Which one is good for killing rodents in Chongqing in winter
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Chongqing winter rodent which good , Chongqing ha ha Jing Pest Control Co., Ltd 2014 It was registered in Jiulongpo District branch of Chongqing Administration for Industry and commerce , It is a company specializing in pest control , It is a member of China Health and Pest Control Association , At the same time, it is also the identification unit of pest control in Chongqing . In the process of continuous development of the company 2018 The total number of customers in various fields has reached 600 A number of , The fields involved are : family 、 Office building 、 factory 、 The mall 、 The hotel 、 School 、 The hospital 、 Property community 、 Street provides professional vector control and health services , And with good service has been affirmed by the majority of customers .

Chongqing winter rodent which good , Growing in the company 5 In the year , We always provide customers with good products and technical support 、 Sound after-sales service , Our company mainly deals in the prevention and control of rodents and pests ; Prevention and control of termites ; Pest technical consultation and services ; Forestry 、 Prevention and control of agricultural diseases and insect pests and related technology development ; Environmental management project ; The company mainly serves in Chongqing and its surrounding areas , The service includes killing mice 、 Cockroach 、 Mosquitoes 、 The fly 、 Malu 、 The flea 、 mite 、 tick 、 Termite and other harmful vector control .

 Chongqing winter rodent which good

Chongqing winter rodent which good , Winter rodent control program

1、 Rodent control technology and methods :

According to the country GB/27770-2011 Rodent control standards , After entering the arena, we will investigate the rat situation , Will serve the rat species in the area 、 Breeding venues 、 Hazard levels are documented . According to the site characteristics of different places , Scientific and reasonable use of environmental governance 、 Comprehensive control measures of chemical control and other control methods .

1.1、 Carry out rodent surveillance and investigation : Enter the work area 2 Complete the rat survey within weeks . Find out where the rats live 、 Breeding places 、 Type and quantity .

(1) Determination of the rate of bait dragging : The rate of dragging was measured with different diets , The relative rat density can be obtained , At the same time, according to the mouse's reaction to erbium “ Hobby ”, choice “ Palatability ” Good erbium material to prepare rodenticide bait and different rodenticide formulations , To improve the rodent control effect .

(2) Determination of rat density in public environment :

Chongqing winter rodent which good , Around the building 、 Green land 、 Enclosure foundation and other external environment use “ Yanchang rice ” Methods to investigate the rat hole 、 Rat dung 、 Mouse footprints 、 The number of rat tracks, etc , By diameter 5m The rats in the range are counted as a positive spot , Be a mom record . The proportion of survey samples taken is : Total length of 200m Check everything inside ;

200-500m Between the cumulative check 200-300m;

Greater than 5000m The cumulative search of 800m.

(3) Rat density measurement :

After entering the scene 2 We completed the rat survey within the week “ Density before extinction ”;

After carrying out prevention and control 7-10d The rat density was determined to be “ Density after extinction ;

 Chongqing winter rodent which good

It needs to be measured every quarter afterwards 1 Time “ Density monitoring ”;

Every time the rat density test is carried out “ Five fixed ” ( namely : Definite person 、 timing 、 Fixed point 、 Set tools 、 How to decide ) principle ( The same below ), The measured data should be statistically analyzed 、 File and submit to management and community . (4) Evaluation of deratization effect : After dropping the bait 7-10d Conduct , Use the following formula to calculate the deratization rate :

Deratization rate (%) = Density before deratization - Density after deratization / Density before deratization ×100%1.2 Comprehensive environmental management methods :

(1) Environmental governance : Assist the community to carry out deratization campaign , We will continue to carry out comprehensive environmental management , The garbage should be removed in time 、 Dirt , The garbage is cleared every day ; Clean up all kinds of sundries and deposits , Reduce rodent habitat and breeding environment , To create conditions for the use of chemical drugs to kill rats .

(2) do “ check 、 Blocking rat holes ”: Comprehensive inspection of rat holes in various environments 、 Rat tracks and other caves ; Seriously guide the community units to build rodent prevention facilities , Control the invasion of rats outside the house .

1.3、 Chemical deratization method :

(1) The choice of rodenticides

 Chongqing winter rodent which good

① Diphacinone sodium salt : For dogs 、 Cats are sensitive , Pigs are very resistant , It's safe to kill rats in pig farms , Use concentration 0.05%.

② Bromadiolone : It has good palatability to domestic mice 、 Good killing effect , It is more sensitive to poultry and use concentration 0.005%.

③ Dalong : Good palatability , Acute toxicity , Risk of secondary poisoning , Use concentration 0.0025%-0.005%.

④ Kill it ( Fluranone ): Similar to Dalong , Acute toxicity .

(2) Requirements for the administration of rodenticides :

① The bait is in the cover 、 Safe location , Generally along the base of the wall 、 Drop it in piles at the corner , To rat hole 、 Rat trace 、 The focus is on rodents , Record the delivery point in detail ;

② Indoor every 15 Two heaps of , Outdoor every interval 5-10 Put rice in a pile , Each pile is about 10 Gram or so , Wax block hanging in the sewer of inspection tank well , About from the water 4-5 A centimeter ;

③ Continuous after administration 5-7 Check for the stolen baits , Ensure coverage 、 In place rate 、 Saturation rate 、 The retention rate meets the requirements , Clean up the scene in a week , Collect rat carcasses and drug residues ;

④ Caution! , The operator is preparing 、 Put on the 、 Wear gloves when collecting poison bait , Wash hands thoroughly after operation , Prepare the antidote , provide against any misfortune .
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