Dispute over the copyright of dedecms
People in Beijing 2020-11-27 06:41:19
After ten years of silence , DedeCms DEDECMS Introduction v6 Pay for the new version , But I didn't expect the story to be so complicated , founder , The new development company and the original operator opened a dream weaving DEDECMS Copyright infringement , In the stationmaster circle more and more hot .

DEDECMS Copyright dispute

Webmaster circle of friends should be familiar with weaving dream DEDECMS, Because I always insist on open source free after I go online , There are many stationmaster to use in the station circle , However, the update was suspended for ten years due to various reasons , A lot of stationmaster thinks won't update , Gradually abandon or choose something else CMS, But I didn't expect that the latest update caused the founders , There is a big copyright fight between the new development team and the operator !

The general course of the matter is , Dream weaving, which has not been updated for many years DEDECMS, lately , The official website has been revised , But the new product purchase link jumps to another website , And the introduction of dream weaving DEDECMSv6 Pay for the new version , But then the original dream weaving official Zhuo Zhuo network announced that dream weaving DEDECMSv6 The paid version is not officially released , Officials have been preparing a new version in the last two years , But it's definitely not what we call “V6 edition ” And there's no charge ,DEDECMSv6 v1.0 The version is an infringement .

DEDECMS Copyright dispute

In the following ,DEDECMSv6 Plato, the authorized person of the development team, came out and said :DEDECMS The original owner of rights is himself , At the beginning, I just cooperated with Zhuo Zhuo network , Now the cooperation is over , They don't represent themselves , And weave dreams DEDECMS All copyrights are their own , As founder , (1) I didn't promise to give up DEDECMS All rights ,(2) As a partner and right owner , I used to get a small amount of cash , But never acquired the shares in the cooperation agreement !

DEDECMS Copyright dispute

I prefer to see dream weaving DEDECMS Can bring value to stationmaster and user , We welcome powerful people to develop and reactivate dream weaving as an open source software , Instead of letting it cool . and ,DEDECMSv6 v1.0 The development of the new version has also paid a lot of financial costs , Therefore, it is necessary to establish reasonable charging standards for the authorization of enterprise customers , It can be said that , And the personal version is still free at this stage .

Against the copyright dispute between the two sides , A stationmaster says , DedeCms DEDECMS It's not easy all the way , Rabbit fee has been open source for so long , Launch a DEDECMS The paid version can also understand , Stop watch this 10 year ,DEDECMS Is the free version really good ?

This is the current market , Any Internet company should first talk about survival , If it can't be realized , Who has the power to develop . It is necessary for enterprises to survive that the superposition of fees and free estimates .

Of course DEDECMS The software copyright dispute has come to this stage ,DEDECMS Domain name owner 、DEDECMS founder 、DEDECMS V6 Most of the promoters have issued statements successively , Which is right or wrong , Only time can be left for verification !

But if you look at it as it is now , It is estimated that there will be two versions in the future , One is to continue to be free DEDECMS v5.7 One is paid ,dedecmsv6 v1.0, As for who can laugh and say finally , Look which is closer to the webmaster , It's safer and more convenient to use !

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