BPF launches new strategy of plastic recycling promotion in UK
Moss building 2020-11-27 03:40:50
recently , United Kingdom Recycling Group (BPFRG) Adopted industry led initiatives and regulations , Launch a new strategy to improve plastics recycling in the UK .

BPF A new strategy to promote plastic recycling in the UK

BPF A new strategy to promote plastic recycling in the UK

4 month 5 Japan ,BPFRG Express , The strategy will encourage the development of the plastic recycling industry in the UK , To ensure that Britain “ Precious plastic materials ” For use by manufacturers .

The group called for the implementation of “ Split the plastic package for recycling ”. The objectives of the group will increase over time .

BPFRG It also proposed the creation of an investment fund , To help develop new technologies , Use comes from extending producer responsibility , Landfill tax or PRN/RN The lowest price of funds .

Besides , The strategy calls for standards for all grades of plastic raw materials for the UK export market , Create high quality materials for recyclers . It is said that , This is the demand for recycled products produced by a large number of enterprises through public procurement .

Recycling Group Roger Baynham The chairman said :“ The goal of the strategy is to increase recycling activities in the UK , And we have negotiated with senior people in the industry to produce .”

BPFRG It will also work with the plastics industry recycling action plan (PIRAP) cooperation , Help increase plastic recycling . This includes studying barriers to the recycling of some plastics .

at present ,PIRAP Yes 50 Names come from members of the value chain , Including retailers and brand owners .

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