What are the principles of quick ranking?
igerisw 2020-11-26 18:24:06

 What's the principle of quick ranking ?

Recently, search engine optimization has found a fast ranking on Baidu , See a lot of advertisements on the home page for several days , It's been a long time . A lot of people think it's fake or black hat SEO Dare not test . Although exaggerated , But this approach has always existed .
In fact, click keyword ranking is a method that many companies often use , Because the decoration is really good , Experienced search engine optimizers may also know . When we optimize with white hats , When keyword ranking can't be on , Will use this brush ranking method , This method also works well , Some websites are also on .
Although we are all punished by the ranking of brushing teeth , But even during this period of time it went up , This advantage is also great , So a lot of companies will use this method to get short-term benefits . And to be honest , As long as you don't recite too much , You can say it with a little brush .
Some people say that the credit card has expired , Because these search for fast ranking service providers do keyword ranking , Can't find keyword hits or Baidu webmaster's calculation . In fact, except for some methods , Most of these service providers are still bragging about their quick ranking methods . In fact, most of them end up swiping cards .