There are too many computer problems. What should I do?
The cold of doomsday 2020-11-26 18:49:03
I don't know anything about computers , I don't know anything about watching TV on it every day and occasionally writing out a few invoices . Recently, more and more icons on the computer screen have been standing down more than half of the screen do not know how to do ? I have a friend who knows how to make the icon smaller ?

Every time I open the computer browser, there are big words , I can't get it by myself, so I feel that I'm wasting electricity when I turn on the machine for two days . My friends, do you think there is something wrong with the computer or the system ?

Some time ago, when a hardware problem was prompted, the system would crash , And then I bought one 8G I downloaded a Baidu translator to know that the file is missing and damaged , What you say has something to do with the hard disk you changed ? I have consulted the masters here ? Computer problems are really a headache , Simple typing 、 Billing 、 See a movie , I do all these things , It's system problems and downloading software, and then downloading music, and so on, many, many, many will not . The biggest headache is also the most embarrassing thing. The customer has been waiting in the store for half an hour and has not finished yet , Then the icons on the computer billing interface are still turning and turning, which is very embarrassing , When you don't have a computer, you want to buy one, but the computer knows who you are , And I don't know who it is !

 There are too many computer problems. What should I do ?

 There are too many computer problems. What should I do ?

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