Before the implementation of the gradual postponement of retirement, the industry believes that it is necessary to eliminate the 35 year old recruitment age limit
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11 month 10 Japan ,《 China economic weekly 》 Publish 《 after 8 year , It's time to delay retirement ! Experts : The suggestion is to start with women , from 50 The age is extended to 55 year 》 This article has aroused heated discussion . The focus of netizens' argument mainly focuses on the following two points : Before the implementation of gradual delay retirement , Do you want to cancel first 35 Age limit for recruitment ? Gradual delay in retirement , Is it compulsory or flexible ?

“ The most valuable discussion now is how to implement , Not whether it should be implemented or not ”

According to the present retirement system in our country , Female cadres are full of age 55 year 、 The female worker is old 50 You can retire at the age of .

The reason for the implementation of delayed retirement , The root cause lies in the increasing aging situation in China . According to the National Bureau of Statistics , By 2019 end of the year , In our country 60 There are about 2.54 Billion , Of the total population 18.1%.

Facing the severe situation of aging population , Recently, the Xinhua news agency authorized the release of 《 The Central Committee of the Communist Party of China has made the 14th five year plan for national economic and social development 〇 Suggestions for the long-term goal of three to five years 》( hereinafter referred to as 《 Suggest 》), Pointed out that “ The implementation of the gradual extension of the statutory retirement age ”. Regarding this 《 China economic weekly 》 The first time to publish the interpretation of the article caused concern .

Economist Ma Guangyuan recently expressed his strong support for delaying retirement , I am willing to work until 80 year , Even work for life .

Some netizens left messages to support the postponement of retirement , It is pointed out that we should look at the problems from the perspective of the overall situation , The times are advancing , Society is developing , Any new thing must have its advantages , It must have its disadvantages , want “ Seek great harmony , There are differences ”, A country has a home , A rich country and a strong people .

because 《 Suggest 》 It does not elaborate how to implement the postponement of retirement “ Progressive type ”, Yang Lixiong, deputy director of China Social Security Research Center of Renmin University of China, accepted 《 China economic weekly 》 The reporter said that , Some women 50 Retire at the age of , Too early , The top priority is to unify the retirement age for men and women . He thinks that , First step , Women can be unified to 55 year , After reunification, go to 60 Years of age are getting longer and longer ; Men in women are united to 55 After the age of , It's also starting to extend , When women's retirement age is delayed to 60 year , Men should delay until 62、63 year , And then we'll unify and delay it until 65 year . In maintaining “ Take a small walk 、 Step by step ” On the basis of , Women can be a little bit faster , Men are slower .

The point of view comes out , Many netizens agree with Yang Lixiong . One netizen said , women 50 It's really too early to retire , This is for men 60 It's not fair to retire at the age of , There is a big difference between them , Women should delay until 60 The retirement age .

Some netizens also said , women 50 year , Still very young , Plus women live longer , Absolutely. 55 Year old or 60 The retirement age , Now the countryside 60 Most of them are engaged in labor .

Ma Guangyuan is even more outspoken . He said , Delaying retirement is really no longer a question of whether to discuss it or not , It's determined to implement .“ Facing the reality that the global pension system is facing collapse , You can either work more , Or take less pension . You don't extend your retirement , Who will support you in the future , Where is the money to support you ? It is easy to say that an objection to prolongation, which please the common people , After you object, you don't have a pension. You keep ?”

Can you cancel it first 35 Age limit for recruitment ?

What caused netizens to argue about , also 35 At the age of phenomenon .

One netizen said , Now, whether it's civil service recruitment or enterprise recruitment ,35 Age is a barrier ,40 I almost don't have a unit when I'm old . Before the implementation of the progressive deferred retirement program , Can you cancel it first 35 Age limit for recruitment , Solve better than 35 It's hard to find a job at the age of 15 .

《 China economic weekly 》 The reporter combed 2015 year —2020 The age requirements of candidates for the national civil service examination in , Found near 6 The rules of the year are very stable , Except for the fresh graduate students ( It includes master's and off-the-job doctoral students ) Must be in 18 More than one full year of life 、40 Under one year old , Others asked to be in 18 More than one full year of life 、35 Under one year old . Candidates in this age range , Only then can apply for the national civil servant examination .

It's not just the civil service exam , In enterprise recruitment , Whether it's state-owned or private , In addition to special positions, other requirements are required , Most recruitment is also limited 35 Under one year old .

According to industry analysis , Before the implementation of progressive delayed retirement , Need to eliminate the reality of recruitment about 35 Institutional barriers to age requirements . In terms of employment discrimination , It's not just civil servants , Even the general position in society can not be based on age 、 Gender and so on distinguish the candidates . From a fair point of view , It's unreasonable to limit the age of application .

Enforcement or flexibility ?

Another issue that triggered the debate among netizens is , If the implementation of gradual delay retirement , Is it mandatory or flexible .

in fact , About delaying retirement , As early as 5 Years ago , It has taken the lead in the implementation of women cadres and intellectuals .2015 year 2 month 16 Japan , Middle Organization Department 、 The Ministry of human resources and Social Security jointly issued a notice saying , Party and government organs 、 Among people's organizations and institutions 、 Female cadres at the deputy department level , Female professional and technical personnel with senior titles , Will be full of years 60 Retirement at the age of one . Notification representation , The retirement age of female cadres at the department level was delayed , It is to give full play to the role of female leading cadres and professional and technical personnel .

After the introduction of this policy , Did not take “ One size fits all ” How to do it , It's about taking a certain amount of flexibility in propulsion . Aim at reaching 55 Female cadres at the department level and intellectuals at the age of retirement , Let them choose voluntarily whether to retire or postpone until 60 year .

With the further promotion of the gradual delay retirement system , Yang Lixiong predicted that , achieve 55 Female cadres at the department level and intellectuals at the age of retirement , It's less likely to make a choice , It is likely to be implemented in accordance with the system .

This triggered a discussion among netizens . Some netizens think that , According to the characteristics of the industry , Can't generalize , Flexible retirement is better , whether “ point-to-point ” Retirement is up to you , If you are in good health , If you're willing to go on for a few more years , If you don't feel well or want to quit, you should .

Some netizens also suggested , Deferring retirement should consider career differences , On this basis, consider the flexible retirement age time .

One side is the aging of the social population , On the one hand, it is difficult for young people to find jobs , In view of the contradiction of population age structure in China , Some netizens suggested that every 3 Six months later to retire , After all, a certain age should be set for retirement at one time , It will bring great pressure to the society .

Although the netizens discussed warmly , But objectively speaking , With the rapid aging of the population and the reduction of the birth rate , People have been more tolerant of retirement , And more receptive to .

recently , The report completed by Tongfang global life and Tsinghua University School of economics and management shows that ,2020 The retirement preparation index of Chinese residents was 6.23, Compare with 2019 Year of 6.15 A slight pick-up . According to industry analysis , To some extent, this shows that , People's understanding of delaying retirement has become increasingly rational , At present, there is a better foundation for the gradual postponement of retirement policy .

( The original title for 《 Postpone retirement gradually , Netizens suggested to cancel 35 Age limit for recruitment 》)

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