How does Xiaobai learn new media?
Xiaoyaolang 2020-11-26 17:05:22
I don't know how to learn new media ? Let's learn step by step .

First , We need to understand the requirements of new media operation first .

It is mainly divided into thinking and Skill Aspect preparation .

 How does Xiaobai learn new media ?

One 、 In terms of thinking

1. To have the thinking of content . It's mainly user oriented , All products and content are ultimately for users .

2. To learn marketing thinking . The ultimate goal of operation is to use channels to urge users to complete the purchase behavior . New media operation should make marketing content according to customer journey .

Problem perception stage : It mainly publishes some white paper content , Focus on industry analysis .
Information search phase : Vertical tutorial content , Focus on knowledge sharing .
Product evaluation stage : It's mainly demo content , Focus on demo products .
Product purchase stage : Focus on combination packages 、 Promotion information such as preferential notice .
Post purchase evaluation stage : Focus on instructions 、 Knowledge base and other information to help users use the product .

Two 、 In terms of skills

It is mainly divided into Professional skills and Job hunting skills .

1. Professional skills

- User Research

Understanding users is the foundation of marketing activities , Whether you're planning an event , Write an article , Design a drainage benefit …… Only you know who your users are ? What's wrong with them ? What they need ? You know when your marketing campaign should be 、 In what way 、 What's the point 、 Where they can see and participate in .

Method : You can choose a product to analyze , Analyze how the product solves user pain points , To solve problems .

- Edit layout

No matter the official account 、 Xiaohongshu or other media platforms need typesetting and editing . The best way is to run your own account , Find the vertical areas you're good at , Write more articles , More reference to the same kind of quality account is how to typeset .

- Copywriting

Copywriting is the most basic and training for new media people . The main thing is to write more, read more and practice more . For example, copywriting to improve the conversion rate 、 Dry goods 、 And stories, etc . Recommended books :

 How does Xiaobai learn new media ?

- Marketing Planning

- Business cooperation

2. Job hunting skills

- Make a resume

- Building a portfolio

- Learn the interview script

It's a framework for learning , Update new media marketing thinking and framework tomorrow !

Let's study together !