Speed up the process reengineering, reform and innovation! Yucheng fully stimulates high quality development momentum
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Process reengineering is the core task of system innovation 、 The reform is affected by “ gap ” engineering , It is also a strategic measure and an important way to achieve high-quality development . In recent years , Yucheng City firmly implements the policy of “ The pipes suit ” Reform series deployment requirements , Process reengineering as the implementation of the new development concept 、 Speed up the conversion of new and old kinetic energy 、 A rare opportunity to achieve high quality development , Self revolution , Breakthrough innovation , real practice and hard work , We will solidly promote the reconstruction of approval service workflow , Yell “ Yu, do it quickly ” Efficient service brand , Strive to create advanced process 、 First class standards 、 A dynamic government service environment .

 Speed up process reengineering , Reform and innovation ! Yucheng fully stimulates high-quality development power

Persist in emancipating the mind

Promote approval services “ Concept reconstruction ”

Thought is the forerunner of action . Yucheng insists that everything should proceed from the reality of work , Make full use of the experience of advanced regions , With three “ Courage ” For the direction , Constantly emancipate the mind 、 Innovative ideas 、 Dare to be first , It has laid a solid foundation for the smooth development of process reengineering .

One side , Have the courage to blade inward . Enterprises run the whole network , To introduce the official seal engraving 、 Tax plate purchase 、 Certificate delivery 、 Help agent 、 Five free measures such as policy package , It has saved nearly 200 Ten thousand yuan , It's all up to the city finance ; The time limit for the establishment of enterprises is in the whole province 1 Cut it by half on the basis of working days , The market access threshold has been further lowered , Effectively activate mass entrepreneurship “ A pool of spring water ”, The city's individual businesses 、 The total number of enterprises registered increased year on year 15%; Take the lead in small and medium-sized food business 、 In the field of small workshops and small catering license registration, the notification commitment system has been fully implemented , Achieve “ You can promise 、 I dare to criticize ”, The license should be taken as soon as possible , The city is expected to be close to 3000 More than food sales units benefit .

On the other hand , Dare not to follow the rules . Yucheng follows “ No prohibition by law ” principle , All over the city “ Routine is not enough 、 Experience can be used for reference ” The ideological consensus of . For example, in order to promote the development of emerging industries , Learn from Guangdong 、 Advanced experience in Fujian and other places , In the province's county-level first enterprise cluster registration mode , To develop 《 Yucheng City Cluster registration management measures ( On a trial basis )》, Effectively solve the e-commerce and other new business forms of the company's registered address and other issues , Actually activate “ Headquarters economy ” advantage , Relying on new formats , Realize new development .

A game of chess consciousness , Establish an integrated service standard and process , Integrate related approval items scattered in different departments , Clear leading department and handling process , take “ One thing, one process ” Integrated as “ More than one process ”, Realize the establishment of enterprises 、 Project approval 、 Social security payment 、 Real estate registration and other fields “ One chain management ”, Implementation of the approval service function by “ Physical concentration ” towards “ Chemical polymerization ” shift .

Deepen reform

Promote approval services “ Model reengineering ”

all the time , Yucheng City is advancing its work , To be a pioneer in deepening reform 、 The vanguard of the efficiency revolution .

We will promote the reform of the administrative examination and approval system . To implement “ One seal for approval ”, The whole city 185 Administrative licensing matters and 15 Related matters shall be transferred to the examination and approval service bureau for implementation , Yuanjin 30 The examination and approval office has been reduced to 5 individual 、 near 200 The number of examination and approval personnel was reduced to 50 More than one , Approval of resource reduction 75% above . The red tape and long approval chain that used to involve multiple departments , Integration into a bureau internal unit room communication and coordination 、 The smooth mechanism of upstream and downstream water flow , Greatly improve the efficiency of approval services .

Make solid progress “ Do it all at once ” reform . according to “ There is no subtraction 、 There is nothing to put away 、 The rules are clear 、 Intensive management ” principle , Promote hierarchical compression in all directions 、 The material is simple 、 Process reengineering , Speed up the construction of “ A window to accept the 、 All in one 、 Finish once ” New pattern of approval service . at present , Enterprises start 、 social affairs 、 Tax Services 、 Social security 、 Real estate registration 、 Investment, construction and other fields “ There's no difference in one window ”; There are six categories of government affairs and public services “ You must enter when you should ”、 Standardized operation ; Actively promote government services “ All in one ”,“6+1” The whole process of government affairs service is handled online , Speed up the approval at the fingertips .

Make solid progress “ One industry, one certificate ” reform . Give full play to “ One seal for approval ” advantage , Overall implementation of “ One thing · One chain management ”“ One industry, one certificate ” Comprehensive reform , Introduction “ I want to open a supermarket ”“ I want to open a restaurant ”“ I want to open a convenience store ” etc. 20 Multiple “ Industry services menu ”, Realization “ The masses order 、 The government serves the food ”, The examination and approval process has been simplified 65%、 The approval time limit is reduced 50% above . meanwhile , Actively explore “ When we get the land, we start work ” reform , Focus on the whole process of project implementation , Strong solutions 、 Except for the pain 、 Break the plug , Promote the efficiency of examination and approval 、 Speed up construction . In the work , Include in voluntary applications “ When we get the land, we start work ” Projects to be promoted , After the site selection of the project land is determined , Formally, it is the same as obtaining land approval documents , Carry out follow-up work ahead of time , Realize the parallel processing of land approval and project approval 、 Efficient promotion , The city's industrial investment projects are put on record 、 The examination and approval time of government investment projects shall not exceed 1 Working days and 2 A working day .

Stick to simplicity and efficiency

Promote approval services “ Process reengineering ”

Starting from the demands of enterprises and the masses , Yucheng City insists on “ Three minus one ” Mechanism ( namely , Cut down on materials , Cut the link , Reduce the time limit , Excellent process ), Try to use the power of examination and approval “ Subtraction ” And government services “ Add ” In exchange for a sense of gain for the masses “ Multiplication ”. In terms of market access , Registration of individual businesses 、 Small food shop, small restaurant registration 、 Food business license for individual businesses ( Inform commitment class )、 Farmers specialized cooperatives registration and other individual businesses “ One chain management ” All matters are settled in the township service center , We have effectively opened up the masses to handle affairs “ Last mile ”.

In terms of construction projects , Explore and implement “ Three ones ” reform , namely “ At the same stage, the business only reports “ A set of ” Information 、 All matters are carried out “ A window ” Acceptance 、 Do not meet for approval ‘ A net ’ Deal with ”, Effectively improve the work efficiency .

At present, the high-frequency administrative licensing procedures reduce the application data 132 Share , Streamline the approval process 32 individual , Reduce the time limit for approval 109 God , The compression ratio reaches respectively 22%、30% and 70%, The number of people running errands has been greatly reduced , Business environment is more convenient .

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