Looking for a job can't choose SEO industry, I sorted out 90% of the industry's views
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 You can't choose to look for a job seo industry , I organized the industry 90% Big guy's point of view

Reading guide : To 2020 Years. , I heard a lot of people say and do seo There's no future , What the facts are ? Let's talk about seo The question of the future .

Recent years , be engaged in seo I'm very anxious , Because in recent years, the traffic has dropped seriously , All kinds of website problems , Difficult to collect 、 It's hard to rank , And Baidu's own problems ,seo It's getting worse , In fact, I'm also very anxious , In my humble opinion , Combined with the industry 90% bosses , Sum up about seo Thinking about the future , To represent only one's point of view .

One 、 Do you still want to write original articles ?

Big station, massive content , Baidu doesn't strive for success , Fast line and other cheating has become the mainstream method . Big station is basically and Baidu cooperation , Professional Q & A and cooperation , Once the cooperation is successful, seize the screen , So for big stations , Production users demand high quality content , Waiting for Baidu audit can .

Baidu to take such a method is also no way , No website on the Internet is innocent ,seo After so many years of iteration 、 collection 、 Pseudo original 、 Combination is still so easy to use , And there are fewer and fewer original producers , Look at Google and other search results , Almost every article is original and written with heart . That led to today's results , Baidu has an unshirkable responsibility , Because of Baidu's inaction , As a result, more and more original producers give up producing originality , This leads to the scarcity of content , Since no one has , It's better to copy . For Baidu , He only provides the results of the requirements to users , and Don't care who the real author is , As for the domestic copyright issue , For our general stationmaster , It's a chicken rib . So about the original website , He worked hard to find the information 、 An article that took hours to write , As soon as it was released , It was collected by others in less than a minute , Even others have included and ranked , I didn't even include it , So for the original author , Produce original content and make wedding dress for others , Why bother ? So no one is willing to stick to originality .

 You can't choose to look for a job seo industry , I organized the industry 90% Big guy's point of view

therefore , Now it's a situation , Let's do the Internet Porter together , Let's make garbage content together , Let's row one by one , Once said a month on the home page , Now it's just a week or even a day , So it takes a few months to do the ranking , Now it's just a matter of spending money directly on , Then why did it take so long , Plus, it's not always that way in the industry ? Why don't you play , So in Baidu more and more waste time , We turn from white to black , Even in the use of black hat methods such as fast platoon and so on , There's no sense of guilt at all , There's even pleasure , At all costs in the group print 、 Let's see who's in line ? It is not difficult to see here that , Baidu has almost no ability to arrange fast , Let the platoon abuse . It can also be seen from here , The so-called production of quality content , It's really the biggest scam .

We still produce the most junk content , But there's a problem , If so much garbage flow can be transformed , Then ask people in the industry , Hundreds of thousands of articles , Hundreds of thousands of traffic 、 The real traffic is only tens of thousands ,80% The traffic is fake , So we get hundreds of customers every day , have a look , This is transformation , It's too low to be any lower , Add to that 10 Million traffic , At least hundreds of thousands of articles should be prepared , So original ? I can't finish it in my life , therefore , It's impossible to be original in my life . That's what's going on for traffic , All sorts of tricks have come out , Just brush it anyway .

Two 、seo It's really not free

seo Money ? This is nonsense , Now who is still honest to write articles to make the website ? Individuals are not allowed to , The boss doesn't allow , Maybe your body won't allow it either , I guess I'll wait until I die , I don't expect weight 7 Highlight time of , So spending money is the most effective , The more flowers , The more obvious the effect , Hundreds of original content is money , The chain is also money , Fast line also needs money , Which step is free ? The boss can't recruit a person into the company seo, This man is omnipotent ! therefore , Don't try to recruit a boss 4k-8k Of seo, Can a month of the company's website traffic skyrocketing 500%, Maybe there are such great gods among the people , But can you afford it ? The great God just provides the mind , It's not for you . therefore , Free or not , I know it in my mind , Be aware of the reality , But that doesn't mean that it can't work without spending money , We advocate that every cent should be spent on the blade .

 You can't choose to look for a job seo industry , I organized the industry 90% Big guy's point of view

3、 ... and 、 The current situation of employment

Now? seo industry , It's mostly leeks , You need to know , There are many big men in the industry , But as for the strength , A little analysis will tell , It's easy to give you money , Even encourage you to use fast line ,100% Want to cut leek , Even if you cut leeks, you are willing to , I saw one in the group not long ago , A little white asked the big man , Then the big guy said , do seo It's impossible without money , How good it is to keep sending fast lines in the group every day , And then think of people who go whoring for nothing , Just ask where it is , Then the big guy understood and privately asked the other party whether to try , That's part of the status quo of the industry , Pack yourself in a group , And then I went to work in private , Personally, I don't object to the phenomenon of pulling orders , Everyone makes money , But I'm really against that kind of dress b Of , And then pay the cheater . I've heard about it before , Some big men teach people to learn seo, And then I teach copywriting in private , I don't know how to write a copy , Just drop a piece of information for the other party to see .

cancer 、 A liar 、 Flicker 、 loading b, I don't know what else to use to describe the industry , In fact, it happens every minute . As for training in the industry , People in the industry basically know what's going on , Tens of thousands of tuition fees can't be moved , Carefully study how it should work. It doesn't work .

as for seo There is no future , You can tell me from two points , I know if this industry has a future , It's not that I'm alarmist , But it's the truth that .

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