Behind the "false delivery door" of Yilian Bank: users' complaints of "privacy leakage" and "meituan monthly payment" appear quietly
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Smart deposit rate scheme adjustment “ research ” The storm has just subsided , Yilian bank is due to “App Unstable landing 、 Sending unknown repayment SMS without any reason ” I make complaints about it . The reporter of Beijing business daily noted that , Recently, many netizens have posted on third-party social platforms and complaint websites “ Yilian bank App The landing flashback appears , Without any reason, I received the repayment message sent by Yilian bank ”, Suspected personal information leaked . The reporter of Beijing Business Daily found that , Yilian bank App Currently, you can log in normally , For unknown repayment SMS , The bank's customer service staff told reporters ,“ For system misfire , Only for opening ‘ Meituan monthly payment ’ Users of , It doesn't affect users .”

 Yilian bank “ Misfire gate ” behind : User complaints “ Privacy leaks ”,“ Meituan monthly payment ” It flashed quietly

Inexplicable repayment SMS

An unknown repayment message made Li Wei in Guangzhou ( alias ) I have a headache , He told the Beijing business daily ,“ I have never borrowed money from Yilian bank , I didn't open an account , But I received a text message for repayment , Including the tail number of the bank card is wrong .” Although the amount of repayment is only 200 element , But the unknown bill also made Li Wei confused .

What's different from Li Wei is , Zhang Jian ( alias ) The reason for the complaint against Yilian bank comes from an overdue SMS , He introduced to the reporter of Beijing business daily , No loan has been made on the platform cooperated by Yilian bank , But received the overdue SMS notice issued by the bank . From the screenshots he provided , Yilian said , Report the overdue loan information to the basic database of financial credit information .“ I suspect that my personal information has been leaked under unknown circumstances .” Zhang Jian said .

For the repayment SMS sent in error , Yilian bank customer service personnel said to reporters ,“ The repayment reminder is caused by the system error , The repayment amount and repayment bank card information shown in the content are incorrect , It doesn't affect users .”

In the view of Su Xiaorui, a senior researcher at the sack Research Institute ,《 Measures for the implementation of the protection of the rights and interests of financial consumers 》 The third chapter puts forward consumer financial information protection , From the perspective of consumer's right to financial information security, the right to know information and the right to choose information independently are further strengthened , Yilian bank's “ Unknown repayment reminder ”, Suspected infringement of consumer rights and interests on the level of consumer financial information protection , It should be rectified immediately . Besides , From the perspective of financial consumers , Post online “ Make complaints ” Can't solve the problem , It is suggested to fully communicate with banking institutions first , To find a compromise solution to the dispute , If it can't be solved , Sufficient evidence of infringement can be collected , According to the regulations and procedures, complain to the superior supervision department .

in fact , In addition to the above events , Recently, many users have also reflected that the Bank of Yilian App It's hard to log in , Some netizens even joked that ,“ You can't operate online , I want to withdraw money from Yilian bank , I can only go to the business hall thousands of miles away .” Beijing Business Daily reporter inquired , reflect App The time of posting related to the login problem is focused on 9 From mid month to late October .9 month 27 Japan , The reporter of Beijing business daily tried to log in to Yilian bank and found that , The bank App Can log in normally . however , Some analysts also pointed out that , For a bank that mainly relies on the Internet to develop its business , More should be guaranteed App The function of the channel is stable .

There's something behind it “ Meituan monthly payment ”

The data shows , Yilian bank is the first private bank approved to open business in Northeast China ,2017 year 5 month , By Zhongfa Financial Holding Co., Ltd 、 Jilin Sankuai Technology Co., Ltd ( US group review ) And other private enterprises jointly launched the establishment of , It's also domestic 4 One of the Internet banks qualified for online credit business .

according to the understanding of , Private banks are positioned according to their characteristics , It can be divided into two categories , One kind pays more attention to online exhibition industry , The other is to focus on offline business development . Yilian bank belongs to the former , Since opening , Yilian bank takes advantage of its shareholders , Establish strategic cooperation relationship with meituan review , Develop online consumer loans and other businesses . From the perspective of product architecture , The loan products of Yilian bank mainly include : Easy tax credit 、 Billion commercial loans 、 Billion agricultural loans and so on , There are also billion loan products for individuals , Mainly around consumer loans , As well as small and micro loans and agricultural loans serving local financial enterprises .

Back to back “ The tree ” Yilian bank was once praised as the landing of meituan's financial direction , The reporter of Beijing Business Daily found that , Behind the inexplicable collection information of Yilian bank , Meituan comments also appeared .

Zhang Jian told the Beijing Business Daily that , For overdue collection of SMS , The explanation given by Yilian bank is “ Because it's open ‘ Meituan monthly payment ’ function .” But Zhang Jian also mentioned , Although I opened up “ Meituan monthly payment ”, But also on time App Internal repayment operation , It will not operate through the Yilian bank channel . Many netizens pointed out that , It's really open “ Meituan monthly payment ” function , But there is no overdue .

according to the understanding of ,“ Meituan monthly payment ” It is provided by meituan review for individual users “ Flowers of the month 、 And next month ” Credit payment service for , Some users think , The reason for receiving the repayment message is to open “ Meituan monthly payment ” after ,“ Meituan monthly payment ” Leaked personal information to Yilian bank . Yilian bank customer service personnel also told reporters , The reason for receiving the SMS is that the user has opened in meituan comments “ Meituan monthly payment ” function .

Regarding this , What's the answer of meituan's comments ? The reporter tried to call Jilin Sankuai Technology Co., Ltd , People related to the company said ,“ Don't know much about it , You can consult customer service .” Then the reporter contacted meituan to comment on the customer service staff , The platform's customer service staff responded that , Yilian bank is a partner , Opening ‘ Meituan monthly payment ’ The users of meituan review and Yilian bank cooperate to make loans , Comment on meituan App Make a repayment , The SMS sent by Yilian bank can be ignored . When a reporter questions the leakage of user's personal information , Meituan commented that the customer service staff said ,“ Will protect the user's information ”.

Liu Feng, director of the blockchain technology and Application Research Center of the Institute of artificial intelligence and change management, Shanghai University of international business and economics, said , In terms of the event itself , The problem lies in the bank's App technical , But because of “ Meituan monthly payment ” The function cooperates with Yilian bank , The users of meituan review are worried that their information is leaked to other platforms without their consent . Therefore, on the one hand, the platform needs to strengthen its own technical level , Control the quality of the product itself ; On the other hand, as a partner , Meituan reviews also need to cooperate with third parties to provide services to consumers , There should be clear notification of , Protect users' right to know .

Su Xiaorui said frankly , Judging from the incident of Yilian bank , Preliminary judgment is not a standard information leakage event , It's the result of improper information management . Meituan reviews is a partnership with Yilian bank , For each user information management should have a sense of boundaries , Don't share , The incident also revealed the defects and deficiencies of relevant companies in information management , If not handled properly , It's easy to be in the user community “ Recruit black ”.

Growing pains

From the relevant data , Yilian bank, backed by the Internet platform, also has its own “ Growing pains ”,2020 In the first half of , The balance of all deposits in Yilian bank 258 One hundred million yuan , More than the beginning of the year 7.6 One hundred million yuan , growth 3%; and 2019 In the year , The growth rate of this data is 189.47%.

meanwhile , The quality of the bank's assets is also obvious ,2018 end of the year 、2019 end of the year 、2020 End of the first half year , The bad loans of Yilian bank are respectively 16.27 Ten thousand yuan 、2.45 One hundred million yuan 、4.30 One hundred million yuan , The NPL rates are 0.003%、1.21%、1.94%.

Liu Feng said , from 2020 According to the data of the semi annual report ,2018 By the end of the year 2020 year 6 At the end of the month, the non-performing loan ratio increased 600 Many times 、 The balance of non-performing loans increased from ten thousand yuan to one hundred million yuan , There are certain risks . As an Internet Bank , The demand for network security and technology is higher than that of traditional banks , Therefore, on the one hand, Yilian bank needs to increase its investment in science and technology , Strengthen the basic security facilities ; On the other hand, it is better to cooperate with head Internet technology company , Quickly mend the short board of network security , Avoid causing more damage .

For a new type of private bank relying on the Internet to develop its business , Identify risks 、 Measuring risk is particularly important , How to build a more secure exhibition environment is also imminent . In Su Xiaorui's opinion , Whether it's Internet companies or private banks , Should be from data collection 、 Storage 、 machining 、 transmission 、 Disclosure and other links regulate the management of users' personal information , For example, the user's consent is required before collection , If necessary, we should adopt the principle of de identification , Through the system and process of carding to strengthen internal control , For one of the non-standard information management behavior timely correction , Such as involving the sale of personal information and other illegal acts need to be severely punished , Private banks need to seize the window period of digital transformation and deepen scientific and technological innovation , Tamp down the infrastructure construction , Improve business efficiency , To provide customers with a better service experience .

“ Considering that the mainstream commercial banks are actively introducing artificial intelligence 、 Blockchain and other financial technologies , Yilian bank should increase investment , Expand the scene of new marketing , Ultimately improve their profitability , Building a technological moat , In order to change the current development trend , Go against the trend .” Liu Feng said .

For the protection of user's personal information 、 Risk prevention and control , The reporter of Beijing Business Daily has repeatedly called Yilian bank for an interview , But the call didn't get answered .

Reporter of Beijing business daily Meng fanxia Song Yitong
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