How to deal with the money in Apple pay when the Apple phone is lost?
Flower less reverence 2020-11-26 15:11:35

 Apple lost ,Apple Pay What about the money inside ?

? According to professionals , Whether it's an Apple phone , Or Android phones , It's really hard to find it back . Unless it's accidentally left somewhere , The latter is contacted by others , Otherwise, it will not work .

For Apple phones , I want to treat you Apple Pay Do something , Need to know your ID And password .

Can pass “ go fishing ” How to get : Send you an official text message to trick you into typing your ID Account and password , As long as you type in , So you're miserable , Your mobile phone will be completely recovered .

It can also be done through “ hackers ” Pattern cracking code , Of course, in reality , The main way is to do software to unlock the peer , They will pass “ Official interpretation ” Inside and outside collusion to unlock your phone .

That's how it's going to get you Apple Pay The money .

But even so , Don't worry , because Apple Pay There's actually no money in it , The money is in your bank card , Transfer money from your bank card , You'll be reminded , You can report the loss of your bank card .

Or in other ways iPhone Log in to your mobile phone ID account number , In this way, your account in the lost mobile phone is non login state .

also , You can also set it up remotely “ Get back your iPhone”, Let the lost mobile phone become a brick , It's also safe . To be specific : Sign in iCloud After the page , Click on " Find my iPhone" Options , And then iPhone Set to " Lost mode ", And put apple pay Service stopped , Or completely erase this one iPhone Information on mobile phone .

iPhone The security of the system is reliable , So don't worry about , Sometimes worry is unnecessary .

Do you think? ?

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