Chief new media operation course: full introduction to UGC community operation of e-commerce
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There is no such simple thing in the world , Simple things have no value , This is the basic logic .

So the founder of Qingdao Yixing Yiyi Cultural Media Co., Ltd , Qingdao chief business school new media operation founder , Senior new media operator ,IT Industry observer , The new Internet + Marketing practitioners , Gold medal copywriter , Tencent network 、 Baidu. Com 、 Today's headline 、 Sohu 、 Netease News Network 、 Famous columnist of Phoenix News Network and other websites ,《 New media promotion and operation practice 》 author 、 Famous brand marketing consultant Mr. Li Xiang tells you about : This paper focuses on how to do e-commerce well UGC topic of conversation ( Guarantee value 、 Highly active ).

As for the upstream supply chain 、B End ( Business operations ) Relationship with e-commerce platform 、 Product iteration and other topics are not discussed .

 Chief new media operations tutorial : Online retailers UGC Community operation strategy e-commerce

One 、 Online retailers UGC Sort out the community background

Yes UGC Friends who are not very familiar with can first understand UGC The definition of :

UGC(User-Generated Content) User generated content , It is relative to PGC(Professionally-produced Content) A source of professional content , Simply speaking , By professional individuals 、 The targeted output of the organization is more professional 、 The content of authority belongs to PGC, For example, movies and entertainment programs 、 Books and periodicals 、 Professional media information, etc ; conversely , Your circle of friends 、 Microblogging 、 Zhihu's reply 、 Second video , Most of them belong to UGC.UGC It's with the Internet 2.0 The rise of a kind of birth “ Mass production content ” The pattern of .

So e-commerce UGC Where did it originate ?

Let's look back at our own shopping , For example, on Taobao , The first is to understand the basic information of commodities , Like the price 、 shape 、 Color, etc , besides , What else is there that every consumer wants to know, but businesses can't provide ?

Yes . Is it real , How are the people who bought this product doing ? wait .

Users of these problems can only rely on the information shared by other buyers .( Yes , This is also the Internet 2.0 One of the spirits of : I'm for everyone , Everyone for me .)

But whether all products need this information ? Let's summarize in abstract , from 「 Is it a topic 」 Dimension , Essentially , All goods can be classified into three categories :

(1) General commodity : That is to say, all parts of the country are fully standardized products , Like coca cola 、 The farmer mountain spring 、 McDonald's, etc , Users only need to think about buying or not buying ;

(2) Adaptive products : That is, demand is different from person to person , For example, clothing 、 Books and movies 、 Digital 3C wait , Different people because of their body 、 identity 、 taste 、 Preference 、 There will be different choices for the difference of knowledge ;

(3) High decision cost goods : For example, a house 、 vehicle 、 Unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) 、 Or giving gifts to important people and so on , It means that a lot of decision-making costs are consumed before each purchase ( Energy or money ) The goods ;

In these three categories , The first is that they hardly have it 「 Topic of e-commerce 」 At all , And second 、 In particular, the third category is our e-commerce UGC Operation points that can be fully exploited by operation .

Let's sort out the status quo of the industry , In fact, typical E-commerce UGC In essence, there are three kinds of contents : Buyer show 、 Seller show 、 Product consultation and recommendation ( Like mother and baby 、3C Digital 、 Home appliance 、 Gifts and other high decision-making costs of goods )、 Express feelings and so on .

The presentation styles of specific contents are as follows : illustrated 、 Short video and this year's popular live broadcast and so on .

Online retailers UGC The participating roles include : Mainstream buyer users ( Potential buyers include )、 The seller 、 enthusiasts ( Various commodity areas KOL). Of course , Like the content generated by the operators of e-commerce platforms , Like what “ Small make up recommend ” And so on. Strictly speaking, it doesn't belong to UGC, And it's just “ Official guidance content ”.

In addition, there are market stakeholders in various segments , For example, manufacturers 、 channel 、 brand 、 Promotion personnel, etc , They sometimes post products in support of their own 、 Information that belittles competitors , The proportion of content produced by these groups is lower than that of mainstream content .

Through such a simple carding and definition , We will discuss e-commerce later UGC It's much easier to operate a community .

Where there is trade, there is information asymmetry , Information asymmetry will lead to content 、 correct 、 spread .

Thus, e-commerce can be seen UGC Potential volume .

 Chief new media operations tutorial : Online retailers UGC Community operation strategy e-commerce

Two 、 Return to UGC Original intention of operation

cough , Don't let people's minds drift to happiness Shopping Yes, ha . While reading this article , Our position is the operator of e-commerce community .

Let's first think from the standpoint of the operator : E-commerce platform operation UGC What is the purpose ?

Yes , Improving user activity with the lowest cost , Improve conversion rate . Our operation should always focus on this core goal .

For the integrated e-commerce platform of standardized products , At present, the industry's usual means to enhance user activity rate is nothing more than a variety of low prices 、 vouchers 、 Holiday activities and other crude means of stimulating interests , Highly homogenous , No idea 、 Lack of technical content .

What jobs said about Microsoft is : No taste

I've talked about it in previous articles ,UGC The essence of community is content ecology , And build well UGC The core of the community is to build and maintain UGC The core three elements —— Content producers 、 consumer 、 The relationship of content :

Producers get the motivation to produce quality content ; Consumers get what they want ; High quality content can be delivered from producers to consumers in the first place , And extend the life cycle as much as possible ; This core ecological principle has been fully applied to e-commerce UGC.

I understand UGC After the operation logic of , below , We should focus on two types of user motivation : Exactly? , What is the motivation of e-commerce users to produce content ? What are the motivations for consumers to read content ? The answer to these two questions has been found , It means that we have found the driving force of our e-commerce community .

 Chief new media operations tutorial : Online retailers UGC Community operation strategy e-commerce

3、 ... and 、 motivation : Users go to e-commerce APP What are you doing here ?

When talking about user motivation , We need to remember one premise : E-commerce products are only a shopping tool in the user's mental positioning . so , Such as “ Building a happy business spirit home for users 、 Spirit Lodge ” And all the fantasies that run counter to business activities can be broken first , At least for a long time .

that , The adaptive products mentioned above 、 Whether all topics of high decision-making products are e-commerce users visiting e-commerce UGC The motive of ? This is obviously not true at present .

such as : I check book reviews 、 The first time film critics choose Douban ; understand 3C Digital products will be the first time to choose the relevant digital products of the vertical Forum 、 Community ; Understand the fashion clothing and wear will be the first time to see fashion website ah ;


It is difficult for users to use e-commerce products as the first channel to understand commodity information at the first time , The reason lies in : E-commerce products in the minds of users as a shopping tool , How does he believe in the objective neutrality of your content ? This is what we will discuss later .

Contact earth gas , Let's start with simple and direct e-commerce UGC Content as the entry point of community construction . Let's look at it again , When buyers of e-commerce platform visit E-commerce UGC In the community , What is his motive ?

When the buyer of e-commerce products, users read it ( consumption ) Content time , The motive is : Decision support in purchasing goods ( Pre sale behavior ), This is the mainstream content consumer motivation , Usually occurs before the purchase of goods ( pre-sale ), When we buy all the non generic products, we need to purchase reference information .

such as , When you buy clothes, see how real people wear them , When buying a SLR, see how the photos taken by other users are effective , Let's know about a restaurant before you go to a restaurant .

The inherent advantages of e-commerce platform lie in , Nearest to potential customers , It is more likely to provide a direct channel for content connection ( If the content is well organized , Credibility , Users don't need to search through other external channels ).

 Chief new media operations tutorial : Online retailers UGC Community operation strategy e-commerce

(1) Seeking resonance ( After sale behavior )

A lot of people buy something , I want to know if I bought it “ A bargain ” Or not satisfied with the goods , I want to see if anyone else make complaints about it. , All of these situations will access user reviews of the product .

(2) Looking for new ways to play 、 usage ( After sale behavior )

For some with 「 Playability 」、「 Extensibility 」 The goods , Such as 3C Digital 、VR、 UAV, etc. , Users also need to look for some strategic information . Of course , I said before. , Evaluation website 、 The forum provides such content , At present, its advantages are more obvious .

In addition to the buyer users , There are also several types of people who will consume content on e-commerce websites , For example, the developer of the product ( manufacturer )、 Middle and upper reaches of supply chain 、 Shop owner, etc ……

that , They read e-commerce UGC What is the content for ?

Collecting market information, of course . Understand user preferences 、 Consumer trends, etc , In order to better optimize the follow-up product design or product category . in general , Online retailers UGC For the content 「 consumption 」 Time is nothing but the four kinds of motives mentioned above : Decision support 、 Seeking resonance 、 Seeking strategy 、 Collect market voice .

that , For content producers , What are their corresponding motivations ?

Here are three types of content producers : merchants ( The seller )、 Brand dealer ( Commodity manufacturer )、 Explain the buyer's motivation separately .

(1) For businesses , Their goal is ultimately to increase passenger flow , Improve order conversion rate . Be commonly called : Earn more money . such as : Evaluation of commodity use 、 Instructions 、 Positive feedback from users, etc , It's all for the sake of influencing the user's favor to the merchant and the purchase decision .

(2) For manufacturers , Their aim is to enhance the positive image of their brand , Strengthen users' Mental Cognition ( Please pay attention to the difference between business purpose and brand business purpose ).

(3) For buyer users , The main motivation for people to comment on commodities is to express their feelings , For example, make complaints about compliments or dissatisfied Tucao 、 And share the joy of shopping ( Social identity ) wait . There is also a considerable proportion of users to obtain material incentives for the business to conduct positive reviews of goods .

Summary of user motivation : From the above analysis, we can see that , Online retailers UGC It has a strong utilitarian color , It has never been “ Social networking ” The shelter of . It can be said that “ The hustle and bustle , For reward ” True portrayal .

 Chief new media operations tutorial : Online retailers UGC Community operation strategy e-commerce

Four 、 How to plan E-commerce UGC Content ecology of

Analysis of e-commerce UGC Content consumers 、 After the motives of producers , Now we can start to build an e-commerce with practical value for all roles UGC The community .

By the way , We make products 、 Please remember the operation friends : We are the creators and guides of the rules of the platform game , But it's not a participant . It's a mess to be a referee and an athlete .

Users will have spontaneous content 、 The motivation of consuming content , But it doesn't mean that these behaviors will happen on their own , Therefore, we need the proper guidance of our operators .

these 「 motivation 」 Trigger user 「 Spontaneous behavior ( Producing or consuming content )」 The key is : Operation guidance 、 Community atmosphere 、 Realistic motivation .

So called guidance , It means to make some rules or mechanisms , Connect the motivations of content producers and consumers , In this way, we can lay the foundation for the healthy production of content .

such as , The seller provides for the buyer “ Positive feedback ” It belongs to a typical motive connection , Of course , This “ Mechanism ” Or how to play it “ merchants ” Self made ( At the expense of some profits ), Not the platform operator .

Considering the content, one of the motivations for consumers to read content “ Purchase decision support ”, What is needed is objective and neutral content , This kind of content will reduce the neutrality of content , In fact, platform operators should not encourage it .

that , Our e-commerce UGC What are the operators of the community “ Operation mechanism ” Can you try to build it ?

According to the previous motivation analysis , Now I'm going to tease out three motivational connections , It also provides some content mechanisms that can be referenced , You can follow a similar line of thinking to develop more creativity :

( Connection point one ): Increase the flow of producers to improve the conversion rate + Consumer purchase decision support

Yes , In fact, we are the most common “ Seller show ”, But have we thought about it , hold “ Seller show ” It's too wasteful to put it in the product details : It can't get consumers' feedback in time , Interaction 、 Not to mention “ flow ”.

But if we can do it UGC Part of the content , Can be greatly released —— What I want to say is , Will thousands of businesses redundant time 、 Beauty 、 The talent can be realized .

such as , A large number of physical stores are now relatively depressed , Employees spend a lot of time in leisure. , In fact, many physical stores now have their own online stores , So why don't you take the staff's “ Redundant assets ” Revitalize , Let them produce content ?

For example, live broadcast of clothing matching in the store , Or make a short video , such “ Seller show ” The experience is a big step forward than the way of showing goods in pictures .

( Connection point 2 ): Consumer purchase decision support ( And finding resonance 、 Looking for new ways to play )+ Producers enhance brand image 、 Influence customer's mental positioning

Whether our product operation can consider opening up independent interaction with users or organizing brand activities for brand owners ( For example, there are prize papers for brand evaluation ) Of UGC What about the special area ?

For consumers , Whether it's about expressing a view of the brand ( Or praise or worship )、 Or do you know more about brands ( As purchase decision support ), These are strong demands , And brands are naturally willing to increase interaction and exposure with consumers .

We as e-commerce UGC The maker of , It can fully meet the needs of both sides , such as :

Brand interaction : Accept and answer all consumer questions about the brand ;

Brand activity column : All kinds of activities launched by brand from top to bottom to consumers , It can be a prize contest 、 Promotion discount 、 Other interesting activities, etc ;

After sales service docking : To put it bluntly , It is transparent to make complaints about users and to tuck them out. , The necessary response is given . Of course, the promotion of this content needs to involve multiple resources , But it's worth trying .

In order to motivate users ( Brand oriented ) The initiative of independent production content , Our operators can inculcate the advantages of this content interaction to brand providers , Provide a variety of activities at the same time 、 Template for publicity , Lower the threshold for their production of content .

Of course , in consideration of “ Hedonism ” Era , If we can put the template activity 、 Publicity examples are more entertaining 、 Interesting , Of course, the viscosity to the user will be stronger , It can even be used as a new profit point .

( Connection point 3 ): Content producers ( buyers ) Express feelings + consumer ( buyers ) Seeking resonance

Both sides of this connection point are buyer users , It is a golden point worthy of in-depth operation . But it is not easy to design the mechanism of this connection point well . Of course , The design of the project is very important , The basic principle is to be specific 、 Interesting , For example, I saw some on Taobao “ The mood of autumn ” It's not a good topic , It's too abstract ( As can be seen from the popularity data ).

 Chief new media operations tutorial : Online retailers UGC Community operation strategy e-commerce

5、 ... and 、 Construction of e-commerce UGC Five steps of content

The core of the whole content ecology has been discussed above , that , In from 0 To 1 In the process of operation and construction , What should be done ?

Here are five construction steps , It is also applicable to the community new function operation of mature e-commerce platform .

First step : Value promotion and Implementation for content producers , Provide examples of high quality demonstration content 、 Convenient content production tools .

The premise is to let content producers truly perceive the value of producing content , For example, give a set of data to the business , Through excellent content can increase the flow and conversion rate with “ Data without content ” Contrast, etc .

remember , There is a high threshold for content production , If possible , Try to provide them with convenient content production templates and tools , And for “ First bite of crab ” Content producers provide exposure privileges and other incentives .

The second step : Connect content with commodity , Import users

When the early content is ready , When a new version is released, the product can be associated with the associated content , It means that you can access the content from the product , In turn, , You can also access the corresponding products from the content ( It also creates a lot of platform profit space ).

The third step : Early content experience guarantee , Develop assurance 「 Content neutrality 」 The measures of

In the early stage, human resources can be used to intervene in the content , Release content through semi audit system , Ensure community tonality , Until the formation of a good content self elimination mechanism , Let the content operate by itself .

Of course, the low-level advertising content can be cleaned up through machine filtering and management measures such as the title .

Content neutrality , It's very important . We can do it through implementation 「 Content reporting 」( Fake buyer ) And auditing system 、 Establishment of user credit system 、 Provide user behavior trace ( This means that users can access all series content production ) To curb all kinds of malicious sales or attacks on goods .

Step four : Ecological guidance and maintenance of e-commerce content

With the initial improvement of the community's early content and user behavior , It's time for operations to shift to the creation of content ecology , The operation in this area is actually professional and complex , Specific include :

Incentives for content producers ; Decentralization of content ; High quality content exposure and flow ; Eliminating Matthew effect ; Extending the life cycle of quality content ……

Step five : Develop user growth mechanism

With UGC Further development of community 、 mature , It is necessary to fine grade and classify the users in the community , Only in this way can the content producers have the space to continuously increase and output content .

such as : Get through the user's 「 Attention chain 」, Cultivate star users ( Content producers Kol). such , Content consumer users can focus on buyers who are particularly proficient in various commodity areas , This will further encourage these users to improve the quality and professionalism of their content , Cultivate positive circulation of community content , Benign producer competition and so on , And star users because of the existence of their idol burden , Will be more willing to keep the content neutral . These are all e-commerce UGC Community favorite scene .

The content of hierarchical user management and upgrade is not in the core of this article , Limited by space , Other topics will not be discussed in depth .


Online retailers UGC Community is to serve E-commerce ( Low cost user activity 、 Flow rate and conversion rate ) And exist , Don't let the content lead the product to , Make your own positioning incoherent , It's not worth the trouble .

Online retailers UGC It is a huge subject involving many interests , It's very difficult , As a matter of fact, there is no good product in the industry at present , Even the leader of e-commerce TaoBao also .

For the vast majority of e-commerce products that do not have such a large number of active users , Building e-commerce from scratch UGC Follow the community :

It's easy before it's difficult ( From the content of e-commerce users, just as the entry point ); First heavy then light ( Early heavy user operation , Give the necessary concession 、 Privilege ); The foundation should be firm (UGC Mechanism of ecological health cycle ) Equal principle . Instead of always trying to get there in one step , You can build an active community with two strokes . There is no such simple thing in the world , Simple things have no value , This is the basic logic .