Baidu Library to open a shop, let you lie down to earn money
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In recent days , A teacher in Bazhong, Sichuan , Take out in your spare time to supplement your family , For a while, it became the focus of public opinion . Under the pressure of public opinion , The teacher had to quit his take away job . Teachers are also people , I have to support my family , There are old people at the top and small ones at the bottom , We should also take the responsibility of family . The teacher wants to make more money in various ways , Make the family better , Be filial to your parents , There's nothing wrong with that . As long as we don't violate the law and discipline , As long as it doesn't affect normal work . however , For teachers , Two easier ways to make money have been limited : One is to open their own tutorial class , Second, part-time jobs in tutorial institutions . Actually , Teachers can use their expertise , Make money on the Internet , Like today's headlines , For example, some educational websites . today , What I'd like to introduce to you is to open a knowledge store in Baidu Library .

01 Data speak

Baidu Library is 3 Knowledge store launched at the beginning of the month , I am a 3 In the middle of the month . This is me 3、4 Monthly income , It has been extracted 120 element . Just started , There are not many goods , So the income is not high either . I believe it will be better and better in the future .

 To Baidu Library to open a shop , Let you lie down and earn money

3、4 Monthly income

02 Lying to earn money ? Open your eyes and tell lies ?

My topic is 《 To Baidu Library to open a shop , Let you lie down and earn money 》, Someone might say , You're a liar . To tell you the truth , I'm not lying . Open knowledge store in Baidu Library , Different from opening online stores on other websites , The difference lies in :

(1) Baidu Library Open Knowledge shop , Just have a lot of knowledge material . It can be your own original , For example papers 、 Lesson plans 、 Courseware 、 exercises , Including the prescribed examination questions , It could be some video material ; It can also be the collation of some data 、 Adaptation . From documents to videos 、 Audio 、 special column 、 Books and other forms of content . There's no need to go shopping for low prices , There is no backlog of goods , There's no financial pressure .

(2) Baidu Library Open Knowledge shop , Just need to update the product frequently . The more goods there are , Browse 、 The more people download , The income will increase with it . In the process of browsing products, customers , If you need your product , He orders directly, pays to download , No need to ask , We don't need an answer either . This is compared with other outlets that need special personnel to answer customers' questions , It saves manpower , It saves time again .

(3) Baidu Library Open Knowledge shop , No need to ship , There's no need to contact express . What knowledge stores sell 、 file 、 The courses are all virtual goods , No need to ship offline . Users can download after payment , The seller is deemed to have delivered the goods , The buyer has received the goods , There is no need to confirm the receipt, which saves a lot of time .

(4) Baidu Library Open Knowledge shop , No returns 、 Risk of exchange , There is no risk of malicious bad comments or even being blackmailed .

In a word , As long as you have enough goods in your shop , Just lie down and count the money .

03 I want to open a shop

2020 year 3 month , Baidu Library comprehensive upgrade , Build knowledge e-commerce and empower knowledge creators , The creator can open a shop in the library with one click , Manage goods 、 Increase transactions , Visual data analysis , Make more money .

 To Baidu Library to open a shop , Let you lie down and earn money

Opening process

Shop creation qualification :

(1) The first phase adopts the directional invitation system , Some high quality content producers are invited to create stores .

(2) Other users can send baidu account 、 Representative works 、 full name 、 Mobile phone number to, After the audit, you can get the right to open a shop .

notes : Each user can only create one knowledge store .

 To Baidu Library to open a shop , Let you lie down and earn money

Create a store

04 Income settlement

There are two kinds of commodities in Baidu Library : One is paid goods , Two is vip Exclusive products . It's up to you when you upload the product . If it's a paid product , It's up to you . If it is vip Exclusive products , Then there are members who share 、 Advertising revenue .

 To Baidu Library to open a shop , Let you lie down and earn money

3、4 Monthly income composition

(1) Total revenue :

Including the historical cumulative income of the business and various accumulated income : Share in the sale 、 Members are divided into 、 Advertising revenue 、 Promotion incentives .

(2) Settlement amount :

The withdrawal time is : Full income 100 Yuan withdrawable , The time of cash withdrawal is every month 5 Working days to the month 23 Japan .

 To Baidu Library to open a shop , Let you lie down and earn money

05 summary

To Baidu Library to open knowledge shop , It does make you lie down and make money . As for earning more and earning less , It depends on your efforts . I see the propaganda page on Baidu Library , Monthly income 10 Ten thousand people have . The most important thing is , Baidu Library Knowledge shop goods , No time limit , As long as someone downloads , There is income , It can be said that it's a big profit .

I am a " Poetic Nanshan ", Interested friends can pay attention to me , Please leave me a message if you have any questions , It's my pleasure to help you .
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