How to create a successful Encyclopedia of art works and figures
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Create this kind of encyclopedia , First of all, you need to break down according to the category . Works of art and artistic figures belong to two categories of encyclopedia creation items .

 Works of art 、 How to create a successful Encyclopedia of art figures

The Encyclopedia of works of art was created

①、 Confirm the name of the work of art , Select the property according to the system prompt ;

②、 Prepare the text and references in advance ;

The text includes the following columns :1、 Introduction to the work ,2、 Creative ideas ,3、 Express the content ,4、 Artistic value ,5、 Work evaluation

References belong to the more rigorous part , Need a kind of portal website or professional website as reference , Such as the people's network 、 Sohu 、 NetEase 、 Sina, etc .

References are also important , The encyclopedia clearly states that , Soft press releases are not part of the reference series , For unavailable content , So in the news release content editor , More product creation ideas 、 Express the content 、 Value is the main embodiment , If it's a press release like a press conference , Remember not to list the title of the person .

The Encyclopedia of art figures was created

Entry name 、 The text is ready in advance , According to the encyclopedia people editor's Guide , Divide the first level catalog , Add the contents of the catalog .

In the process of creating an encyclopedia of artistic figures , Meeting There were some rejection problems , The most common and easy mistake is too many titles . Encyclopedia as an authoritative publishing platform , Marketing style encyclopedia content is not welcome .

The creation of character encyclopedia , Experience with characters 、 Education background 、 Representative works 、 social value 、 Personal evaluation is the five core key headings , Enrich the content of each column , In order to edit a good personal encyclopedia entry .

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