What is the future of Huawei's mobile phone business under the situation of "supply interruption"?
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“ unable to pay ” under , What is the future of Huawei's mobile phone business ?

chip “ unable to pay ” under , Huawei's Kirin high-end chips will not be able to be manufactured by OEM . however , Huawei is still trying to continue its mobile phone business .

9 month 23 Japan , Guo Ping, chairman in office of Huawei 2020 In response to Huawei's full connection Conference , Still looking for ways to deal with U.S. sanctions , Waiting for some US chip manufacturers to apply to the U.S. government for permission .

9 month 15 Japan , The U.S. direct product rules come into force , It means TSMC 、 Samsung and other chip manufacturers have been unable to OEM the chips designed by Huawei . qualcomm 、 Nor can MediaTek supply chips to China .

before , Huawei consumer business CEO Yu Chengdong said , Huawei's high-end mobile phone chip Kirin 9000 Will become... Because it can't be produced “ Out of print ”.

Guo Ping said , Huawei has been purchasing Qualcomm chips for more than a decade . At present, the media reports that Qualcomm is applying for permission from the U.S. government , If you can get permission , Huawei is happy to use Huawei chips in mobile phones .

In the mobile phone business , Huawei consumes hundreds of millions of mobile phone chips every year . Market speculation , Huawei has tens of millions of Kirin chips in stock . Huang Haifeng, an independent analyst, said , In the current situation of Huawei , With a unicorn 9000 The high-end computer of the chip should be able to be sold when it comes to the market 3-6 Months .

The consumer business accounts for half of Huawei's revenue .2020 In the first half of , Huawei sales revenue 4540 One hundred million yuan ( RMB , The same below ), Among them, consumer business income 2558 One hundred million yuan . Consumer business income accounts for the total sales revenue 56%.

But now the future of mobile phone business is unclear .2019 year , Huawei's mobile phone shipment is up to 2.4 Billion parts .2020 In the first half of , Huawei's mobile phone shipments 1.05 Billion parts . But if the ban continues , Huawei mobile phone sales will be in 2021 A precipice slide in .

For chips “ unable to pay ” The challenge , Guo Ping said , The third U.S. sanction on Huawei's production 、 The operation has brought great difficulties .

Under Pressure , Huawei is still actively deploying its mobile phone business .9 At the beginning of , Huawei released its mobile phone operating system Hongmeng 2.0, And said it will be carried on Huawei mobile phone next year . At present, Huawei is focusing on building its ecosystem , The product category supporting Hongmeng operating system exceeds 20 individual , The total number of third-party products has reached 1200 ten thousand .

In terms of chips , Guo Ping said , Huawei is willing to help a credible supply chain , Enhance their chip manufacturing equipment , Materials, etc , To help them is to help themselves .

Microsoft founder Bill · Gates also said recently that , Not for Chinese chips , It means that America will lose a lot of high paying jobs , And promote China to accelerate chip self-sufficiency .

For Huawei at present , The positive side is , Although the mobile phone business is limited , But the business as a whole is still operating normally .

Dai Hui, a researcher in the history of science and technology who once worked in Huawei, introduced , Huawei's main business is “ Cloud tube end ” Three areas . At present, the business operation of communication pipeline equipment plate and cloud business plate has not been greatly affected . Huawei has previously indicated that 5G The chips required by the base station are fully stocked , It will be available until the end of next year . The cloud business also got Intel and AMD The chip is in normal supply .

Dai Hui said ,“ End ” The big part of the field is mobile phones , Will Huawei continue to acquire mobile terminal chips in the future , There are still variables .PC And laptops because of Intel and AMD We can continue to supply .

source : China News Agency

author : Liu Yuying

edit : Chen Haoxing

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