What should I do if I change other browsers when I set 360 as the default browser in win 10?
Drunken Wansheng song 2020-11-26 15:23:52

I have a laptop that I seldom use , It 's loaded with Win 10 Professional workstation version of the system , I don't know when it was installed 360 Browser and set as default browser , I need that computer today , Just want to set Google browser as the default browser , The method is also click Settings >> application >> Default application >> Web Click... In the browser 360 Browser and then choose Google browser , The result is a flash , And then there was no reaction . See the figure below for details :

Win 10 Set up 360 How to change other browsers after default browser ?

After searching the Internet for a long time, no solution was found , Some of them are computer housekeepers or 360 Safety guard , But I didn't install either software , Only tinder safety software is installed . I've been struggling many times and I'm not successful , Even if you change the default browser to win10 Self contained Edge The browser didn't work either . In the end, you can only put 360 Security browser removed , I didn't expect to delete it 360 After the browser, the default browser automatically becomes Edge browser , Then click to change to Google browser, and it's a direct success .

Win 10 Set up 360 How to change other browsers after default browser ?

Then try to replace Google browser with Edge The browser is also a direct success , There is no failure to replace the default browser , It seems that 360 Browser is more rogue , Lock directly, do not change the default browser . So if you come across this kind of win10 If you can't change the default browser , You can delete the browser and change the default browser to another browser .

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