Do not know how to operate tiktok shop? If we do these well, we can improve our performance
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the other day , Tiktok live with goods to remove the third party merchandise source. ( Short videos can still be linked to third-party products ). in other words , If you still want to live in Japan 6 Billion + Tiktok live platform has a slice of soup. , It is imperative tiktok to open its own vibrant shop. .

 Tiktok shop do not know how to run the shop ? Do it well , Performance will improve

From this year 3 In the beginning , Tiktok tiktok has been adjusting the policy and welfare of the jitter shop. , Finally, two days ago , Tiktok officially closed the third party source link. , The latest tiktok shop opens as follows :

 Tiktok shop do not know how to run the shop ? Do it well , Performance will improve

That is to say, this month 31 Before the day , The conditions for opening the vibrato shop are tiktok. :0 The threshold 、0 fans 、 Low commission , And new to the store 30 Days. , Technical service fee as low as 1%( Non advertising orders ).

meanwhile , After opening the vibrato shop, you can apply directly for the rights of tiktok shopping cart. , also 0 Threshold and 0 fans , And the sooner we move in , The platform also has traffic and policy support .

Tiktok shop 0 Threshold entry ends at the end of the month , And next month is double ten one , It seems that even for next month's Shopping Festival , A pressing matter of the moment is the tiktok shop. .

Specific tiktok shop opens the following process :

 Tiktok shop do not know how to run the shop ? Do it well , Performance will improve

Specific opening conditions and required certificates 、 Deposit and other details , Tiktok can be registered in the store entrance. , The query .

 Tiktok shop do not know how to run the shop ? Do it well , Performance will improve

Of course, it is not tiktok shop, it means that you can lie to win. , It is not easy tiktok to run a small vibrant shop. , Today's focus is to share with you , Tiktok shop tips !

01 Use these marketing tools to get more orders

During the live broadcast , You can use these marketing tools , Help small store sales : seckill / Flash Sale 、 Full discounts and coupons .

Offline stores , We can often see the promotion of various promotional activities , The operation of jitter shops is of course tiktok. . In fact, we can often see a lot of anchors in the live room shouting “ Time limited ”、“ Buy one for free ” wait , After all, users are also profit seeking psychology , At a low price 、 Special Offer 、 Products with special offers , It can stimulate their desire to buy .

02 Launch selection Alliance , Let more experts help you with the goods

Because we usually can't search tiktok shops by jitter. . Only the merchandise is on the video , To be seen by users . And if only one video account is carrying goods , Then the flow is far from enough , You need more short video tiktok to help you with the quiver shop. .

How can I get more accounts to help you with your tiktok shop? ? You can activate the select alliance feature , Let the expert help you with the goods .

Open the threshold of the formal version of the Alliance : Effective evaluation number of stores >20,DSR>=4.5 And the business praise rate >=80%

The number of valid reviews of the store <=20, And DSR>=4.5, Only trial version of the alliance can be opened .

When the shop is not satisfied DSR>=4.5 Or business praise rate >=80%, You cannot open the official version of the alliance .

After joining the selection League , If your commission is particularly low , No talent will hang up your product . So we have to increase the Commission , In order to attract more talents to help you with the goods .

( Current clothing underwear 、 Food and beverage 、 Kitchenware 、 Household daily use 、 Beauty makeup 、 Fresh categories of small shops to timely review the video , Other categories of small shops can follow the official notice .)

03 Before releasing the video , Check your inventory

Before releasing the video , Be sure to check your inventory , In case the video is on fire , There is something wrong with your stock , The goods can't be delivered or the goods are delivered late , Not only missed a great opportunity , It may also be fined by the platform , Do more harm than good .

Tiktok shop is recommended at this time. , Extend the delivery time a little bit , Give yourself time to react .

04 Pay attention to the positive rate

Small partners who have experience in opening stores on other e-commerce platforms all know , A bad comment needs to be at least 10 To make up for it , Tiktok shop , The positive rate is also an important scoring standard , When the good rating rate is lower than 70% when , The goods will be banned , Therefore, we should learn to guide customer comments , Avoid leaving bad comments .

05 Avoid minefields

While running the tiktok shop , Remember, there are some minefields that you can't touch !!

Breach of service commitment

Businesses fail to provide the promised services to consumers according to the platform regulations or agreements . For example, illegal delivery . Poor service attitude, etc , Every time a violation occurs , The deposit shall be deducted according to the seriousness of the case .

Illegal release of goods

In the scene where the merchant displays the commodity information to the consumer , For the published products , There is a violation of the express or implied description of the goods . for example :

Spamming : One time deduction of deposit 500 element .

False propaganda : Deduction according to the seriousness of the case 100、200、2000 The margin varies .

Improper use of the rights of others : Ban of related commodities , And deduct the deposit at one time 2000 element .

Infringement of intellectual property rights of others : According to the number of infringement and the degree of infringement, different forms of punishment are imposed , The most serious is the ban on goods , Shop clearance , Never cooperate .

Release of prohibited goods / Information :

The plot is general , Every time a violation occurs , Deduct credit score 3 branch , Deduction of deposit 2000 element .

Serious circumstances , Every time a violation occurs , Deduct credit score 6 branch , Deduction of deposit 5000 element . The circumstances are particularly serious , The shop was cleared , Deduct credit score 12 branch , Deduct all the deposit and illegal income , Processing associated stores / account number .

The quality of the goods is not up to standard

The quality of the goods is not up to standard , It refers to that the quality of goods does not meet the national standards , Industry standards and platform related management requirements .

Include :

The product identification mark is unqualified , It does not involve three noes 、 Certificate 、 Date, etc. ;

Substandard sensory quality ;

Commodity physics / chemical / Safety and other items are unqualified ;

Fake materials and components related products ;

Sale of counterfeit goods .

Relevant commodities are banned . At the same time, the credit score will be deducted according to the seriousness of the case 、 Shop refund and deduction of illegal income , Even never cooperate .

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