propose to meet ? The second week after we talked , Because my aunt 、 My cousin and brother-in-law come to visit me , I called him in, too , That's why we met , Each other felt a little unprepared .

In order not to affect their own work and take up too much of each other's time , We agreed to chat for an hour after 10 p.m , And then go to bed separately . In this way, we can expect more every day , It doesn't affect you too much .

In order to hold hands , At the end of October , We officially made it clear to be a boyfriend and girlfriend . He often works overtime on weekends , So we had four weekends later , Go shopping together 、 have a stroll in the park 、 Buying vegetables 、 having dinner 、 Drink milk tea . But I haven't had time to go to the movies 、 Go to the amusement park 、 Go sightseeing . But for me , These simplest experiences are enough , I'm very satisfied .

We are all very mature and intelligent people , In the process of getting along with each other , We found that , Although we get along well , Be tolerant of each other , But the fundamental problem is , We have three different views .

I am a spiritual practitioner , Knowing that everything in the world is nothing but illusions , And I'm in this world borrowing the false to repair the true .

He's a science and technology graduate , The world he saw was real and real , He wants to get the material reality he pursues in this world .

Although I know that we are on the same path , It's like two points starting from one origin , After running an arc, they will return to the origin . But now we don't run on the same arc after all .

He also made it clear that , He's not interested in my spiritual world , It's just that he understands me .

I also said , I understand what he's thinking , And I respect his choice .

We've tried to pull each other into our own world , But I know that I will not go back to the world of spiritual awakening , There's too much space inside , I'm eager to explore .

And he's in the three-dimensional real world , There's a lot to be done . So we went in different directions .

There is no Providence to make people , It's all our choice , And where we meet , It's all good memories , No regrets . So when we get on well , There's no time to pull on each other because of the different roads , We chose to let go .

Let go of it wisely , Let's all breathe a sigh of relief , Also let us say with peace and joy that we will see you later . Even after that, I didn't stop crying , But just like 《 Talk to God 》 As mentioned , When I understand that I'm just playing games in fantasy , I can experience pain without pain .

This is it. 27 My first love at 12 , I think it's quite different from 17 The first love at the age of ! In this mature love process , All we want to express is to give love , Instead of asking for love . Can this be the biggest difference from young love ?

I choose 11 month 23 Day overclocking blue storm ended the relationship that night , It's also because I feel that energy is constantly pushing me to evolve .

As a light worker , It's hard to understand , But we all know , Because we chose holy love , It's unconditional love from the source . So no matter how you look at me , I still choose to love you unconditionally 、 Love us 、 Love the world 、 Love the universe .

Thank you for the miracle every day [ heart ] Thank you for your company [ heart ]

No matter how windy and rainy the world is 、 Lonely and dark , Only the high self will not leave me . Because I know , Even if the higher self just leaves me for a second , My world and I will disappear from this world , Including disappearing from everyone's memory .
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