What if the game server is always attacked? You need a professional advanced defense server
Creep 2020-11-26 18:48:59
The rapid development of cloud computing technology , Cloud host has also been widely used and popularized . The corresponding costs have come down , More and more enterprise and individual stationmaster begins to use cloud host , So what are the advantages of cloud hosts , Here's an analysis .

Virtual machine is based on server cluster , Integrated computing 、 Storage and network resources , Server rental services that can be based on the on-demand use and pay on demand capabilities of the cloud computing model . Traditional servers have all the functions of . It effectively solves the problem of high rental price of traditional host , Meet the needs of small and medium-sized enterprises 、 Personal webmaster user's demand for host renting . The advantage of using cloud host in building a station is reflected in :

1. More security and price advantage

In the application mode of Cloud Computing , Virtual machine realizes fault and security isolation from hardware level , At the same time, the platform has built-in ARP Attack protection , Distributed and large-scale to improve defense DDOS Attack power . Hackers will be helpless , Unable to find the exact location of data storage and transmission . Resource isolation created by virtual machine 、 Data security 、 Password security 、 Security reinforcement and other means of security protection , Ensure data security . Pay by month, use by month , Same performance, lower price .

2. Virtual machine elastic upgrade

Because the virtual machine multi-point data backup , Even if a server hardware fails , And don't worry about data loss and usage impact . Use cloud server , You can upgrade at any time according to your needs CPU, Memory , Hard disk and so on , No need to reconfigure the server environment , You can quickly upgrade , More efficient , More worry free .

3. High reliability and stability

Cloud server is based on cluster server construction , It works independently , Not affected by other customers . Even if one server fails , Also does not affect the normal use and operation of the website . Unlike virtual hosts , Many customers use one server at the same time , A client's website has been attacked , All customers suffer . Virtual machine service supports multi-level backup and recovery , Including standby machine 、 System backup and application backup . So it has high reliability and stability .

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