How to tiktok in hotel supplies industry
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According to yiou think tank forecast ,2021 year Market size of hotel supplies near 6.5 One trillion , It's because of this huge The cake , It's not just a lot of tradition Hotel supplies People gradually Tiktok , It also attracts new players .

So let's share it with us today Hotel supplies industry How to win the guest by shaking the voice tiktok ? This involves the cost of enterprises and human resources allocation .

What is the reason to choose the jitter from the tiktok media? ?

Tradition Hotel supplies The way to deal with a deal is to invite customers directly to the store to make a deal . 

When everyone shows the product in this way , There was no effect . When you make friends every day , Maybe customers Have been You've blocked your circle of friends , But suppose we do it differently , We put The propaganda tiktok moved to the jitter. .

With " video + Sound effect " Method presentation , The purpose of creating human settings is to show users our professionalism in this field . The era of one man becoming an army is now over , It's better to show him a demo video . Short way through video , So that the customer's vision and hearing are satisfied , that Clinch a deal Naturally, it's nothing to say .

Hotel supplies How to use tiktok to win customers ? 

How to operate ?

1、 Create human settings

Only one message is being produced to bombard users whose attention is now highly fragmented , When the user Think Compared with text video, it can show the usefulness and value of the product more intuitively . People can be set as individuals , For example, planning sister . In addition, it can also be set as an enterprise , such as xx Home official number .

2、 Matrix operation .

It's not a mass account, maybe a commercial , Each has its own advantages , Personal Easy to Pull in and user interval , Companies are more official , In the later period, it was relatively simple to do business . How should we choose ? Actually Simple , We can operate in a matrix .

Many home brands now include Europa 、 Sophia 、 Shangpin house accessories 、 All of them are matrix operation , Only when you are professional in this field can you hope to buy actively . Maybe the salesman should make a deal through the circle of friends . Multi dimensional manufacturing of fragmented content for different groups of people , Sports talent and other groups of people with different personalized needs to start .


3、 High frequency release .

Before Enterprises do video , It's usually a commercial , Most photography in a year 2-3 strip It is very More . But in today's new media environment , These head brands are all operating in the full coverage of graphics and video OUT 了 , High density must be used 、 High frequency information , Repeat bombing of users . Enterprises often manufacture according to a demand dimension .

4 Multi dimensional manufacturing .

What is multi dimensional manufacturing ? Actually Simple , It has to be a force operating as a human being through the matrix 、 Day experience 、 Job characteristics , To make accurate propaganda , In the traditional propaganda method , It's like no matter what functions the product has , How can the hotel supplies industry promote tiktok?But it's hard to meet everyone's personalized needs . Enterprises should be from the military talent 、 fashion icon 、 Pet master 、 We say that people can be set as individuals or enterprises , It's based on different customer groups and their different settings .


Okay , That's all for this sharing , Tiktok is now booming. , Hotel supplies Catch the machine first , Get this wave dividend . Many people want to get into the job , But it's limited to rely on one's own development ,

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