"News morning tea" the first special train of Beijing Tianjin Hebei cultural tourism opened! And these hot spots
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「 News morning tea 」 The first special train for Beijing Tianjin Hebei cultural tourism has been opened ! And these hot spots ……

11 month 23 Monday, Sunday

The ninth day of October in the lunar calendar

【 Good morning. Hello 】

◆ We can't control the weather , But it can change your mood ; We can't get around this , But you can change your mind . No matter what kind of situation , Don't worry too much , Don't just complain , Keep a normal heart , Sunshine is positive to face , Always usher in the day of bright flowers . Good morning, !

【 Cover reading 】

◆ Important reminder ! You have another one “ Little holiday ” Not rest

Yes 1 More than a month , Just arrive 2021 Years. ! This year you may have a hidden one “ Little holiday ”—— Paid annual leave .

>> Paid annual leave can take a few days ?

Employees working in the same or different employing units , And according to the law 、 Administrative regulations or regulations of the State Council shall be regarded as working period , It should be counted as cumulative working hours . The duration of the leave is : The accumulated work of the staff is full 1 Years of dissatisfaction 10 Year of , Annual leave 5 God ; The accumulated work of the staff is full 10 Years of dissatisfaction 20 Year of , Annual leave 10 God ; The accumulated work of the staff is full 20 Year of , Annual leave 15 God .

>> Can annual leave be divided into two or three ?

Annual leave in 1 It can be arranged centrally within a year , It can also be arranged in sections . Yes 5 People who take annual leave usually choose to take it once , But there is 10 Heaven or 15 People who are fake in the year of heaven , Often choose to take two or three vacations .

>> Can I enjoy full attendance award after taking annual leave ?

《 Regulations on paid annual leave of employees 》 Regulations , During the period of annual leave, the employees enjoy the same wage income as the normal working period . therefore , Taking annual leave does not affect full attendance award , As long as there is no absenteeism 、 Being late and leaving early , Recognition of full attendance award , Employers should not “ Unable to enjoy the full attendance award ” Indirectly hindering employees from enjoying annual leave .

>> Annual leave meets weekend , Can it be planed ?

days off 、 Rest days are not included in annual leave , You can take the statutory holidays or weekend rest days between the annual leave “ Dig it out ”.

>> Near the end of the year , Annual leave will be void if it doesn't stop ?

Annual leave in 1 It can be arranged centrally within a year , It can also be arranged in sections , Generally, the arrangement is not cross annual . Unit production 、 It is really necessary to arrange the annual leave of employees across the years due to the characteristics of the work , Can span 1 Annual arrangement , However, the employee's consent shall be obtained . Qualified employees can apply to the unit for annual leave of the current year . However, the employer shall be approved by the employee himself , Annual leave may not be arranged for employees . The wages of employees who have not taken annual leave have been paid normally , The employer only needs to pay the laborer daily wage income again 300% That's all right. .

>> These people can't take annual leave this year

《 Regulations on paid annual leave of employees 》 Article 4 : The employee has one of the following circumstances , Do not enjoy the annual leave of that year :

( One ) Employees enjoy winter and summer holidays according to law , The number of days of leave is more than that of annual leave ;( Two ) Accumulated personal leave 20 Days or more and the unit does not deduct wages according to regulations ;( 3、 ... and ) Accumulated work full 1 Years of dissatisfaction 10 Employees in , Accumulated sick leave 2 Over months ;( Four ) Accumulated work full 10 Years of dissatisfaction 20 Employees in , Accumulated sick leave 3 Over months ;( 5、 ... and ) Accumulated work full 20 Employees over years old , Accumulated sick leave 4 Over months .


【 High level dynamics 】

◆11 month 21 solstice 22 Japan , Secretary of the Party group of the Ministry of civil affairs 、 Minister Li Jiheng leads a team to Hebei Province for investigation .21 On the afternoon of Sunday , secretary of the provincial Party committee 、 Wang Dongfeng, chairman of the Standing Committee of the provincial people's Congress, held a working discussion with Li Jiheng and his party in Shijiazhuang . Wang Dongfeng stressed , We should always adhere to the people-centered development idea , Promoting the high quality development of civil affairs in the new era .

◆11 month 21 solstice 22 Japan , Provincial Governor Xu Qin presided over the office meeting of provincial land and space planning committee , Research on Shijiazhuang City 、 Qinhuangdao City 、 Land space planning of Zhangjiakou City .

「 News morning tea 」 The first special train for Beijing Tianjin Hebei cultural tourism has been opened ! And these hot spots ……

【 Report of epidemic situation 】

>>21 Japan , New confirmed cases 17 example , Among them, imported cases from abroad 14 example , Local cases 3 example ( Inner Mongolia 2 example , Shanghai 1 example ). New asymptomatic infections 11 example ( All of them are imported from abroad ), The case was confirmed on the same day 1 example ( For overseas import ). By 21 Japan 24 when ,31 A province ( District 、 City ) A novel coronavirus pneumonia case reported by Xinjiang production and Construction Corps 86431 example , Cured and discharged 81481 example , Death 4634 example , There are no suspected cases .

>> Who statistics show that , By 22 On the afternoon of Sunday , Diagnosis of global novel coronavirus pneumonia 57639631 example , Death cases 1373294 example .

>> In view of the current situation of epidemic prevention and control is constantly changing , In order to prevent the outbreak from rebounding , Effective prevention of nosocomial cross infection , Tangshan Second Hospital 、 Tangshan Caofeidian district hospital 、 Tangshan Fengnan District Hospital 、 Tangshan Fengnan District Hospital of traditional Chinese Medicine 、 Tangshan Eye Hospital 、 Tangshan Kaiping hospital issued notice respectively , Strict implementation of all day closed ward management , No visitors are allowed .

>> Through the intensive and meticulous work of epidemic prevention and control personnel , Le'an homeland has been completed in leting County, Tangshan city ( One 、 Phase two )、 Fuqiang community A District 2 A community 5482 The first nucleic acid test of residents , All the results were negative ; meanwhile , Leting county has completed the second nucleic acid test for the close contacts of the positive persons and the close contacts of the close contacts of the residents in the guanhaixuan community in Dongjiang port area of Tianjin , The results were all negative . Up to now , Leting county has carried out nucleic acid detection 8531 Person time , The results were negative .

>>22 Japan , Newly added in Shanghai 2 Local confirmed cases , They were all close contacts of previously confirmed cases . Shanghai to Pudong Zhuqiao town Xinsheng community 、 Shunhe Road, Zhangjiang Town 126 Make the community a medium risk area .

>> Manzhouli, Inner Mongolia, defines Dongshan sub district office and North District sub district office as medium risk area .

>> Cumulative new crown confirmed cases in the United States 1200 Ten thousand cases , The cumulative death cases exceeded 25 Ten thousand cases , It is the country with the largest number of confirmed cases and deaths in the world .

【 Provincial news 】

◆ A group of advanced units and individuals of spiritual civilization construction in Hebei Province were commended

11 month 20 Japan , National spiritual civilization construction commendation conference held in Beijing , The Central Committee on civilization commended the new national civilized city 、 Civilized villages and towns 、 advanced unit 、 Civilized family 、 Civilized campus and the advanced model of Ideological and moral construction of minors . Great achievements have been made in the construction of spiritual civilization in Hebei Province , A number of advanced units and individuals were commended . among , Langfang city and Dachang Hui Autonomous County 、 Wen'an County 、 Zunhua city was awarded the 6th National Civilized City , It ranks the sixth in China in terms of the number of awards ; Tangshan 、 shijiazhuang 、 qinhuangdao 、 Qian'an city and Zhengding County retain the honorary title after reexamination , China's civilized city . Chengde city was awarded the new national advanced city of Ideological and moral construction for minors . For the list, see →


◆ hebei 183 Medical institutions were identified as emergency midwifery institutions

Prevention and control of novel coronavirus pneumonia in the maternal and child health institutions in autumn and winter , According to the requirements of National Health Commission , Hebei Province has determined 183 Medical institutions as emergency midwifery institutions , It is used to undertake the general maternity examination and hospital delivery in emergency , Guarantee the life safety and health of women and children . For the list, see →


◆ Hebei printing and distributing scheme : Carry out the special action of coal mine safety production inspection and law enforcement

Provincial Emergency Management Department 、 Hebei coal mine safety supervision bureau recently jointly issued 《 Special action plan for coal mine safety production inspection and law enforcement 》, Organize and carry out the special action of coal mine safety production inspection and law enforcement in the whole province . Special action from 2020 year 11 month 15 The day begins , to 2021 year 1 month 31 End of the day . The inspection scope covers all coal mining enterprises and reserved mines in the province , Including normal production mines 、 The mine is under construction and integrated transformation 、 Stop production and construction of mines, etc .

◆ The first special train for Beijing Tianjin Hebei cultural tourism has been opened

In recent days, ,“ The first special train for Beijing Tianjin Hebei cultural tourism —— Beijing and Zhangjiakou hold Winter Olympics together 100 artists return to zhangku Avenue ” Activity launch , It marks the opening of winter tourism in Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei . From the train body decoration layout to the tour route, the special train runs through the cultural theme , And hanging on the side of the car window to display the fine works of famous calligraphers and painters , Become mobile “ Painting and calligraphy exhibition hall ”. Tourism observation routes are divided into “ Art train in motion ”“ Winter Olympics venue observation ”“ Bashang scenery experience ”“ Cultural exchange of zhangku ancient road ”“ Travel and experience Zhangjiakou for 100 years ”5 Parts of , Tourists have a field experience of grassland Tianlu 、 Dajingmen and other representative scenic spots in Zhangjiakou .

◆“ Model of Yanzhao · New era release Hall ” Record Li Zhigang's advanced deeds

22 Japan , The Propaganda Department of Hebei provincial Party committee and the agricultural and rural Department of Hebei Province “ Model of Yanzhao · New era release Hall ” Record and release the advanced deeds of Li Zhigang, Secretary of the Party branch of Liying village, yaowangzhuang Town, LUANNAN COUNTY, Tangshan city , And awarded to Li Zhigang “ Model of Yanzhao · New people of the times ” The title of . The program will be on 11 month 30 It was broadcast on the economic life channel of Hebei Radio and television station .

◆ Zhengding garbage sorting center opened

11 month 20 Japan , Zhengding garbage sorting center officially opened . This is the first comprehensive garbage sorting center invested by supply and marketing cooperatives in Hebei Province . The sorting center is divided into propaganda and education center 、 Interactive center 、 Data Center 、 Hazardous waste temporary storage area 、 Large waste temporary storage area, etc 11 A large area . Total floor area 3700 Square meters , Daily recyclable volume 60 Tons of .

【 People's livelihood Express 】

>> This morning , baoding 、 The lowest temperature drops in the area south of Langfang 3~5℃, Local 6~8℃, Many places in the whole province will set a new low temperature in the second half of this year .

>> Through Hebei Province ecological environment emergency and heavy pollution weather early warning center and China Environmental Monitoring Station 、 Discussion of provincial Environmental Meteorological Center ,11 During the last ten days of the month , Cold air is active , The diffusion conditions of Hebei Province are relatively favorable , There is no obvious heavy pollution weather process .

>>22 Japan , With “ Training in the whole city Happy ice and snow Healthy Shijiazhuang ” The opening ceremony of the second Shijiazhuang ice and snow Games was held in the West Changqing indoor ski resort .

>> In recent days, , Released by Baoding 10 Systematic measures for talent introduction , We will support and encourage college graduates and skilled personnel to find jobs and start businesses in the city . among , For the first time settled in the main urban areas of college graduates and skilled personnel each person 1000 Yuan reward . For those who work and start businesses in the city , They were given to doctors respectively 15 Ten thousand yuan 、 master 6 Ten thousand yuan 、 Undergraduate 2 Ten thousand yuan “ A home ” subsidy .

>> In recent days, ,“ On Tangshan ” Online Politics platform officially launched . Public login “ Tangshan +” Mobile news client can conduct network politics , Synchronization settings of Bohai News Network “ On Tangshan ” channel , The public can get real-time information on political affairs on the computer .

「 News morning tea 」 The first special train for Beijing Tianjin Hebei cultural tourism has been opened ! And these hot spots ……

【 Exclusive push 】

◆ The illustration |“ Jishi Office ” Here comes the download app strategy !

Make an appointment for registration 、 Litigation assistant 、 Driving out to check road conditions ……“ Jishi Office ”APP2.0 go online ! A thousand items convenient for people , also “ Recommend download to win points ” Activities , Come and experience it !


◆ Activities |2020 Agricultural brand innovation and creative design competition in Hebei Province “ Track ” Turn on

100 More than Awards , Up to 100000 Awards , Hundreds of millions of traffic exposure ! In recent days, ,2020 Hebei agricultural brand innovation and creative design competition official website in Hebei daily client and Hebei news online line , Submission channel officially opened . The Organizing Committee of the competition is now collecting excellent entries from all over the country , Gather wisdom and empower Hebei agricultural brand .


◆ Micro video | Recording the spirit of the times with colorful lens

11 month 21 On the afternoon of Sunday , The first 25 Hebei photography art exhibition opened in dajidian village, Jingxiu District, Baoding City . This exhibition is divided into documentary category 、 Art creation 、 Video clip exhibition and excellent album Exhibition 4 A unit , The exhibition lasts until 2021 year 2 month 28 Japan .


「 News morning tea 」 The first special train for Beijing Tianjin Hebei cultural tourism has been opened ! And these hot spots ……

【 Micro graph theory 】

◆ In recent days, , A section of the hospital “ Gift giving video ” Rush to hot search . This is a gift from the doctor ! Before small patients wait for surgery alone , To ease their separation anxiety , Jiangsu Huai'an maternal and child health hospital operating room medical staff made a blind box, let them choose . Hand painting 、 Little lantern 、 Knitted small pendant …… These medical workers do it during their break time , Always succeed in distracting children , More Than This , The waiting area in the operating room is also equipped with a game area , Help children stay away from anxiety .

>> Netizens say :

@ Ren Guoxue : The Doctors , Heart warming details of medical staff , Praiseworthy .

@Andy: Humor therapy can be promoted .

@ Yan Yu : Relieve children's tension , It's also a relief for parents' anxiety . Give the baby to these loving medical staff , don 't worry !

【 Speed reading the world 】

>> By 10 End of month , The number of social security card holders nationwide has reached 13.29 Hundreds of millions of people , Cover 94.9% Population , E-Social security card application has broken through 3 One hundred million .

>> at present , There are pension institutions in rural areas of China 2 More than ten thousand , Nursing bed 194 More than ten thousand , The national 388 Wancheng Township “ 3 without ” The elderly are included in the special poverty support .

>>2020 International table tennis league final 22 Sunset curtain , Chinese player Ma Long 、 Chen Meng won men's singles and women's singles respectively .

>> After US Defense Secretary esper was recently dismissed by trump , Several senior officials of the Ministry of defense have resigned successively .

「 News morning tea 」 The first special train for Beijing Tianjin Hebei cultural tourism has been opened ! And these hot spots ……

【 Malahui 】

“ Second hand textbooks ”、“ Versailles ” Type “ superior ”…… Do you understand these hot spots ?

>> Get through “ Second hand textbooks ” Of “ share ” passageway

“ Sold a sack of books , Finally, I can only afford a sack .” The waste of teaching materials is common in primary and secondary schools . Tall as a building 、 Shaped like a hill “ Second hand textbooks ” Be disposed of as waste paper , It's a pity . According to insiders , If the national teaching materials can be recycled 1 year , It's about saving 200 One hundred million yuan , This money can help build 4 Ten thousand hope primary schools . How to achieve “ Second hand textbooks ” Effective recycling , Become “ Economical society ” A realistic subject for people .

The teaching material “ On selling catties at a low price ”, From poor circulation . Once the road is blocked ,“ Second hand textbooks ” It is difficult to play the potential value of . therefore , The key is to open a smooth way for the circulation of teaching materials “ Shared channels ”. In view of this , On the one hand, it is necessary to popularize the idea of sharing and saving old books , On the other hand, it relies on information technology 、 Building digital sharing platform covering primary and secondary schools , by “ Second hand textbooks ” Achieve efficiency “ Inner loop ” Provide convenience . In the process , School 、 Enterprises and students should find the right position , have some achievement .

>>“ Versailles ” Type “ superior ” It's the beginning of destruction

“ Versailles Literature ” The word has a long history , Is to use seemingly peaceful words , Inadvertently revealed their own sense of superiority .“ Versailles Literature ” The word "word" has become a hot topic recently . The cause is , online celebrity “ Meng Qiqi 77” Its application is perfect , Become the target of the whole network group ridicule . meanwhile , It's also a bit of a stir “ Versailles Literature ” The imitation contest .

Versailles literature can be used to make fun of , But take it for the purpose of life , That's the beginning of destruction . After all, a good sense of self , Never by disguise , It's based on down-to-earth accumulation .

>>“ Luxury menu ”:“ The camp ” It's profit ,“ raise ” Bad pillars

Mention abalone 、 shark 's fin 、 Ganoderma lucidum, etc , What do you think of ? Five star hotel brand 、 Chef Michelin's favorite ingredients 、 The highest standard for VIP reception …… Such precious ingredients and the main course presented by them , People always feel tall . however , Can you believe these rare dishes appear in kindergartens , Is it on the children's table ? In recent days, , A kindergarten in Huadu District of Guangzhou did it !11 month , The kindergarten gave parents a recipe , Steamed eggs with Ganoderma lucidum spore powder 、 Chicken soup with chicken feet and shark fin 、 The names of abalone and scallop porridge are unbelievable .

Catering standards for children , The country has long had research suggestions , Abalone is not needed to help children grow up healthily 、 Ganoderma lucidum, etc “ try to help the shoots grow by pulling them upward ”. The incident put the kindergarten in a dilemma :“ Luxury menu ” Worthy of the name , It will bring adverse effects on children's growth ;“ Luxury menu ” be more in name than in reality , They are suspected of seeking personal gain , The suspicion of filling one's own pockets . Make such a menu ,“ The camp ” It's profit ,“ raise ” Bad pillars !

【 Today's weather 】

shijiazhuang : Fine -1℃~9℃

zhangjiakou : Fine -12℃~3℃

chengde : Fine -11℃~7℃

Tangshan : Fine -6℃~7℃

qinhuangdao : Fine -5℃~7℃

baoding : Fine -2℃~9℃

langfang : Fine -1℃~8℃

Cangzhou : Fine -2℃~7℃

hengshui : Fine -2℃~8℃

xingtai : cloudy 0℃~7℃

handan : Fine 9℃~17℃

Beijing : Fine -3℃~7℃

tianjin : Fine 1℃~7℃

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