Website server failure, how to do?
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as everyone knows , The stability and security of the website is very important to the enterprise . The normal operation of the website directly affects the promotion and transaction of enterprises . General website problems , The first thing to consider is whether it's a website program , If the website program is all right , It is likely that the website server is down . that , How to deal with the web server failure ?

1. Fast backup and export of enterprise critical data , Avoid data loss .

 Website server failure , What should I do ?

2. Find the root cause of failure . If it's a malicious attack , Please start the antivirus program immediately , Remove Trojan , Restore the normal function of the website , Then apply to the hosting service provider ; If the domain name of website space is not updated in time , Cause the website account to be suspended , After making up the relevant expenses within one month , It can return to normal immediately ; If it is due to other advertising software involved in the enterprise to provide users with chat communication part , Then the search engine will grab a lot of spam advertising information , This leads to a huge traffic footprint , This can lead to website paralysis or suspension , You can set it up on the chat and communication page provided by the enterprise to the search engine Robots.txt, To prevent it from crawling ; If it is because the server resource exceeds the index , You can use the FTP Copy and backup website information , Then find new high-quality website space to store website data, etc .

3. If you can't fix the server failure in a short time , It is recommended to transfer data immediately , Reconfigure the server to connect to Internet, And then get back to work on the site .

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