How to do online promotion of the month Center
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Now many young mothers will choose to go to the maternity club after giving birth to their children , This can not only help themselves to better complete the postpartum recovery , At the same time, there will also be experienced sister-in-law to help you with your children ~ But how can moms find the center without leaving home ,

When the club must find a safe and reliable professional month The clubhouse ~ But now there are more and more moon clubs , We certainly don't know how to choose . Today, let's learn how to choose the center of the month online .

1、 Luxury decoration is not equal to the moon club

Now on the market , There are two types of sub clubs : - It's a kind of hotel : another - It's a single family villa .

Hotel rental , The advantage of this model is that it costs less , It doesn't even have to be specially decorated , Just change the property a little, add or subtract , Build a team and you can start running .

But the disadvantages are obvious , The mother and baby need sufficient conditions to recuperate and grow up during the period of confinement , It has its particularity . Hotel Management - The decoration and existing structure make it impossible for you to make large-scale changes and too many personalized designs for the club , even to the extent that

Public areas can also be conditioned or passively compressed .

The advantage of the single house club is that it has the right to design independently . Can do more personalized decoration and planning , The disadvantage is the high cost - some

2. A nourishing dish is not equal to a moon meal

Generally speaking , The baby club is for mothers and babies 24 Hours of Butler Service , Build... From the perspective of customer service cycle * Product system , in the light of “ Before moving in , Moving in , After check-in ” Three stages of customer demand, reasonable design of products and services .

The first level is the basic product of the moon club , Based on the basic service items of Yuezi Club ;

The second level is mainly based on the needs of mothers and babies after they are born ;

The third level is customized for mother and baby's peripheral needs .

The core service of the month club is a nutritionist's package . however , Not all nutritious dishes are suitable for a baby meal !

Generally speaking , Postpartum intake of protein content should be higher than the daily diet 50%, Sufficient 、 Only high quality protein can guarantee the abundant secretion of breast milk , Make the baby grow healthily . But many supplements are not necessarily the best , It's better to eat wrong than not . people

ginseng 、 Old hens are a great tonic , But ginseng chicken soup to eat the right time is likely to let the maternal milk .

The practice of medicated diet and nutrition meal is adopted by many clubs , such as : Stewed pork ribs soup 、 Guiqi fresh fish soup 、 Lotus seed longan peanut chicken soup and so on .

For maternal meals , Chinese medicine should be used with caution , To adopt “ Medicine food homology ” The ingredients . such as , Red bean is a common food material in life , It's very nutritious , It also has good medicinal value . On postpartum rehydration 、 diuresis 、 Do you have mild blood tonic

Wrong effect . Add some natural herbs such as cinnamon 、 Dried ginger, etc , The effect of red bean soup on postpartum recovery is better . Chinese herbal medicine can not be distinguished, are used for the moon meal .

Mothers and infants belong to special care group , Special professional conditioning is needed for meals . We can't change the meal we have agreed with our mothers , The meals delivered should be in accordance with the agreed menu - sample . The ingredients need to be prepared in advance .

The menu should be based on customer feedback and needs , Regular updates .

3. A good advertisement is not equal to a good service

Although more and more investors are entering the month center market , However, consumers' acceptance of the club is not high enough , This can be reflected in the market penetration rate .

With increased competition , The investment and effect of advertising marketing is very important . Different clubs spend a lot of money on advertising and marketing every year .

It is a kind of experiential consumption to go to the moon center , Customers pay more attention to the feeling that seeing is believing , The traditional advertising mode is limited to experience . Instead of spending a lot of money on traditional advertising , It's better to put on the tiktok platform today. .

meanwhile , For the extension of the core project , For example, the full moon party. Full moon art photo 、 Baby growth book and other services to strengthen stickiness , And a child care salon 、 Parent child activities 、 Postpartum body repair 、 Physical adjustment and other value-added services , We can invest more . Let customers not cry without leaving the house to know about the company . These are visible to customers , Felt .

It's very difficult for an unknown customer to develop and sign off online , But start with a new customer , After establishing word of mouth , Word of mouth , Introduce each other , Sales work is much easier . If there's public relations , Attracting famous local entrepreneurs 、 TV station anchor 、 Famous and excellent teachers in sports and entertainment , Model civil servants and other public figures , Combine the soft and hard features of the club itself with celebrities . This is an effective method of low-cost communication in a specific area , Certain groups of people have a huge influence . Mobile Internet Era , It has evolved into a data age , It is also important to make full use of data analysis to do marketing . You can first filter the target population data , attract 、 Screening 、 inspire , Inform and promote the target group by experience , Point to point tracking of potential customers , Make full use of sales policy , Get pregnant women's approval and signature with refined service . In short, according to the needs of enterprises to customize short video marketing , Customers are welcome to consult . If you are interested, you can baidu search giant push media . Account number solution service , Please add wechat /QQ:2696584379, Or telephone 010-86399611, We provide you with the best service .

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