Thai government extends emergency law to January next year
Zhang Youwei 2020-11-26 17:05:19
Xinhua news agency, Bangkok 11 month 23 (Reuters) ( Ren Qian ) Anucha, spokesman of the prime minister's office of Thailand 23 Said Monday , The cabinet passed the proposal that day , Extend the emergency law again , Until next year 1 month .

Anucha said at a press conference held after the cabinet meeting that day , Thailand's new crown epidemic management center this month 18 Japan passed a proposal to extend the emergency law again , And submit it to the cabinet .

The Thai cabinet 10 month 28 The state of emergency law was extended to 11 month 30 Japan , But in 11 month 23 At the cabinet meeting held on May 1, 2007, it was agreed to start from 12 month 1 The law will be extended again until next year 1 month 15 Japan , To further control the epidemic .

Anucha says , This extension is longer than before 30 The deadline is longer , The main purpose is to control the scale of cross provincial travel during the new year , To avoid a second wave .

This is the Thai government since this year 3 month 26 The law has been extended for the eighth time since the state of emergency law was implemented nationwide .( End )
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