How to reduce the right of network promotion website
Inspirational Xiaoshi 2020-11-26 18:49:01

Network operation promotion , Some enterprises may encounter the problem of website being reduced , And this problem is probably all enterprises do not want to meet . My website is ranked all over the night , It's a very painful thing . But if it's unfortunate , The site has been downgraded , What are the common reasons , What are the solutions ?

1、 Find out the reasons for the site's rights reduction

Stationmaster wants to dissect oneself optimization process , Find the possible gap . When your site is downgraded , Be sure to recall the past optimization process , Let's see if there's some cheating , For example, I used to think that I could satisfy myself , The use of hanging black chain or brush flow and other methods to optimize . If you find out that you have such an action , Be sure to pick out the previous assignments , And remove it . Of course, if you find out that you've been cheating too much before , So at the moment, if you want to recover, you tend to put more energy into it , It's a small loss , You can shake your hands now , Don't fix it , You can do a website from scratch to replace the website that has been reduced .

2、 Constantly update high quality content

The reason why the website is downgraded is that the search engine's rating of your website has declined , Even total mistrust , Shenzhen network promotion to change the status quo , You have to curry favor with search engines , Start with high quality content .

3、 High quality chain is essential

The issue of external chain has been said many times , Baidu although the voting role of the chain is not as heavy as before , But as long as it works , Then you have to do it , But the quality must be guaranteed . It is the best way to release one-way anchor text outside the chain to the high weight platform with a large number of people . Where there are so many people , Your article can also be reproduced , For example, to A5、 Search and write soft articles .

4、 The keyword density is too high

We all know that network promotion Keywords pile up in some cases to let SEO A quick way to get results , But we don't recommend it most of the time . It is obviously unreasonable to pile up keywords in the content, and it is not a long-term solution , Generally speaking , Keep the keyword density at 2%-8% Between is the most reasonable , Of course , The index can be adjusted as appropriate .

If you have no brain to pile up the key words , It is easy to cause the website to drop the right , Because keyword density is too high, this kind of behavior won't get the approval of search engine originally .
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