Meituan's Huabei "monthly payment" was officially launched, fighting with ant, Tencent and Jingdong in consumer finance
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 Meituan Huabei 「 Monthly payment 」 The official launch , And ants 、 tencent 、 Jingdong confronts consumer finance

US group review CEO Mr Wang is in 2015 A word was said in the year : We should build a financial enterprise with a scale of 100 billion yuan , Meituan monthly payment is officially launched , It also indicates that Wang Xing's imagination at that time is gradually becoming a reality .

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Meituan's desire for finance has a long history , Despite the fierce competition in consumer finance , But this has not stopped meituan's determination to enter the field of consumer finance .

5 month 19 Japan , Meituan financial official micro blog released news , Publicly pay for its credit payment products , This indicates that meituan credit payment products are approaching .

Today, , Meituan Huabei “ Monthly payment ” go online , After nine months of testing , Meituan monthly payment is now officially launched .

Meituan improves the financial layout

As early as last year 9 month , Meituan monthly payment will be quietly online , At that time, it was a built-in test function that only belonged to a small number of users , It's similar to Alipay flower , Meituan monthly payment also belongs to the consumer financial products that consume first and pay later .

 Meituan Huabei 「 Monthly payment 」 The official launch , And ants 、 tencent 、 Jingdong confronts consumer finance

Meituan's monthly payment mainly focuses on eating this month , And next month .「 Payment encyclopedia 」 Find out , At present in meituan APP This function has appeared in search of monthly payment , The relevant interface shows , The longest interest free period of meituan monthly payment is 38 God , Write down the payment .

In terms of scene coverage , Meituan monthly payment is applicable to all meituan products , Including the US mission 、 comment 、 Meituan takeout 、 Meituan taxi 、 Meituan buys vegetables, etc App, In the meituan consumption scene, it has realized the superposition of rich preferential rights and interests .

according to 「 Payment encyclopedia 」 test , In the US regiment 、 Meituan takeout APP Order in China , Will save the user's capital expenditure , With a monthly point 20 Secondary takeout 、3 For example, the second visit to the store , Let's assume that the user costs 25 element , Every time I go to the store, I spend 100 element , Then use meituan monthly payment , It will be cheaper than paying with flowers 60 element .

Compared with the ant flower , The current amount of meituan's monthly payment is generally low , Most meituan users have a monthly payment limit of 500 Yuan to 1500 element , Under the rising trend of bad credit rate , In order to make the loans released more secure , Meituan's credit line is prudent .

Similar to Huabei's original promotion method , Meituan monthly payment is also tested through a small amount in the early stage , It is supplemented by subsidies to cultivate user habits , With the accumulation of data and the improvement of risk control system , It is not ruled out that meituan may increase the credit line of users in combination with the credit situation and payment transaction of users , In order to stimulate user consumption .

 Meituan Huabei 「 Monthly payment 」 The official launch , And ants 、 tencent 、 Jingdong confronts consumer finance

Protocol display , The provider of monthly payment is Chongqing meituan Sankuai microfinance Co., Ltd 、 Cooperative financial institutions , Meituan strictly limits the use of funds , It is only used at the applicable merchants of meituan , The bill date is every month 1 Japan , The repayment date is every month 8 Japan .

The fund, meituan Sankuai, is a small loan to 2016 year 11 Monthly listing and establishment , After the meituan small loan license has been obtained , It is the carrier to carry out small loan business , Enterprise inspection display , The legal person of three quick small loans is Peng Qian , The registered capital 46000 Thousands of dollars , The original legal person Yang JinFang was in 2018 year 8 Quit on .

Besides , According to the agreement , Users get funds from meituan monthly payment , Goods or services can be purchased from the merchant , The fund will be transferred to qianbaobao by the service provider , Treasure bag is another important weight in the financial layout of meituan ,2016 year 9 month , Meituan completed the wholly-owned acquisition of qianbaobao, a third-party payment company , Layout third party payment .

Consumer finance campaign speeds up

The huge market potential of consumer finance , Also makes each big Internet giant to join this new battlefield one after another , Alipay 、 WeChat 、 Meituan 、 JD.COM 、 Today's headlines have launched their own credit payment products , Enough to see how attractive the cake of consumer finance is .

Zhongtai Securities said in the previous research report that :“ Today's consumer finance market has spread to all consumer classes ,2020 year , The market transaction scale of consumer finance alone will reach 10 Trillion yuan .”

Ant financial services, a giant of third-party payment, was probably the first to lay out consumer finance , Relying on the powerful traffic of Alipay and Taobao , What we have done in the field of consumer finance is the rise of wind and water , Huabei and jiebei have become giants in the field of Internet credit , Flowers are here 2019 At the end of each year, the balance of loans including loan assistance exceeded 200 billion yuan , It's more than 500 billion .

 Meituan Huabei 「 Monthly payment 」 The official launch , And ants 、 tencent 、 Jingdong confronts consumer finance

Alipay took the lead , As one of the mobile payment duopoly, wechat payment is not to be outdone , This year, 3 Monthly launch of new products, distribution , Open the door to credit payment , In terms of product logic , The target of payment should be installment . let me put it another way , Huabei is equivalent to a credit card , And the split and pay installment are similar to credit card installments .

Distribution as a challenger into credit payments , Will rely on its own unique positioning , Attack other credit payment products such as ant Huabei , With the help of wechat's highly viscous user system , Share or become the biggest enemy of Huabei .

Jingdong was the first to attack , Companies that buy payment licenses . stay 2012 Low key acquisition of online banking online , In consumer finance , Jingdong has launched ” White strip “ And “ Gold bars ” To the ant financial service “ Spend bai ” And “ Borrow bai ”, The amount of loans from Jingdong Mall is also increasing .

For now , Most credit payment products are in credit evaluation 、 Credit decision making , It's all based on personal wealth and credit performance . In consumer finance , Giant enterprises in its unique flow and data advantages under the blessing of , There is a huge space to imagine the future battlefield .

The current market situation has brought unprecedented opportunities for consumer finance , This is one of the reasons why internet giants have concentrated on consumer finance business , Meituan monthly payment is facing the encirclement of Internet giants , The intensity of user-side subsidies needs to be further increased , meanwhile , The rise of meituan credit business is bound to feed back the overall financial layout of meituan .

 Meituan Huabei 「 Monthly payment 」 The official launch , And ants 、 tencent 、 Jingdong confronts consumer finance

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