Decoration company to tiktok operation fee? Which one is better?
Xinde Yuejie 2020-11-26 15:11:37

With the advent of the era of short video , More and more decoration companies began to tiktok. . Loud traffic on tiktok , Also achieved a lot of decoration enterprises , Help them become bigger and stronger . There are many decoration companies that do not have their own voice tiktok team. , It is only through outsourcing the business to the professional tiktok operation company. . After all, it's not your own team doing it , Outsourcing is the most concerned about the price , The most worrying thing is the effect . that , How much is the charge for tiktok operation? ? Which acting company is reliable ?

Decoration company tiktok operation fee standard

How do the cost of decoration companies find tiktok operation? , This depends on the content of cooperation , Some need to be completely outsourced , Some enterprises hope to prepare some by themselves , Outsourcing . We'll only talk about the total cost of outsourcing today , All outsourcing mainly includes the overall account number packaging 、 Positioning planning 、 Script script 、 Shoot clips 、 Exposure of these major parts of operation . Each part is operated by a dedicated person , Attend to each one's own duties , They complement each other , Tiktok account can be operated. . The media of jutui in the new media generation operation industry 6 In a year , It is found that many enterprises have no accurate demand , Because I don't understand. , Generally, there is only one general direction and purpose . It's all entirely up to us , The subject of our plan is generally content-based , The main charge is also in this regard . Like scripts 、 shooting 、 Editing is all labor-intensive work , We are the main charge item . Exposure operations , Generally, a minimum guarantee will be given to customers , Not as main charge ​ term . Unless the customer asks for fans , Will increase the promotion cost . And exclude the cost of actors , It is normal to spend one month in the tiktok operation between ten thousand and twenty-five thousand. .

Characteristics of reliable tiktok company

We found a phenomenon , The bigger the company is, the more likely it will be to see when the cooperative company was established , Half a year 、 A year of young companies , Unless the boss has a certain social status , Otherwise, large enterprises will rarely choose to cooperate with them . It's not hard to explain , Jutui media will have many large enterprises, even state-owned enterprises and central enterprises . I believe these enterprises will not choose us because they only look at the face of the pre-sales personnel . Living for a long time also shows a problem , The company is reliable enough , An unreliable company will not survive for three years . in addition , Personally, I think , If the pre-sales staff are calm enough 、 By spectrum , You can also choose . Presales must have been in this industry , So calm 、 Reliable people can stay in the company , It also shows that the company is reliable .

That's all for today , You must have a lot of doubts , We are jutui media , Deeply cultivate new media agent operation 6 year , Tiktok operation 2 Years of time , There are too many experiences to draw on directly , There is so much to learn , If you want to know more , Tiktok service , Find out what the cost is , Please add wechat /QQ:2696584379, Or telephone 010-86399611, Let jutui chat with you face to face .

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