Baoji two men's meituan cashed in 140000 yuan and is on bail pending trial
Blood wolf SEO 2020-11-26 15:11:29

< strong > Baoji news network news (reporter Ma Jie, Huanghe correspondent) < / strong > registered four false merchants on meituan, and then swiped orders by faking the identity of consumers. In more than 10 months, more than 4900 orders were wildly swiped, and more than 140000 yuan of subsidy funds were withdrawn. Recently, after two months' careful investigation, the Baoji high tech police cracked a case of fraudulent use of fraudulent transactions to buy coupons in the US group.

Baoji two men's meituan cashed in 140000 yuan and is currently on bail pending trial

In early January, the staff of the meituan came to the criminal investigation team of Baoji Public Security Bureau's high tech branch to report a case, saying that someone had set up a false merchant and pretended to be a false consumer to get coupons for cash on the platform, and defrauded more than 140000 yuan in subsidies before and after.

After receiving the report, the high tech police immediately organized the police to carry out investigation. The case police started from the relevant account information and transaction information to find clues to solve the case. It soon found that the suspect Wang Mou and Xin Mou registered 4 fake businesses in the US group from March 2017 to January 2018. At the same time, the counterfeit consumers' status was cleaned up, and the coupons were subsidized. In the past 10 months, more than 4900 books were brushed, and the subsidy funds amounted to more than 14 yuan, and illegal profits were more than 3 million. Yuan. The police handled the transaction quickly, fixed the evidence in time, and arrested the suspect Wang and Xin Mou in January 18th in Baoji hi tech Zone. The mobile phone, IPAD, laptop computer and other related electronic devices were found at the scene, and the two confessed to the facts of the crime.

at present, the suspect Wang Mou and Xin Mou have been bailed out by the high and new police according to law, and the case is being further investigated.

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