Do you know the holes in the editing process of enterprise encyclopedia entries
Yangzi 2020-11-27 03:41:06
Actually speaking of Encyclopedia entry editor I think about this a few years ago , At that time, I was also a friend on the Internet , At that time, I talked a lot about , I want to be an encyclopedia , I'm not going to ask if I can , This ... I can only say , A few years ago, it was easy to do , It's just that it's more expensive to send news as evidence , Others, as long as they have experience, can be said that there is no cost , After all, encyclopedias have been created for free from the beginning to the present , So the people who take the initiative to tell you that they can do it for you as long as they pay are basically cheaters , We can't beat , But there's a high probability that this is a liar , So it's also a reminder to be careful .

 Do you know the holes in the entry editing process of enterprise encyclopedia

But anyway , If it comes to encyclopedia entries, editors need to know whether they are cheaters , Don't trade in such a hurry , It's best to guarantee that it's good for the public , In this way, we also have certain guarantee , What is the current price of this ? It's hard to say , See what you've come across , I believe that all business people know the cost problem , If you meet a single person , It's usually pure profit , There's no spending , But if it's a big company , There are more employees , The price will certainly not be lower , Otherwise, it won't make money , No one is going to make a loss , Therefore, it is suggested to know more about them .

If you are going to ask someone to help you edit the entry of encyclopedia at the beginning , You need to have a copy ready , Organize a document , If it is an enterprise, it includes an overview of the enterprise 、 development history 、 scope of business 、 The enterprise culture 、 The size of the company 、 Company honor, etc , Write as many as you can , If you don't have one, you can leave it blank for the time being , But if it's a character encyclopedia , Generally including , Personal profile , Personal experience , Personal honor, etc , Some can increase , What you don't have can be reduced , It depends on the actual situation .

When you're ready, look at the copy and see if you can do it , How much can I do , If you can't do it, you can't do it , And according to market conditions , Generally, the price of encyclopedia entry editors varies from several thousand , I know from here , It depends on how much can be done , Do as much as you can , Do less, lower , And the operation cycle is generally about three to five working days , If the content is very little , Come on 24 It'll be approved within hours . Those people in the market just know the rules for creating entries , Because the creation itself is free , There's no fee to pass the audit , Don't be cheated , So I suggest that I can try to do it slowly in the early stage , Please be patient .