How does the public opinion monitoring company charge?
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With the increasing demand for public opinion monitoring , Artificial monitoring of public opinion is being phased out , Because of the huge amount of real-time data on the Internet , It is almost impossible to monitor and analyze online public opinion in real time . So , The choice of a professional Internet public opinion monitoring company has become a common choice .

Public opinion company monitoring service quotation

1. Quote according to the monitoring requirements , That is to provide users with personalized needs , Provide different public opinion monitoring services for users in different industries , It depends on the monitoring content customized by the user , There needs to be a discussion .

2. According to the number of keywords monitored , That is to quote according to the number of target keywords that users need to monitor . If the user needs to monitor a small number of keywords , Then its network public opinion monitoring cost will be relatively low .

3. Quote according to the subject of monitoring , That is to quote according to the number of topics users need to subscribe to . It's the same as the second charge , The less topics users need to subscribe to , The lower the cost .

Ranking of public opinion monitoring companies

Generally speaking , The ranking of public opinion companies is based on the market reputation of their public opinion monitoring platform products 、 Market share 、 Brand influence and other factors to distinguish , But there's no authoritative ranking . The following are two recommended word of mouth in the domestic market 、 Occupancy rate 、 The brand influence is also good network public opinion company , It can be used for reference .

1. Corporate public opinion company : Hunan Zhiwei Technology Co., Ltd , Its products include micro business monitoring system 、 Knowledge of micro business reports, etc , According to the topic that the enterprise customer subscribes to , Push the public opinion information related to yourself on the Internet in real time , Automatic analysis of 、 Accurate identification 、 Automatic warning 、 Provide professional public opinion analysis report .

2. Government based public opinion company : Hunan Yifang Software Co., Ltd , Its products include “ Eagle strike found out early ”、“ Eagle eye ”、“ Eagle leader public opinion situation system ” etc. , Real time comprehensive monitoring 、 Automatic warning of public opinion 、 All users read the government's public opinion quickly 、 For early detection of emergencies , For an early report 、 Early response provides an opportunity .
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