How do enterprises attach importance to website marketing promotion? What should I do if the website has no traffic?
Old alley friends 2020-11-26 22:26:07
( writing / Guard yuan Kun ) Enterprises want to do a good job in Internet marketing promotion , We media and short video do bring a lot of traffic to enterprises , However, most of the traffic is not accurate or the traffic cost is too high , The company's official website didn't work , Guarding yuan Kun suggests playing the official website of the enterprise well , Lower cost Internet Marketing .

A lot of people say that the website is not watched by many people ? The reason is simple :90% The above official website did not go to marketing operation at all , Naturally, it doesn't work , What do users think ?

Some people say websites SEO Optimization is out of date ? stay 2012 People were talking about SEO Optimization is out of date , However 8 Years have passed SEO The optimization needs are still , Large and medium-sized companies have professional SEO The team .

Some people say that search engine traffic has decreased ? Although we media platform 、 The short video broadcast spreads the traffic , But users' search habits have not changed , Search engine user base and activity has not decreased .

 How to pay attention to website marketing promotion ? What to do if the website has no traffic ?

Website SEO Optimize and do well , The cost of Internet marketing will become lower . However SEO Optimization is really technical , It's about execution , In addition, enterprises do not pay enough attention to the website , This has also led to corporate websites SEO It's hard to optimize .

Guard yuan Kun found that many enterprises also want to pay attention to website marketing promotion , However, the effect is poor , How to solve this problem ?

Learn the basic website SEO Optimization techniques , No matter is oneself to Baidu search resource platform study , Or buy related books , Or attend SEO Optimize relevant training , Can quickly understand SEO Optimize play .

As long as your business is doing Internet Marketing , Then I will write a copy , There will be pictures , There will be content coming out . Then these contents can be sent to your website synchronously . The website is raised , There's more content , The weight is high , Ranking and traffic will also have .

 How to pay attention to website marketing promotion ? What to do if the website has no traffic ?

Every enterprise is not the first in the industry , So it's quite possible to study what your peers have done , What kind of operation has the peer website done , Learning how they play can naturally get twice the result with half the effort .

The user base of search engines is here , Users' search habits have not changed . Then the enterprise website this kind of low cost marketing promotion way should cause the enterprise to pay attention to .

What to do if the website has no traffic ? Many enterprises don't want to do it for this reason .

Some enterprises are just beginning to do competitive advertising , It turns out that the effect is not very good , Guarding yuan Kun tells you that the reason is very simple : There is no professional person to operate . Some companies have tried for a while SEO Optimize , But the effect is not good . How to solve such a problem ?

In fact, whether it's bidding or SEO The effect of early optimization is not good , The main reason is that the time of the website is not enough , There's not enough quality content , The website itself has no weight . So what we have to do in the early stage is to lay out a lot of content through keyword table , Do the measurement first , Then there will be qualitative changes .

 How to pay attention to website marketing promotion ? What to do if the website has no traffic ?

Websites want high traffic , One is to do a good job in original high-quality content , Second, we should learn more from competitors in the same industry , The third is to take advantage of the current situation . In fact, think of , How can we media and short videos work ?

Many enterprises pay more attention to we media platform , Will also create a lot of content , In fact, these contents can be sent to their official website , What's important is that the official website can appropriately publish enterprise related advertisements , But the Internet platforms have no such benefits .

Of course, for websites SEO The problem of optimization , Yuan Kun suggested that the enterprise should still be responsible for by special personnel , After all, only in this way can we better make the weight of the website , Ranking up , Traffic is done . If you also want to do a good job in the enterprise website , Welcome and guard yuan Kun to communicate !
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