How dare young people enter the factory? To work overtime, we have to invite leaders to dinner and work more than ten hours a day
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Why are more and more people , I'd rather take out , Online car Hailing , I don't want to go into the factory ? After reading the following information about Foxconn employees , You will know .

Foxconn workers' painful struggle

I watched an interview about Foxconn employees these two days , The content is really shocking .

 How dare young people enter the factory ? Invite leaders to dinner for overtime , Work more than ten hours a day

It says , In Foxconn , One's perseverance , Sometimes a night shift can be broken . The night shift usually starts in the afternoon 7 From o'clock to the next morning 7 spot , A full 12 Hours , And rest time , It's just enough to have a meal .

Hungry and sleepy at three or four o'clock in the morning , People who stay up all night experience it , Not to mention that we have to keep boring , Repetitive labor , A lot of people can't hold out for a night at all , Their determination to leave Foxconn , They were made after the first night shift .

But there are still a lot of people , For a small income , The choice of bite hard resistance . When the factory orders are low , They even have to ask the line leader , That is, the right to decide , Whether to arrange for the workers to work overtime for leaders to eat , To get more opportunities to work overtime .

The reason why I have to work overtime , Just to make money , In Foxconn , Working overtime from Monday to Friday , Pay on time 1.5 Double overtime pay , On Saturdays and Sundays 2 Double pay for overtime , And those who are paid on time during legal holidays 3 Double pay for overtime .

If you don't have these overtime pay , The income will be poor

The reason why we should insist on this , It's because they don't care where they go , It can only be used in the assembly line , It's not like going to the surrounding small factories , It's better to come to Foxconn with guaranteed salary and salary .

 How dare young people enter the factory ? Invite leaders to dinner for overtime , Work more than ten hours a day

Choose to enter the electronics factory , People who can hold on , First, we really need to make money , Second, there is no other way to make a living . Some people make money , It's to realize the dream , And many Foxconn workers dream of , Just to make more money .

If there is no factory like Foxconn , I'm afraid the situation for these workers will be even more difficult .

Some would say , For good health , Can I just work every day 8 Hours , Weekend weekend ? The answer is yes , But you know , If you do , What's your salary ?

I don't know anything else , But Foxconn in Shenzhen , If you do this , You don't get paid 2300 Yuan per month , This is still not deducted from the social security fund .

If it's just for the money , Is it meaningful to come to Shenzhen ? therefore , Working overtime has become almost every Foxconn employee who stays , The inevitable choice , If you say Foxconn was designing the pay system , I didn't mean to , I don't believe it .

If there's a choice , Of course, workers don't want to work overtime , The reason for this , In order to work overtime, we even invite leaders to have dinner and massage , It's because besides working overtime , They can't find any other way to raise their income .

Foxconn's system and 996, Is there a difference ?

From a factory point of view , Such a system inspires , In other words, it forces out the enthusiasm of the workers , At the same time, it also complies with the relevant laws and regulations , No one can find fault , But from a human point of view , It's a little cruel indeed .

 How dare young people enter the factory ? Invite leaders to dinner for overtime , Work more than ten hours a day

This reminds me of the long criticized 996, They are essentially indistinguishable , It's also about taking advantage of people's overload work , With or without overtime pay , It seems that no one can be higher than others .

How to solve this kind of exploitation from the root , It's a worldwide problem , People want to work less , Get a higher reward , Also want to pass higher income , Live a better life , But there are so many resources , So there's competition .

It's all for your own desires , Who would choose to give in easily ?

From a personal point of view , We can do it , Only in the constant competition , Do your best , Make yourself and your family better , Tired is really tired , But there's no way .

About this unsolvable problem , Is there anything else you want to say ? Looking forward to you in the comments section , Talk to me about , I'm miss birdie , Pay attention to me , We make a little progress together every day .
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