Master the correct way to open office software, so that your work efficiency can be improved quickly!
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 Master the correct way to open office software , Make your work more efficient !

If a worker wants to do a good job, he must sharpen his tools first , We can't do our work without the help of various tools , But in our work we found , Some people can do the same job in a few minutes , And some people may take hours or more to complete , Why is that ?

Except for the cognitive gap , More importantly, the use of tools varies , It leads to a great difference in work efficiency , Work efficiency directly determines your career development !

In teaching and training institutions , Every post is inseparable from the use of office software , Especially when the R & D department makes products , Will use a lot of word.

Usually can hear a lot of teachers say that software is not very easy to use , But it's not It's not that the software doesn't work well , It's not finding the right way to use the software , A lot of hidden features don't work , You think the software doesn't work well .

For example, the same handout typesetting work , Some people can do it in a day 8 This handout , Some people can only make one book a day and make a lot of mistakes .

The reason is very simple , It's not because the teacher is lazy , But the difference in proficiency leads to different work efficiency . A skilled person can complete the layout of eight handouts in a day, of course , But it's very difficult for people who are not proficient in basic operations .

Actually word There are a lot of very convenient and fast functions in , If you master the methods and skills of these common functions , And can use very skillfully , Your work efficiency will be greatly improved !

Some teachers may say , Baidu knows everything , Can't they just let them learn it by themselves ? Attention , You don't need to use all the functions in the typesetting of the handout , Our goal is not to make these teachers become masters of typesetting , Just need to master some basic quick skills , In other words, the most used skills in the layout of handouts can be , The method lies in the essence but not in the many .

Today, let's talk about the most commonly used word Five kinds of skills in , Improve your productivity quickly !
  • stay word Add template
  • Text class shortcut
  • Formula editor shortcut
  • Table shortcuts
  • Shortcut operation in the process of handout typesetting audit

One . stay word Add template

First of all, on the choice of software , I recommend you to use wps Of 2016 edition ,2019 The version can also be used , But because of some feature updates , The operation will be a little different . The following contents are all in the form of 2016 Take the version as an example .

Why are you in word How about adding a template to ?

The products of each organization, whether they are documents used in daily work , Or the products used in teaching must have templates , When you have to make a lot of documents at one time or in a short time , If you copy and paste one by one, rename , There are a lot more repetitive operations . After setting the template in advance , These operations will become very simple .

There are four steps to add a template :

1. Open the template , This is the common file template

2. Click on word top left corner , That is to say “wps written words ” The location of

3. Click on “ Save as ”, And then choose “wps Template file ”

4. Modify name , Write the corresponding template name , such as ; Handout template , Then click save .

 Master the correct way to open office software , Make your work more efficient !

This is done in wps How to create a new template in .

besides , You can also save frequently used templates as the default layout , This will be more convenient in the use process . 丨 K12 Business School

Set the default template operation steps :

1. Click on the top left corner , That is to say “wps written words ” The location of

2. In turn, click : newly build - The template on this machine

3. On this page , You can see all the templates saved before .

We can choose the most commonly used template as the default template , For example, the teacher needs to use the handout template in class , There will be an option in the lower left corner : Set as default template , Check and click OK to set the handout template as the default template .

Completed in wps After the operation of creating a new template in , In actual use, the effect is like this :

 Master the correct way to open office software , Make your work more efficient !

Want to open the default template , Just click the inverted triangle to the right of the plus sign , choice “ New from default template ”, In this way, you can directly open the default template set just now .

If you want to open another template , Just click on the top left corner , choice “ newly build ”, choice “ Templates in this machine ”, Then select the corresponding template .

Compared with searching and opening one by one from the hard disk of a computer , This will make the operation much more convenient , It's a once and for all approach .

Two . Text class shortcut

This is the point of the whole typesetting !

1 Common shortcut keys and usage scenarios

Basic class shortcut key ( Must master )

Ctrl+A: Future generations

When a handout is finished , You need to check the font in the content 、 Font size 、 The space between the lines and so on , You can use the shortcut key to quickly modify .

Shift : Choose your own range

You need to change the format of a continuous text , You can use shift Function to select the corresponding text range . When operating here, pay attention to : First of all, the mouse should be placed at the beginning of the selected text , When the mouse clicks on the final location of the selected text, press at the same time shift key .

Ctrl+C: Copy

Copy the selected text to the clipboard , The original text remains unchanged

Ctrl+X: shear

Cut the selected text to the clipboard , The original text is deleted

Ctrl+V: Paste

Paste the text or picture from the clipboard to the cursor

Ctrl+Z: revoke

Undo the current operation

Ctrl+S: preservation

Save the current document

The emphasis here is on CTRL+S Auto save this function . When doing research and development , Because the open file is usually a lot of large , Computers are very easy to crash . Let's see : The handout is half done ,wps Suddenly it broke down , Reopening the file found that it was not saved , I can't find it in the backup , That means that you need to do it again , Is it a special breakdown .

So when you're editing a part of the document , must do Keep it handy , Avoid rework again .

Ctrl+B: Bold the selected text ( Press again , Cancel bold )

When describing knowledge points , It's often necessary to make some points bold , You don't have to switch back and forth with shortcut keys , It will be much more convenient .

Ctrl+I: Tilt the selected text ( Press again , Cancel tilt )

It's the same thing to set up a slant format

Ctrl+U Underline the selected text ( Press again , Remove underscores )

For example, fill in the blanks , Generally, there are answers on the horizontal line after downloading , When you do the handout, you need to do the teacher's version and the student's version , The answer should be deleted from the student version , And lengthen the horizontal line , Then you can use CTRL+U The way , combining Tab key , Can quickly play a long horizontal line . Specific operation : First press at the same time CTRL+U, And let go , Click again Tab that will do .

Advanced class shortcut key ( It's better to master , Research and development is necessary )

Ctrl+F: open “ Find and replace ” Dialog box , And locate in “ lookup ” On the label

Ctrl+H: open “ Find and replace ” Dialog box , And locate in “ Replace ” On the label

Ctrl+G: open “ Find and replace ” Dialog box , And locate in “ location ” On the label

“ Find and replace ” It's very powerful , Mastering this skill is invincible in typesetting . The replacement function can quickly modify the text in batches .

2 Font modification

Many handouts have both Chinese and English , How to coordinate their formats in a unified way ?

First step : Future generations , Use Ctrl+A Shortcut key

The second step : Change the Chinese format , typeface 、 Font size 、 Row spacing 、 Word spacing and so on .

The third step : Change the English format , In general, letters are used “ New Rome ” body . After the modification , It will only change the letters in the text , The format of Chinese will not change .

Step two and step three must be in the right order , First change the Chinese format .

3 Letters in print are replaced by handwriting

This is actually a detail : If you just change the font of the letters to new Rome , It's still printed , Such as the letter a The difference between lowercase and handwriting is very big .

 Master the correct way to open office software , Make your work more efficient !

A lot of people want to change , But I don't know how to quickly implement this operation . In fact, this is a 10 It can be done in seconds , Here we use Ctrl+H Replacement function .

First step : Press and hold at the same time Ctrl+H, Open the replacement interface

The second step : Mouse over the search content , choice : Special format - Any letter

The third step : Mouse on “ Replace with ” In this column , Click on : Format - typeface

Step four : Choose from the font “ tilt ”, Click ok .

Step five : Click on “ All replacement ”.

In this way, all the letters in the text can be replaced with slanted format , That is to say, the transformation from print to handwriting is realized .

 Master the correct way to open office software , Make your work more efficient !

4 Document structure chart

Cost handouts usually need to be inserted into the table of contents , If you create a very neat document structure chart when you make the handout , You can automatically generate a directory , It will be very convenient and fast , And it can also help us quickly locate when looking at documents .

There are also shortcut keys here ,Alt-S-A- Numbers .

for example : Turn a line of text into a three-level table of contents .

 Master the correct way to open office software , Make your work more efficient !

First step : Select the corresponding text

You don't have to select all the words in this line , Just place the mouse anywhere in this line of text .

The second step , Press... In turn Alt,S,A, And the numbers 3

In this way, you can turn this line of text into a three-level Directory , This text will appear in the document structure diagram on the left side of the document .

When you set the table of contents for the entire handout , You can use it directly “ quote - Catalog ” To insert a table of contents .

Where should the document map be opened ?

Click on “ View - Document structure chart ” It will show on the left side of the document , It can also be set to the left 、 Right or hidden .

5 Format brush

We should be familiar with the function of format brush , But a lot of people use it with a brush at a time . If you want to change the text in many different paragraphs into one format , So you need to click on the format brush a lot , There's actually a faster way .

Double click the format brush , You can keep the format brush in its state .

How to operate ? If I need to make every directory I just set bold , Then I'll choose one of the directories in bold , Then double-click the format brush , Then click other directories in the document structure diagram on the left , Select the corresponding text .

6 The first line indentation , scale

There are three conventional indentations for the first line :

The first is to click Tab key , Indent the first line ;

The second is in the start interface , Indent the first line by increasing or decreasing the indent ;

The third is to set... In the paragraph .

Today I will teach you a faster way : Set indent by ruler .

First step , Click View , Check the tick in front of the ruler . A ruler appears at the top of the page , There will be numbers on it , The number is the number of characters .

The second step , Place the mouse at the front of the text that needs to be indented first line , Before the first word , Then click the inverted triangle on the ruler , Drag it to 2 Location , You can indent the first line by two characters .

Expand the use of the ruler :

The inverted triangle on the ruler , Is the indent character used to control the first line ; And the triangle below , Is the indent character used to control lines other than the first line , That's hanging indentation . At the bottom , And there's a rectangular bar , Is used to control the indentation of the whole paragraph , You can indent the whole text .

3、 ... and . Formula editor shortcut

Formula editor is an essential software in the development of science products . commonly wps The function of formula editor is enough , It can also be downloaded from the Internet mathtype Formula editor , After installation, you can use . The two software shortcuts are the same . 丨 K12 Business School

The difference is that :mathtype More powerful , There are more kinds of formulas in it , More suitable for high school science handout formula editor , If there is no need for this ,wps It's enough to bring with you .

The most common formulas are the following : fraction 、 Radical sign 、 Power 、 Bottom corner

A semicolon :CTRL+F

Radical sign :CTRL+R

Superscript :CTRL+H+ Specific times , This is mainly used to mark the specific power

Subscript :CTRL+L+ Numbers / written words

You may find it very difficult to remember these shortcut keys . But think about it , If you want to arrange a handout that uses a lot of fractions , Such as the 100 Scores need to be edited , Then you need to switch between the mouse and the keyboard a hundred times , Every switch is wasted 2 second , There's time to switch back and forth , It's better to remember these shortcuts .

 Master the correct way to open office software , Make your work more efficient !

There are also symbols commonly used in handouts , image ≥,≤,π,≠ etc. , You can type it out using the input method .

such as , Want to fight “ Greater than or equal to ” Number , Just type “ Greater than or equal to ”, You can see this at the end of the input method interface “ Symbol , Choose directly , Also in the formula editor interface , You can also use this method to enter such symbols .

Other symbols , such as :π, Direct input “pai” You can display ;≠, Direct input “ It's not equal to ” Can .

Four . Table class shortcut

Tables are often used in many math problems , Then in typesetting, we should also pay attention to beautify these tables .

There are four common operations :

The first category : Automatic adjustment

You can automatically adjust the spacing of each row and column . Operation steps : In turn, click “ Form tool - Automatic adjustment ”. You can choose to fit the window size , You can also choose to adjust the table according to the content .

We suggest you use : Fit the window size , So all tables are uniform size .

The second category : Alignment mode

Here is mainly for the text in the table . Sometimes the position of the text in the table is high and low, which is hard to see , We can adjust it by alignment . In turn, click “ Form tool - Alignment mode ”, General choice “ Horizontal center ”.

 Master the correct way to open office software , Make your work more efficient !

The third category : Table border

Mainly to select the table border . In turn, click “ Form - Frame ”, Then choose the style you want .

Fourth category : Draw a slash heading

First select a column in the table , In turn, click “ Form - Draw a slash heading ”, You can add a slash header to the corresponding table .

 Master the correct way to open office software , Make your work more efficient !

5、 ... and . Review of handout typesetting

Shortcut operation in the process of handout typesetting audit , For R & D leaders, it is a necessary skill to master .

In some organizations, the person in charge of research and development reviews the typesetting of handouts , It is generally divided into three categories :

The first category : After finding the problem, send the screenshot to the corresponding handout producer , Let it change

The second category : Direct face-to-face communication , Assist the staff to make changes

The third category : Just skip the audit step , Find the problem and revise it yourself , No feedback

In fact, these three methods , We can't say which is good or which is bad , There are only different ways to say in different periods .

The first one is more suitable for the current online office mode ; The second kind , It's time enough , Communication is convenient ; The third is suitable for tight time and heavy tasks .

There is actually a fourth more efficient way : It is the R & D director in the process of audit , Make changes to the notes on the handout , Then send it to the corresponding handout producer for revision , Then send the revised handout to the R & D director .

This operation combines the first type with the second type .

There is one thing that needs special attention in this kind of operation : Symmetry of information . Make sure that the information between the reviewer and the reviser is symmetrical , To improve efficiency .

for instance , The teacher who is in charge of the audit will put the problems that need to be revised ABCDE It's marked , Let the teacher who does the handout revise , But the teacher only modified ABC. When it's reviewed again , It needs to be compared with the original version ABCDE Are they all changed , In this way, the workload will be heavy , It's like rework !

In fact, the solution is very simple ,wps The review function in can ensure the symmetry of information .

How to operate it ?

First step , Add annotations . If the teacher who checks the first edition of the handout finds mistakes , Just add comments where you need to modify it , And briefly explain the reason for the error and how to modify it .

Add comments here is a shortcut key : Press... In turn Alt-N-L, You can quickly add comments . If you have to review a lot of handouts at the same time , Shortcut keys will greatly free your hands , Help you finish the handout review work quickly . 丨 K12 Business School

The second step , rename . Rename the annotated document . After checking all the errors , You need to change the name of the file , Add... To the end of the original name “ The approved ”, And then send , Easy to distinguish .

The third step , Correct the mistake . Click on “ resolved ”. When correcting errors , It's not a complete deletion of the comments , Instead, click the upper right corner of the corresponding annotation after modification , In the drop-down options , choice “ resolved ” that will do .

You don't have to scroll through the comments , You can click “ Review - Last article / The next one ” You can switch annotations , Make changes .

Step four , rename . Send the modified document . When you have corrected all the errors , This document needs to be renamed . Take the back one “ The approved ” Change to “ The modified ”, Easy to distinguish , Otherwise it would be very chaotic , I don't know which handouts have been reviewed , Which handouts are revised .

Step five , See if the error has been corrected correctly . It's equivalent to a second audit , At this time, the person in charge of R & D only needs to check whether each annotation has been modified as required . If the modification is correct, you can delete the comment , If there is a problem, keep it , Send it to the corresponding handout producer .

Step six , Delete comments , preservation 1.0 Version handout . If all the errors have been modified , The R & D director can delete all the comments and save the document , At the same time, name the document the last “ The modified ” Delete .

You don't need to delete comments one by one , Just click “ Review - Delete - Delete all comments in the document “ To complete the operation .

 Master the correct way to open office software , Make your work more efficient !

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