This article will show you how to apply for a bank loan and the 10 common reasons for being rejected
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Recently, my colleague Xiao Zhang is very upset , I need some money recently , Friends and relatives have borrowed , But not yet , I want to apply for a loan from the bank , But I heard that bank loans “ It's hard to apply , So I don't know what to do ?

In fact, there are many people like Xiao Zhang who don't know about the approval of bank loans , Bank loan application is very strict , But it's not like being afraid of a great beast , Avoid the third house , Instead, we need to know more about bank loans , Because compared with relatives and friends , The bank is the most we can borrow “ Cost-effective ” The loan of .

First of all, high income and good work , It doesn't mean you can get a loan from the bank , In reality, many people are rejected by banks , What's the reason the bank refused ?

Let's introduce the bank loan application conditions and assessment content , After reading it, we learned what bank loans look for , It's easier for us to apply .

 This article will show you how to apply for a bank loan and how to refuse a loan 10 A common reason

One 、 What is the process of bank loan application ?

Submit material —— Face to face with the loan —— Loan review —— Loan approval —— Execute the loan —— Post loan management .

1、 Submit material : Different banks apply for different information , However, in general, the preliminary materials that the applicant needs to prepare before applying for the loan are : Loan application , Identification of the loan applicant , Account book , Proof of source of income , Proof of marital status etc. , Married people need to provide information about their spouse . If you apply for a mortgage , We need to provide legal property rights , If you apply for a credit loan , Personal credit is still a very important part .

2, Face to face with the loan : from The loan applicant should fill in the written application materials , The loan application submitted to the bank department .

3, Loan review : Next, the bank's loan system will credit applicants , liabilities , Income sources and other personal qualifications for pre loan verification , After the loan is approved, the next step will be taken , But if your loan is not approved , The loan department of the bank will return the loan materials you submitted , The staff who should be responsible for the loan will inform the reason why the loan is refused .

4, Loan approval : After the amount of loan approval comes out , The loan department of the bank will inform the customer to go through the next loan procedures , Sign a loan contract, etc . In the case of a loan for a house , Will have the bank to assist the loan personnel to inform you to handle the housing for the relevant procedures .

5, Execute the loan : Related mortgage process ( When it comes to mortgages , Credit loans don't need ) After the loan contract process is completed , According to the approved amount of loan and the amount of mortgage loan , I'll give you the loan according to the original loan card .

6, Post loan management : After the amount of the loan has arrived , You are required to repay according to the loan contract and the repayment amount , Repayment date , Pay in time by date , In case of non working days , Please make sure that the deduction of the loan account is smooth on the working day before the repayment date . After the loan is paid off , Handle the relevant procedures for the termination of the loan contract , The above is the process of loan application .

 This article will show you how to apply for a bank loan and how to refuse a loan 10 A common reason

Two 、 How long is the bank loan application time ?

1、 Whether the loan is approved Time for : Reply to loan or not . The response time of short-term loan should not exceed 1 Months , Mid - 、 The response time of long-term loan should not exceed 6 Months ;

2、 When to make the loan : After passing the audit , The timing of lending is related to different banks and specific types of loans , The shortest banking product can reach 1 Day lending , Longest 1 months ;

 This article will show you how to apply for a bank loan and how to refuse a loan 10 A common reason

3、 ... and 、 The entry threshold for bank loan application ?

Composite standard input Is a necessary factor in applying for a bank loan , otherwise , It's bound to be rejected by the bank !

ps: Input refers to the system in which the data are prepared and submitted to the loan company or bank .

What's in the bank ? Look at the highlights :

The first point . Look at stable sources of income :

First of all, the bank judges whether to import the product , Look at the applicant Is there a stable source of income from work , If the client doesn't have a stable job and a stable source of income , Then there are no other conditions to consider , Will be PASS fall !

Second point . Look at the credit history :

That is to say, look at the credit reference , When the customer has a steady job , Then the next step is to look at his credit reference .

among , There are two situations that can't pass :

situation 1: There is a loan overdue record in the credit reference record now , no way , Even if it's 1 It can't pass .

situation 2: Overdue records on credit reference , Half a year (6 Months ) There are 2 Time , In a year there was 3 Time , Cannot pass .

If you are in both cases , You can't get through the loan manager , Because these two conditions serve as a basis , If the bank's entry threshold is met , Will continue the following process .

 This article will show you how to apply for a bank loan and how to refuse a loan 10 A common reason

Four 、 The main reason for the rejection of loans :

1. Personal credit is bad

Personal credit report is very important to apply for loan , This is a must see condition for banks . If the loan applicant checks the credit : There are overdue loans or credit cards , Will leave on the credit report “ The stain ”, Then it is very likely that the bank will refuse to lend . If it is due to non malicious arrears , The loan applicant can get in touch with the bank in time , Active communication , Provide relevant supporting materials , Ask the bank to issue a non malicious statement of arrears .

2. Too much credit card usage

When applying for a loan , If you have a high credit card limit , Some banks will also look at the credit card usage limit of the loan applicant , If the credit card has been used more than 70%, Then it may be rejected by the bank . Of course not all banks look at , But now many banks will look at the use of credit cards when they look at applicants' loan applications .

3. Debt is greater than income

If the loan applicant has too much debt , Far more than the monthly salary , So it's very easy to get rejected when applying for a loan . Generally speaking, personal debt exceeds 50%, The bank thinks the risk is high , If the debt exceeds 70%, Then the banks will basically refuse to lend . When making a loan, the bank considers more about whether the loan applicant has the ability to repay , If the personal debt is too high , The bank will think he doesn't have enough solvency , Lead to refusal of loan .

4. Whether the work is stable or not

(1) Working stability , Is the lender's job stable , Social security payment 、 Income from work 、 Bank flow is the main reference factor to judge whether the loan applicant's job is stable , Although banks have different standards for loan requirements , But usually social security is paid continuously 6 It takes months or more to be stable ;

(2) Bank flow , Stable income bank flow also reflects the stability of work ;

(3) Professional attributes , It also determines the stability of the work , For example, civil servants 、 Doctor 、 The employees of state-owned enterprises are all the customers that banks like , Because it's very stable ; And sales 、 The driver 、 Catering service and other employees , Because of the poor stability , It's a customer that banks don't want to see !

5. Customers with no credit records

Some people say , I don't need a credit card , I don't borrow money , Don't deal with banks , It's clear. It's easy to get a loan ?

It's not , Customers like this with no credit history in the bank , In the credit investigation of the central bank, the credit record is blank , Can't check if personal credit is good , Have you ever overdue , Is there any debt , Have you ever borrowed money , Such situation , Banks feel that the risk is high , So the probability of rejection is higher .

6. Improper use of the loan

Banks have strict requirements on the purpose of loans , If you apply for a loan for stock 、 negotiable securities 、 Real estate speculation 、 futures 、 gambling 、 Usury, etc , Then the bank will directly refuse to lend ! If the money is spent on legitimate consumption 、 life 、 Production and operation , The bank will release the money with ease .

In general , When applying for a loan , There are several hard conditions that are the main focus of the bank's investigation , That includes liabilities 、 The purpose of the loan is 、 Credit situation 、 Income stability 、 Is there a source of repayment 、 Whether there is enough bank flow, etc . If the loan is denied , Well, nine out of ten of them are caused by these reasons .

7、 The age is not up to the standard

The borrower is under age 23 Years old or older 55 One year old , Because usually people over this age , The bank thinks their repayment ability is more unstable , So they refuse to lend ;

8、 Many loan and credit reports have been queried too many times in the short term

In the credit report “ Query log ” It is divided into personal inquiry and institutional inquiry , If there are too many institutional inquiries in the short term , It will make the bank think you are very short of money , The ability to repay is questionable , And affect your credit rating . Therefore, we should try to avoid frequent credit inquiry in the short term , Especially on the Internet now “ Get the quota ” Advertisements , Try not to click .

9、 There is a law \ Customers of economic disputes

The law is in progress \ Customers whose economic disputes have not been settled clearly , Similarly, the bank thinks the risk is high , Will refuse to lend ;

10、 Customers with false information

The audit information provided is not true , Banks will also refuse to lend .

 This article will show you how to apply for a bank loan and how to refuse a loan 10 A common reason

After reading these , I believe you have a good understanding of bank loan process and requirements , And when it's needed , It's easier to get a loan .

Thank you for watching , Pay attention to me , I often share financial and financial affairs for you .
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