Link: brand power behind 2000 pairs of socks
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 Led the g :2000 The brand power behind the pair of socks

Remember 2017 year 4 month , A spring night before the opening of Shanghai Auto Show , The debut of the link brand . At that event , For the first time, I appreciate the meaning of link brand : led —— Leading and leading , g —— Breakthrough and change . It means breaking through yourself 、 Challenge all conventional attitudes to life .

4 After year , This brand out of thin air , Have owned 38 Million users , Led the g app More than a million registered users . At the Guangzhou auto show which opened last Friday , Vice president of Geely Automobile Group 、 Lin Jie, the general manager of the sales company, said a very interesting thing .“ A double tenth ” period , A link user sells socks in link mall ,2000 The socks were sold out in less than three hours , This user

Happy to say , It sold faster than tmall .

Lin Jie said , I don't think people really want to buy socks , In fact, no one is short of socks , This is a resonance of users . Brand openness and users can play together in all aspects , This is very valuable .

This may be called “ love me , love my dog ” Well . This recognition and love of the brand , It's empathy for brand value and experiential , It is also the embodiment of good brand circle culture . It's not just a simple business service , It is also a sustainable and interactive ecology .

 Led the g :2000 The brand power behind the pair of socks

 Led the g :2000 The brand power behind the pair of socks

4 Year time , The brand new leading brand is coming through the wind and waves , Stir up the spring water of China's automobile industry .

Lin Jie : From uneasy to gratified , Link has achieved high quality development

For Lin Jie , Link's four years have been a disturbing one , But the harvest is great .

Link had to be different from the beginning , So in the early days of building a brand, we set up a few “ Small target ”: To be a car that truly represents China to the world , In the Internet age, cars with internet genes . As a high-end brand in the new era , To be born global , Open Internet . The spirit of link is to challenge all conventions , It is in this spirit that link has come these years .

 Led the g :2000 The brand power behind the pair of socks

The design of link brand trademark makes many people feel that the letters are incomplete , Lin Jie explained that , It actually represents openness and imagination . Including the name of the car , from 01 To 06, I can't see the pattern of the car , This is the idea of link challenging all conventions . Link wants to take a different path , Each product of link represents its own characteristics , Not necessarily who I am , So the spirit of link is the same as that of link products .

What makes Lin Jie happy is that , Link has achieved high quality development , It doesn't violate the definition of a high-end brand , The average price of the link brand so far 15.6 ten thousand , This price should be the value of high-end cars of joint venture brands . Do this , The core is the positioning of link for its own brand , And the genetic requirements for the products under the brand positioning —— good-looking , High-tech , High security , High value .

 Led the g :2000 The brand power behind the pair of socks

There's a lot more to be thankful for , such as 05 After the launch , A lot of old linker users are starting to switch to 05. Lin Jie thinks , Led the g 05 Basically, there is no short board , In the driver's seat 、 To configure 、 modelling 、 Design 、 All aspects of the interior can be benchmarked 40 More than 10000 cars , And the price is particularly suitable . This car really represents the link CMA The flagship of Architecture , It's also a good interpretation of link brand .

Lin Jie also confessed that link was in PHEV Defects in the model ,PHEV It means one more function, one more possibility , Especially convenient for some cities with limited license plate . So this time, leading brand first reformed the whole marketing of new energy , Launched a five zero program , Make all the policies into a package policy , Let all consumers , Including installation services in electric pile and so on , Don't spend an extra cent on it .

Lin Jie said , This year should be a year when link is really on track . But it's not its best yet , It's just a normal start .

Chen Siying : Where does link's brand loyalty come from

An interesting phenomenon :7 More than 10% of leading car owners will actively recommend and introduce link to their relatives and friends after buying the car , This is one of the things that link is very pleased with .

 Led the g :2000 The brand power behind the pair of socks

Speaking of this , Chen Siying, deputy general manager of Lingke automobile sales company, thinks that , Customer loyalty to the link brand , It depends on four aspects : The first is brand differentiation , The label of link brand trend is popular among young people , Perceiving the brand is what he wants , This is one reason why customers are willing to recommend . The second is at the product level , Link's design may just fit in with the unique understanding of beauty among young people today , Many people were not used to this design when the products of link came out , Now I'm used to it at first sight , Second, it's just that young people like this , It can be said that it caters to the unique aesthetic of young people . The third is the characteristics of link products , Dual energy , One is performance , One is intelligence , And performance and intelligence are the two most favorite aspects of young consumers . Whether it's 01 or 02, To the first performance car 03+, And recently launched 06, Performance is their common label , It's just that the ultimate level of performance may be different , But it can bring driving pleasure to consumers . And link is in the car 、 Internet of vehicles , On Intelligent assisted driving , It also satisfies young people's pursuit of technology . The fourth is how to get along with customers , Link's interaction and care with customers , It's trying to reach customers , Listen to customers , Feedback the voice of customers in time 、 Customer needs , At the same time, do a good job of reaching 、 Listen for 、 Feedback and doing .

 Led the g :2000 The brand power behind the pair of socks

Chen Siying, for example , Generally speaking, sports marketing is on the track , Very professional , It's a long way from the customer , But link has made the profession civilian , There's a lot of customer experience offline , For example, the driving experience camp of link , It's going to be upgraded next year . And this year, because of the epidemic , Link launched a video game , Another way for customers to interact . in addition , Link also launched a lot of product mountain running activities , For example, the brush ring of Zhuhai track and so on , It's about getting customers involved , Let's play together , In this way, customers are willing to help you with some recommendations and introductions .

Zhu Ling : Led the g PHEV Turning user pain points into highlights

As vice president of the leading brand Research Institute , Zhuling is very familiar with every model of Lingke brand , Tell me . At the Guangzhou Auto Show , He specifically mentioned link PHEV.

 Led the g :2000 The brand power behind the pair of socks

In the eyes of ordinary people ,PHEV Or new energy vehicles , Some look ugly , There's also mileage anxiety and security anxiety . But link PHEV It is precisely the user pain points become their own highlights . Such as led, 02PHEV, First of all, it looks good 、 fashion , It doesn't look like a car changing oil to electricity , You can drive anywhere , So link is in PHEV It's still very fashionable , In line with the brand tone , Suitable for young people .

 Led the g :2000 The brand power behind the pair of socks

Again ,PHEV There's really no mileage anxiety . Weekend outing , Travel on holidays , There's no need to worry about not having a charging point on the road , It's OK to enter the gas station normally . Another is security , Link last year 12 A demonstration was made in Shenzhen in May : Will the battery leak , We just put the battery in the water tank, charged it, and soaked it in it , Then put the fish in and soak it all the time , Let's see if there is any leakage , And then do a fire test , It's all very good . Included in CMA Architecturally , In the beginning, battery safety was considered , Because now many new energy vehicles are changing from oil to electricity . A lot of layout space of oil to electricity was not considered at the beginning , It's just moving east 、 Sinono and then shoved it into the battery pack , This is with link CMA It's totally different to think about deploying new energy from the beginning , From the layout of the engine room 、 Battery layout 、 Battery pack design , Including the design of the surrounding structure of the battery pack , Including the design of the battery pack itself , Including battery pack software management control , This set of safe logic, link did it from the beginning , So link new energy looks good , No mileage anxiety , It's also very safe .

As vice president of the leading brand Research Institute , Zhu Ling strongly recommends that you go to kailingke PHEV: open PHEV If you charge it with your own appliances , About a kilometer 3 To 4 Cents , It's almost free , And there's no limit to travel , It's a great experience .

 Led the g :2000 The brand power behind the pair of socks

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