Do you know all the tips of new media operation?
igerisw 2020-11-26 20:42:58
Good morning everyone , Today, I want to share with you the tips of new media operation ~ Come and learn with Xiaobian !

 Do you know all the tips of new media operation ?

Many partners don't know what kind of content should be produced in short videos , I don't know what direction to take , Today, I'd like to share five categories of popular videos ~

You can choose the right direction according to your own characteristics and advantages ~

First of all : Heart type powder rises fast , But content sustainability is poor

second : Knowledge , The content output type is strong, but the inflation is weak

Third : Funny stuff , Easy to sell , The content cycle is stable , But the competition is too fierce

Fourth : To kneel

The fifth : Healing

 Do you know all the tips of new media operation ?

So many friends in the case of video completion, how to get accurate video traffic , Make up four steps to teach you how to create account tags ~

1、 What is a label ?

The tag is to filter out the keywords of the video through the video performance content or copywriting content , It is also a way for users to browse works and label their favorite works and people .

2、 What's the use of labels ?

Help system description , Category content , Easy to retrieve and distribute to people with the same tags , Short video software will combine the two tags to push the video , For example, when your label is gourmet , You're going to push your video to the users whose tags are gourmet .

3、 How to quickly tag your videos and accounts ?

Cover label , Copytag , Content labels , Voice tags , Nickname tag , Personal signature tags .

4、 The universal formula for labels ?

Regional key words + Precise keywords + Expand keywords = Your precise lead keywords .

 Do you know all the tips of new media operation ?

Have you written down these two skills in small books ~

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