Lighting tiktok service platform which service good?
Jutui Yida 2020-11-26 16:39:44

At present, the channels of lighting industry are diverse and scattered , According to different objects, it can be divided into enterprise and user , According to different business channels, it is mainly divided into e-commerce channels 、 Building materials channel 、 Centralized purchasing channels and circulation channels of real estate .
Business model of lighting industry


Here we mainly talk about e-commerce channel , Now the main e-commerce platform is Taobao 、 Two platforms of Jingdong . But the development of STF industry in recent two years , Let us see more possibilities of e-commerce , How to enter the e-commerce industry with the help of short video . Tiktok platform is essential. , The size of the tiktok platform and the strategic planning for the electricity supplier , Traffic support for the tiktok development of electricity providers brought many enterprises to enter. . So how do we sell products tiktok platform? ? Which service is good for lighting tiktok service platform? ?

Here, we are going to operate the media tiktok, and analyze the lighting industry. 4 A little bit
1、 epidemic situation : The epidemic is not over , And has brought unprecedented influence , The United States alone is responsible for this 4400 Ten thousand people are unemployed , According to the credit insurance company forecast, kofas (Coface) forecast : Global corporate bankruptcy rate rises to 25%. How can our lighting enterprises survive ? This is the top priority !
2、 Business information : This year, 1 Month to 4 China LED Lighting outlet 73.69 Billion dollars , Year-on-year decline in 6.78%, among 4 Monthly export volume 23.74 Billion dollars , An increase of 4.58%. What will happen next ? It's hard to predict , because “ novel coronavirus ” Not pressed STOP key .
3、 Light feeling : World lighting looks at China , Because the whole industry chain is here . There are people, there are lights ; There are days and nights , You have to use a light , This is accompanied by each other . Whether it's globalization or regionalization , The origin of the lamp is here , There is no greater interest driven , It should not change .
4、 Temperament : The original disposition of capitalists , Always for the purpose of making money , Even if something happens , Tariff or “ kill ”, As long as there is a need , There will be business , There is no doubt about it . Besides, lighting products are all inclusive , It's not about national security ,“ Money makes the mare go ” Still in line with business rules .

Analysis of the operation of tiktok Lighting industry is developing with excellent tiktok. , The foundation of the platform is combining video and tiktok. , Good music with video content for clip point editing is very suitable for lighting industry . Lighting effect combined with dynamic music is very easy to hot video content , It makes us feel at home ktv Inside , It is easy to arouse the resonance of users for large-scale transmission .

The above is the content of the tiktok media company, which has been serving many customers in the lighting industry. , For your reference only , Of course, we also welcome the deep-seated exchanges . Tiktok accounts are not made by most of the domestic lighting industry. , They are all delivered to the professional voice company of the company, such as tiktok. . If you are interested, you can baidu search giant push media .

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