Foshan + client downloads more than one million! Building a more influential media brand in Foshan
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Accelerate the development of deep media integration , It is a must answer question for all media to adapt to the requirements of the times .

As the flagship of mobile news of Foshan media group , foshan + The client uses short 11 Months time , The number of downloads is not enough 10000 To super 1200000 The rapid rise of , Practice... With practical action “ The main force marched into the main battlefield in an all-round way ”.

since this year on , foshan + The client adheres to the people-centered work orientation , It covers five districts 32 A town street , We will continue to build an all media communication system , Strengthen the connection between media and audience , Timely report on the city's political and economic affairs 、 Things around town street 、 Neighborhood care 、 New and interesting events are accurately pushed to the masses , Take the mass line in the era of all media , Produce more popular content , Constantly improve the communication power of mainstream media 、 Guiding power 、 influence 、 Credibility .

 foshan + More than a million client downloads ! To build a more influential media brand in Foshan

foshan + Become a good helper of work, study and life

Party and government cadres at all levels are in Foshan , foshan + The client is already an old friend .

“ foshan + The client is the mainstream news client in Foshan , Carefully planned and opened up a number of channel columns , In the propaganda Party committee government center work 、 We have done a lot of beneficial explorations in telling the stories of Foshan people in the new era , It has achieved results .” Secretary of the Party group of the Municipal Bureau of human resources and social security 、 Director Yan Bing said , After the outbreak of novel coronavirus pneumonia , foshan + The client gives full play to the advantages of financial media , Planning a number of financial media products , In time 、 Accurately push the relevant information of epidemic prevention and control to thousands of households , It has contributed to the prevention and control of epidemic situation .

Secretary of the Party group of the municipal government service data management bureau 、 Director Chen Weifeng thinks that , As the flagship of mobile news of Foshan media group , foshan + The client clearly adheres to the correct direction of public opinion , Combine news content with new technology and new means , It fully embodies being close to the masses 、 The principle of serving the masses , It has become a new mainstream media with strong influence and competitiveness .

For Foshan + client , Vice Minister of the United Front Work Department of Gaoming District Committee 、 Wu Weiqiang, director of the District Bureau of ethnic and religious affairs, prefers to use “ friend ” To define . He said , foshan + The client has been integrated into daily work and life , Become yourself and pursue the taste buds of fireworks 、 The taste of truth 、 Taste of the times “ daily necessaries ”.

At the grassroots level , foshan + The client is an important channel to get Foshan information .“ As Foshan + Loyal users of the client , I often pay attention to the cultural tourism related to my work field , You can share information about sports and tourism , Promote the exchange of cultural work experience , It can also enhance Foshan citizens' cultural confidence and local pride .” Li Qiyun, deputy mayor of Lubao Town, Sanshui District, said , foshan + Client based in Foshan , More ground .

Secretary of the Party committee of tapo community, zumiao street, Chancheng District 、 Tan Cuichan, director of the neighborhood committee, said , foshan + Client news is fast and new , Not only is it popular with community workers , It also brings closer the feelings between the neighborhood committee and the residents .“ As long as you see Foshan + There's news about our community on , Or reports related to people's livelihood , I'll forward it to the residents .”

In the manufacturing market , foshan + The client also got Foshan entrepreneur 、 Recognition of scientific and technological workers .“ In the stage of rapid development of China's kitchen and bathroom industry , Keep reading the news 、 It has become my daily habit to study harder . foshan + The client satisfied my need to know Foshan well .” Lu Yucong, President of Guangdong Wanhe New Electric Co., Ltd , He needs to go through Foshan + The client understands Foshan municipal Party committee 、 The city government's latest policy 、 policy , With the help of good policies, we can provide accurate guidance for the development of enterprises .

Jiang Nan, general manager of Guangdong Nengxin Semiconductor Technology Co., Ltd , He is in 2019 In recent years, Foshan started a business , foshan + The client has become an important window for him to know the city . This year, 7 I joined Foshan in the month ( south China ) Li Bo, a research and Development Engineer at the Institute of new materials, believes that , foshan + The client interface is refreshing 、 Convenient search , It also links the provincial affairs of Guangdong 、 social security 、 Household management and other functional procedures , To become a good helper for citizens to work, study and live .

Using new technology to build Foshan government enterprise social interaction platform

At present, Foshan + Client downloads have broken through 120 ten thousand . Standing at a new development node , foshan + How the client continues to make the network platform bigger and stronger , Strengthen the connection with the audience ? foshan + Users give good suggestions .

For Foshan + The future development of client , Chen Weifeng suggested that , The use of good 5G、 big data 、 Cloud computing 、 The Internet of things 、 Blockchain 、 Artificial intelligence and other technical means , Based on the needs of the people , We should adhere to the complementary advantages of traditional media and emerging media , Build a full range of 、 Multi level communication channels , Tell a good story of Foshan in the new era .

“ Hope Foshan + The client continues to give full play to its advantages , We should strengthen the propaganda front of mainstream public opinion , Create more 、 Better 、 Influential media works .” Lin Gan, executive deputy director of the Municipal Public Security Bureau, gave an example , During the novel coronavirus pneumonia epidemic prevention and control period , foshan + Client planning launched “ The vanguard of public security war and epidemic disease builds a battle fortress ” The column , Focus on the typical stories of Foshan public security officers dedicated to the people , Establish a positive image of Foshan public security , Help Foshan police to create a sense of security with temperature .

From the perspective of promoting the development of Foshan manufacturing industry , Lu suggested that , foshan + The client should be as timely as ever 、 Accurate transmission of Foshan government's voice , Continue to strengthen the interpretation of government policies , At the same time, more reports on Foshan's corporate voice , Build a good platform for government enterprise interaction .

As an educator , Secretary of the Party committee of Shimen middle school 、 President Li Weidong suggested , foshan + The client should continue to do a good job in the production of educational subdivision plate content , Focus on people's livelihood , Reporting on the degree supply that the masses care about 、 Run a school at home and other news hot spots , Answer questions for the public , Contribute to the construction of high quality education system in Foshan .

Li Qiyun, who has been working in town street for a long time, suggests , foshan + The client should continue to improve the town street level one platform , Make grassroots news more vivid 、 More wonderful , More effectively serve the overall situation of town street development , To become a more influential media brand in Foshan .

“ foshan + The client should attract the vast number of users to participate in information production and dissemination with open platform .” Professor, School of journalism, Renmin University of China 、 Song Jianwu, member of the media convergence expert group of the Central Propaganda Department, suggested that , The key to media convergence is to establish its own user system , foshan + Client downloads have broken through 120 ten thousand , We should use big data technology to precipitate users , Get through the resources of all sectors of society , At the same time, we are opening the door APP The wind of , Will Foshan + The client is built into a real Internet platform .

writing / Foshan Daily reporter Lu Shuai 、 Ma Yongzhao 、 Xie Wenjun 、 Su Hongkun 、 Song Shiwei 、 Ni Yujie 、 Gao Huichao 、 Liang Jianrong 、 Lu Jinsheng 、 Huang miaozhe

edit / Xu Jiamei

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