I. operation experience sharing of personnel and staff roster
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As a HR, Daily work is tedious , Responsible for the employee relationship work of the whole company , Huge workload, few platform products on hand , Will not be able to enjoy personal life . Now? , Learn about a product platform —— 1. Personnel roster , Liberate you from the time-consuming and laborious mechanical repetitive labor , Greatly improve work efficiency , Is the “ replace Excel Version of the employee roster is a super tool ”.

Users familiar with the platform are aware of , The main target users of personnel are HR, Serving the small and medium enterprises , Committed to simplifying complex personnel work . Next, the author will share the operation experience of the personnel roster product from four aspects , Welcome to communicate with each other .

One 、 The layout is simple , High beauty

The whole page is blue and white , Blue brightens the mood 、 calm , Vision is not easy to produce fatigue . In the busy gap , Visual aesthetics is particularly important , Beauty is justice , The same goes for commodities . The whole page has three parts : Employee on the job list 、 Labor contract management 、 Employee data overview , The columns in each section are highlighted in different colors , The font size and font size of the text are also appropriate .

 1. Sharing the operation experience of personnel roster

Two 、 Easy to operate , The function is clear at a glance

Sometimes it takes hours to study a piece of software , I haven't started using it yet “ I'm very tired. I don't think I can love again ”, Bad experience , There's no time 、 I have no patience to think about it carefully , The resulting frustration and wasted time make the product cost-effective . The contents and functions of each part of the personnel roster are clear at a glance , As long as you're not illiterate, you can operate , Will use excel Will operate the personnel roster . It's also rich and diverse , Employee data information can be imported directly , You can also use templates , Easy to use .

 1. Sharing the operation experience of personnel roster

It is worth mentioning that , The on-the-job employee list page contains Employee turnover list , You know the flow of employees , All information data can be imported in batch , Convenient and quick .

 1. Sharing the operation experience of personnel roster

3、 ... and 、 Focus on privacy , Secure information

The product can store and backup in the cloud in real time , There are more than ten safety protection measures , Don't worry about data loss , Don't worry about information leakage , To a great extent, it protects the privacy of users , Especially employee information , Just log in and you can view it anytime, anywhere .

Four 、 Add new features , Practical

Product added labor contract renewal reminder 、 Employee data overview and other functions . It is self-evident that the importance of reminders on the renewal of labor contracts is self-evident , The former is like a simple alarm clock , A reminder will be sent in the form of e-mail for the renewal and resignation of employees in a certain period of time . Laws and regulations , If the employee fails to renew the labor contract on time, the employee will be compensated twice or even three times , Its importance is self-evident .

 1. Sharing the operation experience of personnel roster

Employee data function can automatically generate employee analysis chart , There is a staff nature 、 The number of people on the job 、 Employee status 、 Number of departures 、 The male to female ratio 、 There are many dimensions such as the age of the company , In the form of visualization for multi class chart comparison , The key is the system automatically generated , no need HR I'm going to vomit blood and spend time making analysis charts . And the changes in the staff , I know everything about all the employees in the company . To a certain extent, this has data support for the company's staff management , Contribute to the planning of talent allocation and talent management .

 1. Sharing the operation experience of personnel roster

In fact, I said so much , The most important thing is it Free for all corporate users ! Free products are a word to use —— Shuang , What's more, it's a practical and beautiful product , No blood loss . That's from one of them HR Use and share , Please experience it yourself , Welcome to exchange