Dehua: reappear the beauty of Chinese characters with porcelain carving
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source : Taiwan Internet

 Moralization : To reproduce the beauty of Chinese characters with porcelain carving

Peng Chengxiong is creating white porcelain three-dimensional Chinese characters .

 Moralization : To reproduce the beauty of Chinese characters with porcelain carving

The white porcelain art museum with Chinese surname, which was rebuilt from the ancient buildings

Taiwan Internet 11 month 24 - Fujian daily APP— New Fujian reports recently , The White Porcelain Art Museum of Chinese surname opened in zengban village, Shangyong Town, Dehua County . The creators skillfully combined the exquisite Dehua white porcelain with the Chinese surname , By enlarging the main stroke of Chinese characters as a support , Then use Chinese punctuation to zoom 、 Stretching and bending, etc , Create a three-dimensional surname Chinese characters , Show... In a unique way 288 Chinese surnames , handcrafted , Be full of wit and humour .

“ Based on the stroke structure of simplified Chinese characters , Put the brackets in the punctuation of Chinese characters 、 Full stop 、 Exclamatory mark 、 comma 、 Question marks, etc. through metamorphosis 、 The form of substitution is applied to simplified Chinese characters . By substituting the punctuation font ‘ stroke ’ Scale intentionally , Make it show the obvious size between strokes 、 thickness 、 The artistic contrast effect of density and degree .” Peng Chengxiong, creator of white porcelain works with Chinese surnames, said , Through porcelain carving , Two dimensional lines 、 The structure is shown in three-dimensional form , Can better show the overall smooth 、 round 、 Full of visual effects , And from the modeling presents a similar pictographic sense of interest , Let the appreciator produce infinite imagination space .

For Peng Chengxiong , Hundred surnames are just the first step in his dream , next step , He will use Chinese characters as materials for porcelain carving , Reconstruct Chinese characters and Chinese punctuation marks 、 After re creation , And in the form of porcelain carving , Create 《 Yongxuewen 》 series , Make up the font .“ Like the ancient movable type printing , Can provide typesetting function , Let each word be used flexibly in different scenes ”.

innovation , It's the source of life for a work of art . Peng said , Chinese character font design is integrated into porcelain carving works , It is an exploration of the innovation of traditional porcelain carving art , It shows the charm of the combination of Chinese traditional culture and Dehua white porcelain .

It is worth mentioning that , The art gallery was renovated from an ancient building , antique . In the art gallery , White porcelain back plate also printed with text totem 、 The evolution of Chinese characters and ancient cultural symbols , It shows a long history 、 Circle of life 、 The long history and culture of surnames full of humanistic spirit . Now , The Art Museum has become a cultural tourism card of zengban village in Shangyong town .
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