Sohu we media, outside the chain of new rules, SEO hair chain is still useful?
Fantastic 2020-11-26 21:46:08
If you are an experienced SEO personnel , You must have paid attention to Sohu SEO value , But for now , Sohu is actively adjusting its operation strategy , such as : Stop at the bottom of the article PC The display of advertising space .

actually , We can understand that the other side adopts this strategy , After all, the advertising space is uneven , It will bring a lot of inconvenience , But it's for some hard work SEO Little buddy , Or it brings a lot of problems .

 Sohu we media , New rules of the outer chain ,SEO Is the chain still useful ?

that , Sohu extra chain , At present there are SEO Is it worth it ?

According to the past search engine marketing experience , batman IT, It will be elaborated through the following contents :

What is Sohu advertising space ?

Simple understanding : So called Sohu advertising space , It mainly refers to the early Sohu after the article was released , It can be at the bottom of the article , With a PC The promotion position of the end , You can customize the title, name and URL of this promotion site .

And this feature allows some experienced SEO People use , It can use this location to do a lot of free outside chain construction .

But a few days ago, Sohu officially announced that , This advertising position is not available , Make some of the early release of the chain of a moment lost , This is for SEO In terms of optimization personnel , actually , It's really “ a fundamental solution ”.

If you use this strategy extensively for external links on your website , that , There is still a certain impact on your ranking fluctuation , But it's comforting to say , We can make it clear that :

According to many years of experience in external chain release , We can make it clear that : The increase of the outer chain and the loss of its weight are not the relationship of equal growth , It is influenced by the following factors :

1、 Link growth cycle

Often SEO External chain promoter feedback such problems , I sent out a lot of outer chains , But the next day, the keyword ranking did not significantly improve , It's a big drop , What is the reason .

If you look at , Will find 90% All of the above reasons are due to the link published that day , It was deleted the next day , This has a great impact on the ranking of websites .

And if your external chain growth has a very long period of stability , Usually in 3-6 A month later , These outer chains are missing , that , Search engines don't think this kind of chain is junk , And completely recover the rights and interests of the chain growth .

It may be due to the policy adjustment of platform development , It's not because the content recommendation link itself has changed , In this way, the weight of the chain is discounted , And it's not cleared .

2、 Link growth platform

And for the increase and decrease of the chain weight loss , One of the details we need to observe is the authority of the website platform , generally , Similar to Sohu such a high weight platform , The trust of search engine is very high .

In the early , If Sohu such a platform for the growth of the chain has a positive recommendation role , And later , such as : Now search number adjustment strategy , Stop advertising space , Cause the loss of external chain display .

This does not mean that the other party does not approve of the content of the advertising space , It's just adjusting the strategy , Search engines for big platforms , The increase or decrease of the external chain will have such an evaluation process .

3、 Link growth type

How to judge the loss value of an external chain for SEO Influence , Our basic judgment is usually based on the form of the outer chain , But this time Sohu number outside chain's loss actually is anchor text outside chain .

This connection is missing , It's a very serious level , But for the above factors , Usually for websites SEO Influence , It's not very big .

therefore , When we are doing the outer chain , Try to diversify the chain , It's not vertical to a platform , Don't be afraid every day because Sohu stops advertising , Think that a large number of chain loss on the ranking will have a serious impact .

summary : We think Sohu adjusted PC Advertising space is a reasonable strategy , It helps to purify the content health of the platform , about SEO The impact of external chain value , Need to judge according to the degree of diversification of its own website chain , And based on the authority of the other party's platform , We all agree that its impact will not be particularly serious , Above , For reference only !