What should I do when my mobile phone is lost? It's crucial to do this well
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First step : Call the operator now , Report the loss of 、 frozen SIM card , Go to the business hall to apply for a new mobile phone card in time

China Mobile :10086

China Unicom :10010

China Telecom :10000

The second step : Call the bank now , Contact customer service , Freezing related credit cards 、 savings deposit card

 What to do when the mobile phone is lost ? It's crucial to do this well

The third step : Freeze wechat 、 Report the loss of Alipay

Wechat freeze : Log in to wechat through other channels - I - Set up - Accounts and security - Wechat Security Center - Freeze accounts . meanwhile , Call wechat payment customer service line “95017” turn 9 Key self-service freezing account payment ability , It can effectively avoid the loss of funds . meanwhile , Sign in weixin110.qq.com Or call “0755-83765566” turn 9 Key to freeze wechat account , Prevent others from logging in , To prevent criminals from cheating through micro signals .

Report the loss of Alipay : call 95188 Report the loss of , Remove Alipay binding ; Or log in 110.alipay.com/safety/emergency/index.htm Report the loss urgently .

Step four : Report the loss of account number of financing and lending platform

Take Jingdong finance as an example : First of all, users are advised to report the case to the local police , Mobile phone theft may lead to the risk of leakage and theft of personal information and funds . meanwhile , We suggest that users call the official customer service number of Jingdong finance in time :95118, Get in touch with the official customer service , After verifying the identity information , Provide stop payment and other actions for users , Help users reduce the risk of fund theft , Avoid capital loss .

Apple mobile users gt;gt;gt;

Get into 【 Set up 】-【 privacy 】- Turn on 【 Location services 】

 What to do when the mobile phone is lost ? It's crucial to do this well

When a cell phone is lost or lost , Landing site http://www.icloud.com, Enter the account 、 Password to login .

 What to do when the mobile phone is lost ? It's crucial to do this well

Upon successful landing , Click on 【 Find my iPhone】, Quickly locate the last location of the phone , Give the screenshot of the mobile phone information to the Public Security Bureau and the operator ( Operators can base their mobile phones on IMEI and SIM Lock the last active position )

 What to do when the mobile phone is lost ? It's crucial to do this well

find iPhone After cell phone position , Click on the green dot , Or click on 【 All devices 】 Select the positioning model in the . After positioning the selected model , Click the exclamation mark on the right , Select next action :【 Play ringtone 】、【 Lost mode 】、【 erase iPhone】.

 What to do when the mobile phone is lost ? It's crucial to do this well

【 Play ringtone 】: Even in silent mode , The phone will also ring with the highest sound , It is more practical when the phone is just lost or forgetting where the phone is .

【 Lost mode 】: Cell phone lost , May be picked up by a kind-hearted person , You can tell the other party your contact information through this function . If the lock screen password has been opened , You can directly enter the number that can contact you , Tell the other person what you want to say .

【 erase iPhone】: It will say that there are all the settings on the phone 、 All privacy is erased , Mobile phones will not be able to locate or track , This function should be used with caution ( Make sure the phone can't be retrieved before using it ).

Android mobile phone users gt;gt;gt;

Get into 【 Set up 】-【 Security 】-【 Find your phone 】 function

Log in to the mobile phone brand cloud service website of the corresponding brand , Find your phone . The specific operation process of each brand software is different , But it also roughly includes mobile positioning 、 Remote destruction of data 、 Find your mobile phone and so on , You can operate according to the software .

 What to do when the mobile phone is lost ? It's crucial to do this well

1. Improve your mobile phone usage : Set complex unlock codes for mobile phones , Exceed 6 Bit “ Numbers Letter ”, Prevent mobile phone lock screen password from being cracked in a short time ( Don't use birthday for password settings 、 Phone number 、 Simple graphics, etc ), Turn on 【 Mobile search 】 function ;

2. Give it to your cell phone SIM Card setting password , In order to prevent the loss of the mobile phone , Mobile phone card stolen ;

3. Avoid ID number in mobile phone 、 A driver's license 、 passport 、 Social security card 、 Bank card and other photos ;

4. Common mobile phone files 、 Information 、 Photos can be backed up to the cloud for sharing ;

5. Usually use mobile apps APP, Try to download from the regular app store , Avoid cracking 、 Shanzhai software ; For computers 、 Mobile phones and other electronic products , Install firewall software to improve security , Effectively prevent information leakage ;

6. Set security lock for mobile applications , Prevent others from getting in app information ;

7. Alipay 、 Wechat and other payment software try to reduce the binding of bank cards , Do not set the same password for each software ;

8. Financial services for various platforms , Try to avoid activation without relevant business requirements .

9. Enhance the awareness of personal information management and protection , Avoid divulging real personal information on the Internet ( Identity information 、 Phone number 、 Bank card number, etc ).

10. After the phone is lost , Report the case to the public security organ as soon as possible , Inform relatives and friends in time , Preventing criminals from using their identities to defraud .

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