"Migrant workers" attention! Beijing releases 13 industry wage guidelines
City air 2020-11-26 18:36:46
Zhongxin jingwei client 11 month 23 (Reuters) Beijing Municipal Bureau of human resources and social security ( Hereinafter referred to as “ Beijing Bureau of human resources and social security ”) Notice , In order to strengthen the macro guidance of wage distribution in different industries , Enrich the content of macro-control system of enterprise wage in Beijing , It is hereby released 2020 Some industries in the city wage guidelines .

The Beijing Bureau of human resources and social security pointed out that , A total of 13 industry wage guidelines have been released this year , Include : Food manufacturing ; General equipment manufacturing ; Instrument manufacturing industry ; The automobile industry ; Housing construction ; Civil engineering construction industry ; Building decoration industry ; Wholesale industry ; Department store retail ; Tourist hotels ; Real estate development business ; Property Management ; publishing .

Beijing human resources and Social Security Bureau said , Enterprises in related industries can follow the industry wage guidelines , Refer to the relevant indicators of different economic types , Reasonably determine the average wage level of employees .

The Beijing Bureau of human resources and social security explained that , The industry wage guideline is based on the enterprises in the same industry 2019 The curve of the relationship between the average employee's labor remuneration and the average sales income of an enterprise in .

Beijing human resources and Social Security Bureau said , Minimum wage security line 26400 Yuan is the minimum wage adjusted last year 2200 element / The annual level of the monthly composite calculation . As the minimum wage standard in Beijing does not include workers in the middle class 、 The night shift 、 The high temperature 、 low temperature 、 Underground 、 Toxic and harmful special working environment 、 Allowance under conditions ; Workers deserve overtime work 、 Pay more ; All kinds of social insurance premium and housing accumulation fund that laborer individual should pay ; Other income not included in the minimum wage standard according to the state and Beijing regulations , Therefore, the minimum wage guarantee line of the industry wage guidance line is only the theoretical minimum value . In the practical application of enterprises , Except in extreme cases , There is no need to refer to this line . The minimum wage guarantee line is mainly used to indicate the necessary per capita sales income corresponding to the minimum value of labor remuneration of enterprises with normal production and operation in the industry .( The new fabric APP)
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