The future development direction of Website Optimization SEO is suitable for webmasters who are confused about their work
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2018 After graduation in , It's in seo Industry , Be a customer service again , Do optimization again , Every day not only to see the boss's face , It depends on the customer's face . I thought , It's no harder than this , It's disgusting .

later , Want to change careers , But I don't know what to do , after , Still doing optimization , But I also know , It's getting harder and harder to optimize .

 Website optimization SEO Future development direction of , It is suitable for the webmaster who is confused about his work

that , At a time when the industry is getting harder , Website optimization SEO The future direction of development has become a question for me to think about , A lot of people in this industry have thought about it .

Let's see what the industry should look like in the future ? Here's what you need in 2020 I learned about it in 20 A big SEO trend .


There are more and more search engine algorithms , It's very important to adjust your work according to the algorithm .

Voice search

Voice search is getting bigger and bigger now . The voice search revolution is also a protracted battle .

ok , Let's think about your situation , You'll love that operation ? Typing or excitedly speaking on your smartphone ? Obviously speaking on a smartphone, this operation makes you like it more . That's why voice search is a legal trend .

Here's a list of some statistics about the appearance of voice search :
  • about 6,500 Million Americans have smart speakers .
  • To 2020 year , As many as 50% The search will be conducted by voice .
  • since 2008 Since then , Voice search has grown 35 times .
  • according to Google That's what I'm saying , Yes 20% The mobile query is completed by voice search .
  • Average voice SERP The loading time is 4.6 second , Faster than average page speed 52%.

EAT The concept of

EAT On behalf of the profession , Authoritative and trustworthy . In the future, websites need more authority 、 major , Only in this way can we gain more recognition .
  • Expertise : The creator must be an expert in the relevant field . The content should indicate that the author has a broad understanding of the subject .
  • authoritative : The main content should clearly show authority . This can be done by displaying the author's credentials , The title , certificate , Personal profile, experience, etc .
  • credibility : This is a EAT SEO One of the most important factors . Only when there is a factor of trust , Users will contact you repeatedly . therefore , You need to communicate to users that they can trust your content or website .

Video content

as everyone knows , A picture is worth a thousand words , Again , It can also be said that a video is worth a thousand pictures .

The video content is 2020 year SEO One of the main trends . Attracting viewers through video is an important way to connect with them . According to observation , Websites with video content get more backlinks , And got about 150% The number of searches increased . however , Before embedding the video , You have to understand the video SEO Strategy . Here are some of these strategies :
  • Mobile optimization
  • Relevance to content
  • Add subtitles
  • Proper video quality
  • Participate in the thumbnail

 Website optimization SEO Future development direction of , It is suitable for the webmaster who is confused about his work

Move SEO

Every year, , The number of mobile phone users is increasing rapidly . According to statistics ,2019 In about 50 Million people have mobile devices , There are about 65% People who own mobile devices . therefore , The key is , Because mobile devices are the future of search , So we need to build mobile compatible websites and desktop compatibility first . Here's how to move SEO Key points to remember when :
  • Responsive Web Design
  • Page Speed
  • Optimized title and meta description
  • Build action Sitemap
  • Structured data

Local search SEO

Yes , You heard me ! Local search SEO Will be something you need to pay attention to 2020 Year main SEO One of the trends . about 46% 's search contains “ Local intent ”. It tends to those that include “ Get close to me ” Or other search queries including location-based keywords .

Search engines recognize that users' queries are location-based , So that's exactly what they're offering in the results pages of local search engines .

However , Local search is a more important consumer for small businesses , They use Google search to find local information , But don't optimize your site's local search , You may miss out on the surrounding 70%-80% The customer .

Website speed

The speed of the website or the loading speed of the page has always been an important factor in the ranking of any website by the browser's algorithm . Users don't want to visit slow loading sites . Besides , It can be observed that sites with longer page loading time will lead to higher bounce rate and shorter average time . Browsers also use page speed as a ranking factor in mobile search results to launch mobile page speed updates . That's why optimizing your site for faster loading is no longer optional .

 Website optimization SEO Future development direction of , It is suitable for the webmaster who is confused about his work

Artificial intelligence

from Alexa To Siri, AI is everywhere . as everyone knows , Artificial intelligence is the future of mankind . By using artificial intelligence and machine learning , Browsers have improved their algorithms , Make it more difficult to modify the ranking through illegality , And it raises the standard , Provide the best results for search queries . Here's a list of strategies to follow :
  • Clustering and predictive analysis
  • Use optimization keywords
  • User reviews
  • Forecast the needs of users
  • A chat robot driven by artificial intelligence

1 The length of the content

however , High quality content can really help you on the search results page (SERP) Get a better ranking on . But with the quality , Quantity can't be ignored . Ideally , The length of the content should be at least 2,000 A word . It can be seen that , Pages with higher visibility can be entertained more than 1700 to 1800 Web pages with high quality content .

When creating lengthy content , Don't forget the integrity factor . Always provide relevant information in content based on user needs . Lengthy articles increase the length of stay , Then the browser will increase your site's ranking in search queries .

 Website optimization SEO Future development direction of , It is suitable for the webmaster who is confused about his work

User experience

The user experience is SEO One of the main trends , Everyone should be in 2020 Focus on getting better results . It includes the overall user experience from the initial interaction in search results to the user leaving the site . The user experience may depend on a variety of factors , For example, website speed , Content quality , Content relevance, etc . In order to get a better user experience , What you need to work on is – Easy navigation of the website , Better website structure , Website quality better speed , Structured data, etc .

Content quality

Yes , The content is still the undisputed king . Even if it's in 2020 Success in , You also have to write relevant and valuable content . The browser's search algorithm takes the quality of the content as SEO One of the most important factors . Before writing the article , You have to know the following :
  • Who is your target audience ?
  • What is the purpose of the query ?
  • Compared with other authors , How is your article different ?

Website security

Website security is the main thing SEO One of the trends . Lack of site security may be to your SEO Performance has a significant impact . first ,HTTPS It's seen as a ranking factor , From then on , It's in SEO In the network security environment . But it's not just HTTPS, It doesn't mean you're just because HTTPS And having a very secure website . however , Site owners can follow several steps to achieve better site security .
  • Keep your website up to date
  • Preferred secure virtual host platform
  • Change your login credentials in time
  • Using monitoring tools
  • Back up your site data

technology SEO

Everything will change over time , therefore SEO So it is with ! In the last few years ,SEO More complicated than ever . The concept of technical search engine optimization raises a question , Whether your website is compatible with the latest standards set by search engines . It doesn't interfere with the actual content of the site . technology SEO The aspects involved include : Website architecture , Content repeatability , code snippet , Page Speed , Safety and so on . Besides , Technically optimized sites must not contain invalid links , And the site must contain XML Website map .

Keyword research

Keyword research is to explore , The process of analyzing and using the keywords that people use to search for information . Keyword research is regarded as SEO The first step in practice . Let's give you an example – Search for keywords –“ Zhendong is healthy ”, We can see the relevant information from the drop-down and on the page , The embodiment of key words .

 Website optimization SEO Future development direction of , It is suitable for the webmaster who is confused about his work

17、 The existence of social media

Social media is one of the main platforms to gain brand awareness , therefore , It's very important to optimize the website based on it . however , Social media is really not a direct factor in ranking , But it can actually help and enhance your SEO practice . Here are some of the latest social media networks :
  • You know
  • Microblogging
  • official account
  • Tiktok

Do website optimization SEO My friends , Don't be confused !
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