News 10 Golden Awards of China excellent industrial design award in 2020 announced
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Big and small news client 11 month 25 - (YMG All media reporter Yang Chunna Xinzhaohong )2020 At the opening ceremony of the world industrial design conference , The award ceremony of China excellent industrial design award was also held . This award is sponsored by the Ministry of industry and information technology , It is the only national government award approved by the central government in the field of industrial design in China , It's designed to recognize leadership 、 Forward looking design innovation projects and units , Show the outstanding achievements of industrial design in China , Create a good development atmosphere for industrial design , Promote the construction of a manufacturing power .

 News flash |2020 The top ten gold awards of China's excellent industrial design award have been announced

 News flash |2020 The top ten gold awards of China's excellent industrial design award have been announced

Photography : Shen Jizhong

since 2012 From the year onwards , China excellent industrial design award has been held for three times , Good social repercussions have been achieved . It is reported that , This year's award has received nearly 2500 Products and works , Covering vehicles 、 mechanized equipment 、 Aerospace 、 Electronic information and intelligent terminal 、 Textile, clothing, etc 14 Big industries and fields . After several rounds of review ,10 The gold medal products and works representing the highest level and strongest strength of China's industrial design in recent years have been announced , And hold an award ceremony .

 News flash |2020 The top ten gold awards of China's excellent industrial design award have been announced

 News flash |2020 The top ten gold awards of China's excellent industrial design award have been announced

Photography : Liu Haojie

At the awards ceremony , Mr. Xu Kemin, chief economist of the Ministry of industry and information technology , Mr. Ling Wen, vice governor of Shandong Province , Executive vice president of China Enterprise Federation 、 President Zhu Hongren , Mr. Zhu Tao, director of the Strategic Advisory Committee of the China Industrial Design Association, is 《 China excellent industrial design Gold Award 》10 The winners presented trophies on behalf of the winners .

2020 China excellent industrial design Gold Award ( list )

1、 Launch system of launch vehicle at sea

Space science and technology are fully integrated with ocean engineering , New system 、 Integral design , Break through wireless remote control , Autonomous intelligent security control on the arrow , Key technologies such as marine moving base aiming . High mobility 、 High degree of freedom in selecting points 、 Good security and other advantages .2020 year 9 month , Successfully completed “ Nine stars in one arrow ” Launch mission , Open up a new mode of commercial space launch in China .

2、 Large diameter normal pressure cutter head slurry balance shield machine

Complete sets of large equipment for tunnel construction , The diameter of product excavation is up to 15.8m, It is the largest diameter shield machine under construction in China . Equipped with atmospheric pressure tool change 、 Large size slag and stone classification treatment and other technologies , In the device space layout , Reduce the risk of tool change , Improve the operating environment and other aspects to achieve people 、 machine 、 Highly coordinated environment . Mud rapid recovery system , Zero leakage 、 Zero pollution , Guarantee green construction from the source , Provide Chinese equipment for national major strategic projects .

3、 Panoramic dynamic scanning PET-CT:uExplorer explorer

High quality minimalist industrial design and perfect integration of life technology !56 Ten thousand crystals 、8 A scanning ring , The radiation dose dropped to 1/40, The application population can be extended to mothers and infants 、 Teenagers and children .15 You can complete the whole body in seconds PET-CT scanning . The operation is more natural and simple , Through music 、 Light and shadow , Video communication design , Eliminate claustrophobia , Give love and hope .

4、 Dajiang The royal MAVIC AIR 2 Unmanned aerial vehicle (uav)

High performance folding UAV , Reduce volume while ensuring strong performance , The folding arm is designed to be portable . The product details and texture are outstanding , It's smart , The battery life can reach 34 minute , The longest transmission distance is up to 10 km . Before having 、 after 、 The ability to perceive the environment in the next three directions , The best route to avoid obstacles , Take photos 4800 Mega pixels , At the same time, it has outstanding video shooting performance .

5、 weichai 13G powertrain

Carrying Weichai 13G Enhanced engine 、 Fast automatic transmission and hand drive , To form a domestic commercial vehicle powertrain industry chain , Won the first prize of national science and technology progress award . The parts are arranged in a coordinated and compact manner , The style is strong . Lightweight design , Compact structure , It has wide adaptability 、 The maintenance is convenient 、 Low noise and vibration , Ultra low emissions under complex operating conditions . Support lean manufacturing process through data visualization .

6、“ Airfoil sail boosts ” Super large crude oil tanker

Airfoil sails enable wind power to boost large ships , innovation U Section design of type-I independent wing , The wind direction adaptive control system is adopted , Breakthrough ship - Sail interface design difficulties , To solve the problem of sail operation under complex marine meteorological conditions . The research and development 、 Design 、 Master the key technology of manufacturing and application , Seize the technical commanding height of international large ships , The transformation and upgrading of the shipbuilding industry , It is of great significance to promote green energy saving of large ships .

7、TX-100 Railway ballast suction truck

Based on our national conditions , To solve the practical problems encountered in the development of the national economy . Independent research and development of large railway maintenance machinery and equipment , Collect coal powder 、 Explosion prevention and other functions in one , Remote maintenance and diagnosis capability , It has excellent innovation in many aspects such as ergonomics . Efficient cleaning, easy floating in railway tunnels 、 Explosive accumulation of pulverized coal , Solve the problem of manual cleaning intensity 、 The working environment is bad 、 Low efficiency , Ensure the safety of train operation and smooth line !

8、 Ultra low drag electric passenger concept car

Explore future technology applications , Leading the smart travel experience . Through a new industrial design of pneumatic components , Reduce the drag coefficient to 0.146, Ultra low drag design , Greatly increase the range , Aerodynamic engineering is highly integrated with plastic arts , Form a unique modeling Aesthetics . Adapting to Chinese family structure , innovation 2+1+2+1 The seat layout . With independent research and development “ Smart Drive Internet Ecosystem ”, Customize your own interactive experience , Make travel smarter 、 More green 、 More human !

9、 Bosden peak series down jacket

Ultimate warmth 、 Fearless in extreme circumstances 、 Professional protection , In the design 、 raw material 、 technology 、 process 、 Performance and other aspects of integration innovation . Product serialization through industrial design 、 Vogue , The brand . Honeycomb structure , Three dimensional filling process , Durable wind and rain proof . Implantable for permanent use of the life detector , Improve rescue efficiency , A number of innovative designs have helped the Chinese mountaineering team successfully climb Mount Everest .

10、RXR-MC200BD Fire fighting reconnaissance robot

Electric high-power explosion-proof fire-fighting reconnaissance robot , Explosion proof 、 Waterproof double design , It can replace the fire rescue personnel to enter the scene of dangerous disaster . Integration of multiple functional components and control systems , Form a series of combinations , Solve the problem that the fire fighting robot is dead weight at present 、 Limitations in power performance and towing capacity . The duckbill bubble can be changed into many kinds of water spray forms , Visible light inspection and infrared thermal imaging system , Meet the smoke 、 Explosive and other harsh environment 、 Large space fire rescue operations need .

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