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Xiao Li 2020-11-26 16:14:17
Zhongxin jingwei client 11 month 23 (Reuters) ( Song Yafen ) Just past “ A double tenth ”, Chinese netizens once again showed a strong purchasing power , Refreshed 2019 Purchase records in . Among them ,“ Live delivery ” Played an important role . Star map data shows , Only during the pre-sale period , The whole network live broadcast with goods sales reached 243 One hundred million yuan , Account for the whole network sales 12%.

however , After the noise , Live with goods has been exposed recently 、 Sell off 、 Poor after-sales service , Some live network red also by the consumer association name criticism . Live delivery of goods came into being , Or money ? It's a consumer stunt , It's still a valuable consumption scene ? Behind the frequent industrial problems , What are the underlying reasons ?

For the existence value of live delivery , Pan Helin, executive director of the Digital Economy Research Institute of Central South University of Finance and law, said in an interview with the client of Sino Singapore Jingwei :“ First of all, we should confirm the positive value of live delivery . Especially in an epidemic , Live delivery has positive value in promoting sales , To some extent, it made up for the shortage of offline sales during the epidemic period . The reason why there are brush quantity and various aspects of the problem , Overall, it's because the industry hasn't matured yet , But we can't deny live delivery because of the problem .”

Pan and Lin stressed , With 5G Popularization of technology ,AIVI After enhancing the clarity and experience of , During the live broadcast, consumers' experience and feelings in all aspects will be enhanced , Therefore, live delivery is definitely not a gust of wind , It's a very important one 、 Valuable application scenarios .

Bian yongzu, deputy director of the industry department of Chongyang Institute of financial research at Renmin University of China, believes that , Behind the rapid development of live with goods, there is indeed a large amount of funds to boost , But the live delivery mode does have the soil for its survival .“ Net red live broadcast with goods in line with some characteristics of the Internet economy , In line with the development of science and technology and the development of human society . I think more and more enterprise marketing will be realized online in the future , It must be a big trend . It's not just sales , There may be more social activities , Including more and more social life related to people . Net red live broadcast with goods actually reflects such a trend . At present, the development of live delivery industry is uneven , There may be some variables in the future .”

For all kinds of problems exposed by live delivery , Bian yongzu said :“ I think these are normal phenomena in the development of new things . When new things come out , Especially in the period of rapid development , From a competitive point of view , There are often some abnormal means , Even violations of the law happen . With the regulatory authorities in this regard to strengthen supervision or the introduction of some legal and regulatory documents , Abnormal phenomena will be reduced , The whole industry will slowly get on the right track , It's a process .”

Regarding this , Pan and Lin agree .“ The maturity of any industry will bring some bubbles . In fact, there were similar problems in the early days of online car Hailing , But after all kinds of norms , Now it is a relatively mature industry . After the bubble , In fact, the live delivery industry will eventually return to rational development . As long as the regulatory level issues relevant regulations to restrict , Live delivery is still a good development direction .”

in fact , As a live delivery, the existing problems have already attracted the attention of the regulatory aspects . This year, 7 month 1 Japan , China Advertising Association has formulated and implemented 《 Network live marketing activities code of conduct 》, Regulate the development of the industry from the perspective of industry self-discipline .11 month 6 Japan , Issued by the State Administration of market supervision 《 Guidance on strengthening the supervision of network live marketing activities 》, The responsibilities and obligations of the three main bodies in the network live marketing activities are clarified .11 month 13 Japan , State Cyber Information Office released 《 Management regulations on internet live marketing information content service ( Solicitation draft )》, From the legal record 、 Marketing catalogue 、 Juvenile protection and other aspects of live with goods to make norms , It is forbidden to stir fry letters with orders 、 The act of making up a deal .

How to standardize the live delivery industry , The issue of promoting its healthy development , Bian yongzu thinks , Live delivery industry has not been around for a long time , It also has a certain promoting effect on Residents' consumption , Therefore, we should give priority to encouraging development . It is important to , Make good use of existing laws and regulations , Protect the interests of consumers . As long as it's within the legal framework , To crack down on or regulate some illegal activities , Industry development will not be biased .( The new fabric APP)

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