Hotel supplies industry account operation skills
Thinking and thinking 2020-11-26 18:24:14

I learned from many hotel supplies industry friends , I often hear a sentence “ Business is getting worse and worse now ”. Analyze carefully , That's true ,— The whole hotel supplies industry is affected by economic environment and other factors , In brand awareness 、 Product sales and other aspects are facing greater challenges , Most garment business owners are looking for new online growth opportunities .

Innovation around users 、 Promoting activity 、 Retain 、 conversion , Each step involves a lot of operational skills , Due to the limited space, it is impossible to enumerate them , We're from here 4 The operation skills that need to be paid attention to are screened out , Focus on .

1、 Label operation

Tiktok has more opportunities to see labels on clothing. , We need to “ ceng ” Flow of good topics , Take a ride on the platform .

2、 Copywriting operation

Directly attract users with copywriting of uploaded videos , Guide users to continue watching , It can directly highlight product information points , Conduct key guidance ; Or set up suspense , Arouse users' curiosity .

3、 Fan operation

It can be guided by sound and text in the video , Or the way to interact with users in a timely manner , Guide users to focus on themselves and become fans , Form the long-term value of users .

4、 Live operation

How to borrow regular live broadcast , Enhance the stickiness of vermicelli , Develop user habits , Promote transformation .

5、 Data operations

Operating accounts on the tiktok platform , We can't do without looking at the data , With the help of the tiktok enterprise's complete data function , Do a good job in daily account analysis , Use the data well , Improve content quality 、 Conversion efficiency .

In conclusion , Tiktok as a new traffic platform , With the perfect enterprise number conversion products , It has become a new cashing channel for garment practitioners . Tiktok , Discover more new things , We also found the change of the consumption pattern of the whole people ; Marketing trend from planting grass to weeding , Deep integration of e-commerce and short video , Bring more imagination to the hotel supplies industry . If you want to know more , Understand the agent operation service of account , Please add wechat /QQ:2696584379, Or telephone 010-86399611, We provide you with the best service . Text

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